To School Administrators: Why The Unvaccinated Should be Welcome in Your School

YESTERDAY IN OREGON, I gave testimony, registered as neither for nor against, to educate the Ways and Means Committee on scientific facts relevant one of the most draconian bills conceived (HB3063). Oregon has classically been among the most politically diverse and yet tolerant society among all of the US States. The aim of the bill is to remove religious and personal exemptions recognized by the State for school attendance after a handful of measles cases, many in adults. The argument in support of the bill is that immunocompromised kids attending school might become infected with measles, mumps, pertussis, or any of the other allegedly “vaccine preventable diseases”.

The religious exemption removal is breathtaking in its scope, and will likely be found to be unconstitutional if passed. Clearly, if the medical community fails to attribute vaccine adverse events to the vaccine, the law will prevent parents from exercising a personal exemption after a vaccination that their child is vaccine intolerant that their own doctor believes is not due to the vaccine.

A couple of pediatricians gave testimony before mine describing how terrible pertussis infection is in very young infants, and they claimed that vaccination could prevent those infections.

Originally I had intended to testify on asymptomatic measles transmission, but in my two minute period I felt compelled to use time to address the fact that TdaP and DTaP are recognized as failed vaccines and that they can create carriers of pertussis infection without symptoms. These potential asymptomatic carriers including anyone who is vaccinated, as has been robustly shown by a baboon study. This includes school nurses, teachers, pediatricians and ob/gyn doctors as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles and older siblings of newborn infants, and so pointed out that I found it odd that out of the thousands of non-vaccinating families I have come to know, none have told me that they have had a pertussis infection, and yet here we see families who receive allopathic care including vaccination against pertussis have infants that develop pertussis infections. I suggested that perhaps they should consider mandating that doctors be tested weekly for pertussis infection to find the hidden reservoir of asymptomatic carriers.

In a compelling piece of testimony, a school Superintendent told the Ways and Means Committee that he would not comply with the exclusionary policies that would result if the bill were to pass. His reasoning was that the school would by denying that child access to education, and that his school would lose federal funding for every child that left the school to be homeschooled.

In the hallway afterwords, I was interviewed by the press, and during that time I brought up the reality that science shows that like pertussis, like the mumps, measles can be transmitted via asymptomatic carriage and transmission (See For Health Officials and School Boards: Asymptomatic Transmission is Real). I made the point that the logic of excluding the unvaccinated from schools is therefore dangerous because schools cannot know that they have an active transmission chain of measles, mumps, pertussis or chickenpox unless some kids develop symptoms, and therefore excluding the unvaccinated places the immunocompromised at higher danger of unknowingly being exposed. Therefore, the unvaccinated are a boon to public health. This reality shows the fatal flaw in the logic of excluding the unvaccinated from school: it only works if you deny asymptomatic transmission.

So why would vaccines, which most people think were designed to prevent infections, lead to subclinical infections and to asymptomatic transmission? Part of the answer is that the current vaccines from companies with contracts from the CDC are getting old. The MMR mumps vaccine came on the market in the early 1960s and still targets the Jeryl Lynn strain of the mumps. A whistleblower case in the Commonwealth of PA alleges that the mumps component is now so weak that scientists at Merck were forced to spike human samples with rabbit antibodies to bring the apparent efficacy of the MMR against mumps up to the desired 96%. In other words, Merck (allegedly) defrauded the FDA and thereby the US population. If they are found guilty of fraud, legislatures who have mandated the MMR without personal and religious exemptions will look foolish, or worse.

The people who use vaccine exemptions often do so after first-hand experience with vaccine injury. CDC classifies febrile seizures as mild, and yet they can lead to seizure disorders and can kill. CDC denies that vaccines cause autism (although not all vaccines have been tested for causing autism and the studies conducted on the MMR are truly poor science).

In Salem yesterday, after I left to fly back to Pittsburgh, the vote passed out of the first Ways and Means Committee along party lines. Democrats who want to pass legislation mandating this and other flawed products are mandating them not only for Democrats but also for children of Republicans, for Independents, and for Greens.

