What and Who Killed Colton Berrett?

AT AGE 13, COLTON BERRETT was a motocross king.  He loved shooting, ice sports and scouting. Muscular, athletic… he was the all-American teen male.


Just before going on a Scouting trip, he went in for a medical exam. His doctor advised him, and his parents, to take the HPV vaccine because, according to his doctor: “It can help prevent cancer”.  He was told that even if he was not promiscuous, he could in the future potentially pass HPV on to his wife.

Within a few days of vaccination Two weeks after his third course of Gardisil, Colton was experiencing a sore neck.  Then serious lethargy came.  Then paralysis in his right arm and hand.  The scans showed that Colton had serious inflammation from the C1 to T12 vertebrae.  He was given an initial diagnosis of transverse myelitis.


As time went on, his top-down paralysis got worse. He was told he would eventually stop breathing.  So they intubated him.  Permanently.

The doctors realized that Colton was experiencing a serious adverse reaction to the Gardisil vaccine so they reported it to VAERS, the Vaccine Advere Event Reporting System.

Colton had to have constant therapy to help him in recovery.  He had to learn how to walk again and also to do daily tasks differently, and he never regained full function of his lungs, neck, and right arm.

He learned to live a semi-active life.  His Dad took him Razor Riding, and he would go camping with his family.  He even learned to ride a modified bicycle.

But Colton needed a breathing apparatus – and someone to carry it for him.

Colton never complained.  He smiled a lot – all the time.  He wore a headband that read “Caught U Staring”.

The vaccine changed the life of his family forever – and now, Colton is gone – forever.

I’m a scientist focused on root causes.  It is no mystery to me what – and who – killed Colton Berrett.

Selfishness killed Colton Berrett.

Profit killed Colton Berrett.

Vaccine Risk Denialism killed Colton Berrett.

Direct-to-Consumer Marketing killed Colton Berrett.

The FCC killed Colton Berrett.

Pharma Ads in Newspapers killed Colton Berrett.

The Media killed Colton Berrett.

Political donations to campaigns from Vaccine Makers killed Colton Berrett.

Dorit Rubinstein Reiss killed Colton Berrett.

Paul Offit killed Colton Berrett.

Peter Hotez killed Colton Berrett.

Lee Harrison killed Colton Berrett.

Julie Gerberding killed Colton Berrett.

Thomas Frieden killed Colton Berrett.

State Senator Richard Pan killed Colton Berrett.

Coleen Boyle killed Colton Berrett.

Frank Destefano killed Colton Berrett.

Scientific Fraud killed Colton Berrett.

Medical Malfeasance killed Colton Berrett.

ACIP killed Colton Berrett.

CDC killed Colton Berrett.

Merck killed Colton Berrett.

Congress killed Colton Berrett.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 killed Colton Berrett.

FASCISM killed Colton Berrett.

Each person and organization listed here is responsible for the vaccine injuries and deaths they failed to prevent.  By not following through on the 1986 mandate to make vaccines safer, and the mandate to find ways to identify those individuals who are most at risk of vaccine injury, and by committing scientific fraud on HPV vaccine safety, and by lying to the public that HPV vaccines can “help prevent HPV” and “can prevent cancer”… both conclusions NOT supported by the scientific studies, when interpreted properly.. each one of these individuals and organizations is directly responsible for Colton’s death and the record number of HPV vaccine injuries being experienced by our youth all around the world.

Colton (to Polly Tommey and the VAXXED crew): “I don’t really like to complain.

Colton was more of a man than Dr. Paul Offit will ever be.

I urge you to share Colton’s words:

Lots of girls can still get hurt.

They don’t care that people are getting hurt.

You gotta do your research, you can’t just trust the doctor anymore“.

And Polly’s:

Polly: “You ALL have the right to be angry.

I know I am.  This could be my son.  This could be ANYONE’s son.

Please help the Berrett family with their funeral costs.


And then join whatever vaccine injury resistance organization you care to.

Please share Colton’s story everywhere – let the world know that these reckless and irresponsible people and organizations are killing our kids.








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