There is a strong message here for those who seek truth. Vaccines are not only not safe for everyone. Vaccines also perpetuate the perception of the need for vaccination while perpetuating invisible transmission chains that can kill the immunocompromised via asymptomatic transmission. The palliations that the pediatricians will provide medical exemptions are unfathomably untrue: the CDC’s misinformation campaign that “Vaccines Are Safe” requires vaccine risk, injury and death denialism, and medical doctors are facing persecution in California where Senator Pan was pushing a bill the very same day as HB3063 to restrict medical exemptions because, according to him, there are too many medical exemptions.

This issue is quickly become a very risk, divisive and partisan issue. I know ten people in Oregon who told me yesterday that they left the Democratic Party. A lifelong Democrat myself, I left last year and registered as an Independent.

There is an even more dire message here for Democrats: The vaccine injured population grows every week with more and more families joining as a result of vaccine injury. These families have massive amounts of pent up anger and resentment which has been building up since Congress indemnified Pharma and doctors for vaccine injury.

I predict that if the bill passes in Oregon, it will be eventual political undoing of the Democratic party in that legislature.

I predict that if HB3063 passes, the blame for all vaccine injuries and deaths from 2019 may fall at the feet of the Democratic Party, and pending a party line vote to pass the bill, that is, in my somber but professional view, precisely where the responsibility will belong.

The Senator who brought HB3063 forward had previously pulled a similar bill in 2015 because the discussion centered on the science instead of what she called the health of the people of Oregon. The health and lives of the vaccine intolerant and the vaccine risk aware matter. I did some calculations while in Oregon: there are between 35,000-40,000 families who are not fully vaccinated. Of these, if 80% stopped vaccinating due to injuries, Oregon can expect between 18,000-22,000 new vaccine injuries per year. Vaccines risk is likely genetic. While vaccines do not check your party affiliation before they injure, they also create political activists who are vaccine risk aware, and they turn Democrats into Independents or Republicans.

Listen to Oregon State Senator Dallas Heard’s passionate plea to his colleagues made just prior to the vote.



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  1. I completely agree with your argument about asymptomatic carriers. However, in the interest of accuracy, I would like to point out that I *do* know non-vaccinating families who have had pertussis. The big difference is that they are more likely to know and STAY HOME. For all of them, it was unpleasant, but I don’t know anyone who had a child die or be seriously/permanently harmed.

    The misinformation about pertussis is far more harmful than non-vaxxers. Not only can the unvaccinated be asymptomatic carriers; they are usually both unaware of this fact and quite ignorant about the illness itself. I know people, for instance, who will tell me that they’ll put their children in the church nursery with full-blown cold symptoms “as long as they don’t have a fever.” But pertussis is typically afebrile, so that’s a faulty criterion. Non-vaxxing parents typically know that; vaccinating parents typically do not.

    1. When people at our church had pertussis I saw immunized kids sounding the same at church because their parents thought that the fact they were immunized meant they couldn’t have the disease. Pretty sure they were spreading it. They did have a shorter time period where they coughed compared to the unimmunized.

    2. Indeed, I did mean “vaccinated” in the second line of the second paragraph. Thank you for catching that, and sorry I can’t edit to correct it!

  2. I, too, left the Democrats, after 40 years, when Governor Brown signed Pan’s mass-poisoning bill in 2015. I don’t like the Republicans, either, but the Democrats have completely gone off the rails. Thank you very much for supporting actual science in Oregon I watched to live feed yesterday of Pan’s latest dog and pony show. Somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 parents, doctors, nurses, EMT’s, and others testified against the bill, which would take away granting of medical exemptions from doctors, and give it to the unelected, unaccountable state public health director, who, of course never examines or treats any actual patients. The committee members were unmoved. What was horrifying to me was the amazing ignorance of the legislators. They simply don’t know enough to ask any intelligent questions. The bill passed out of committee on a 5-2 vote. Nothing short of amazing that they consider Pan has any expertise at all in infectious diseases or vaccines. I, with a degree in a completely unrelated field, know more than he does. Another truly creepy element to this hearing were those testifying in support, the majority young pediatricians or medical students. God help us.

    1. The committee members were unmoved. What was horrifying to me was the amazing ignorance of the legislators. They simply don’t know enough to ask any intelligent questions.

      They don’t get paid to ask questions. Also, Upton Sinclair stated:
      It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

      It’s time to look into the money and quid pro quo behind all these bills. File FOIA request for emails, snail mail, phone calls of all the officials who supported this bill and see who has been greasing their palms. Expose them publicly. I would start with NACCHO- National Association of County and City Health Officials. They were behind the first attempt at this in Oregon in 2015 and were exposed by a parents group as getting funding from the CDC. This is the path the families researching them followed to discover who was actually behind the push: Exposing these people as corrupt and paid for tools of the government and pharmaceutical industry may be enough to compel politicians in other states to not go down that path if they want to keep their job.

      1. When I was in my 20’s my Mother ran for the State Senate in Oregon. She was inundated by thousands of issues, some of which she had literally never heard of and others she already had pre-conceptions or misconceptions. She tried to learn as much as she could about every issue to at least be able to address them when asked and to take a position. She would tell voters, “this is my position, based on what I know so far but if you have information you think I need to know, please share as I am open to all information.” In the end, she told me that most legislators learn just enough to be bloody dangerous. They are not open to all sides and often adopt the first side that gets to them, or the one their colleagues support. It is not at all what most people think it is. It burns so bad how unqualified these people are to make this decision about our lives. Completely unqualified and uninformed.

      2. Kendra: Yes, I was astonished at the ignorance of medical issues of the entire committee, as well as Pan himself. I’m being charitable, but Pan really strikes me as a man who is truly ignorant of vaccine injury, nor does we sound particularly bright when he speaks. And the “public health” representatives-geesh! Thankfully, my own state representatives are on our side, but they are a small minority. Medical fascism is sweeping the land, and it is a truly scary thing.

      3. How is it not *illegal* for the CDC to fund organizations lobbying in the states? Ugh.

      4. Thanks for this treasure trove of information. I learned that the OHA director can take gifts and grants, so NACCHO is another piece of the puzzle. The manufacturers, along with Gates, ALL have tax-free foundations, even the CDC, so the origin of this money is likely the vaccine manufacturers. The most amazing part for me is that some legislator made it so that the source of these bribes paid to OHA doesn’t need to be disclosed to the public.

        I went to Salem. They are ignoring us. The state legislatures are acting like Pharma zombies. Yesterday I re-registered Republican. This is Oregon’s Yellow Vest movement. Even people who don’t care about vaccines should care about the corruption of the political process. Even people who don’t have children should realize their forced vaccination is next. And even people who ignore politics should realize that the corporate power isn’t ignoring you.

  3. Time for a “Sanctuary City” for medical freedom in Oregon. I like the sounds of that.

  4. You are an absolute moron. One of the worst excuses for a scientist. Thankfully school administrators are orders of magnitude more intelligent than you give them credit.

    1. You seem extremely confident in your position, so I imagine you must have some evidence that asymptomatic infection and transmission does not occur. Given that I have already shared the studies that show that asymptomatic and transmission is the predominant mode of transmission of measles in highly vaccinated population, feel free to share the evidence you must have to counter those studies?

      1. Ok, mr “PhD” quack scientist–you kinda forgot “The Timing of Pertussis Cases in Unvaccinated Children in an Outbreak Year: Oregon 2012” by Robison et al. Conclusion In this outbreak, pertussis cases among unvaccinated children represented an earlier spread of disease across local areas. Controlling outbreaks may require attention to the composition and location of the unvaccinated.(J Pediatr 2017;183:159-63). You’re oh-so-precious unvaxxed population drives these outbreaks and you know it. All you try to do is lie with statistics and construct lame “studies”. You’re a lousy scientist and you aren’t a physician. You’d throw out all vaccines your utter ignorance of medicine and science, blinded by your rabidly anti-vax views.

      2. The generalizations made in your comment are yours, and they are incorrect.

        I have never claimed that unvaccinated individuals cannot acquire a pertussis infection, nor have I ever claimed that unvaccinated individuals cannot infect others. I have never claimed to be a physician. My resume and publication record both disagree with your opinion of me as a scientist. Re: my “anti-vax views”, if you bothered to look, all I am doing to stating certain inconvenient realities, including (1) many vaccines are waning in their efficacy; (2) when that happens they will tend to only mask symptoms, but not prevent infection or transmission (as is now clearly the case for pertussis); (3) I also refuse to deny vaccine injury and death; to do so would be inhumane and cruel. The fact that pertussis can create asymptomatic carriers has caused vaccinologists to call TdaP/DtaP a failed vaccine program. Perhaps this is because I do not have any financial bias on vaccine one way or the other. We know from the Harvard-Pilgrim report that only around 1% of vaccine injuries are captured by VAERS, which means that MDs are not reporting vaccine adverse events as they are required to do by law. That makes them criminals. I did not create these realities, but some prefer to attack the messenger rather than deal with the issues. In the meantime, I’ll continue to push for reform in neurodevelopmental research priorities and for safer, more effective means of acquiring immunity to infectious diseases. Microneedle patch vaccines are interesting. I will continue to advocate for objectivity in science.

    2. So do you have a cogent argument here with facts to support it because I think people would love to read it or are you just a mad-vaxxer bully like the ones all over internet the last few months who are talking loud and saying nothing.

    3. My personal experience has led me to agree with the article. My was not vaccinated against pertussis because I had concerns about the vaccine. A vaccinated child in his class came down with pertussis and my son got it after, and then I got it. That parent thought they were safe sending their child to school because she was vaccinated but she spread the infection. Her diagnosis caused all unvaccinated children she exposed to have to stay home for 21 days, but the vaccinated children could stay at school. Um, so a vaccinated child spread this illness and legislation mandated school exclusion only for unvaccinated? How wise is that? School administration only followed the rules instead of actually looking at the facts in front of them and making a decision based on that.

    4. That’s a great ad hominem attack. Do you have an actual (logically-valid) argument to make with regard to the topic of the post?

    5. Christopher Hickie, you’ve probably done more than anyone else to convince me that vaccines and those aggressively pushing them are not trustworthy.

  5. Reblogged this on Babble On… and commented:
    Unless there is an outbreak at a school, it makes no sense to keep anyone out. Pretty sure parents of fragile children, will keep their children out if they fear for their child’s safety in the school setting, whether the unvaxed are excluded from school or not. Because, shed and spread and vaccine failure. And, why are diseases which are not transmissible in the school setting required for attendance, like tetanus, Hep B and HPV among others???? Why is simply getting the required schedule enough? Why not titer checks to prove immunity? One small group of aware parents, either by experience or by critical thinking and the government seeks to remove the religious and conscience rights to keep them in line, rather than trying to fix the actual problem so that people can be confident that their choice to protect against a disease does not result a lifetime of chronic disease? This is wrong on so many levels and any rational critical thinking person with any understanding of the founding principles of this country would see it. Protecting pharma means socially engineering people to believe they are protecting the herd in the name of better public health through a captured government regulatory system and bought medical associations, legislators and media. It was truly a long game and we are in the final seconds….. and it is not just about bragging rights, but who owns your immune system.

  6. Having an issue reblogging this post. Could not get the reblog button to acknowledge request at first. Then it allowed me to type in my comment, but then sent it to the wheel of death when I hit the reblog button. I guess WordPress is censoring now.

    1. Finally went through and posted, but took an incredibly long amount of time…. perhaps intended for poster to cancel reblog to simply move on to the next thing in their day.

  7. In summary, you’re saying that like canaries in a coal mine, unvaccinated children benefit the immunocompromised, while also stating

    “so pointed out that I found it odd that out of the thousands of non-vaccinating families I have come to know, none have told me that they have had a pertussis infection,”

    So are they good for those who mught be sensistive to diseases or not? Does pertussis vaccine *increase* risk of carriage? I need more than a baboon study to swallow that. Are anecdotes of self selected nonvaccinators your idea of evidence? Sounds biased to me.

    Could you present some causal evidence febrile seizures cause seizures disorders? Because I can see a HUGE confounder there.

    1. Could you explain why you (JLW) criticise the methodology of papers showing no association b/w ASD and vaccines then present as evidence conversations with parents who refuse vaccines? Where is your consistency?

      1. “conversations with parents?” You mean eyewitness testimony? Under the law, eyewitness testimony counts. All science begins with observation. In law, the eyewitness testimony, if credible carries great weight that can be corroborated by other evidence. If the evidence is tampered with, a mistrial occurs. Since the observational studies were tortured to make associations go away after associations were found, I’m calling for the best type of evidence, a randomized prospective clinical trial with a true placebo as corroborative evidence. I’m doing an IRB-approved retrospective vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study right now, and the focus is not mere association, but rather we are asking the question: could we have predicted who in the population is likely to have developed neurodevelopmental disorders and autoimmune conditions following vaccination. The propopsal, including the data analysis plan, will be published online before we proceed.

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