Genetic and Environmental Causes of Autism

Friends, I am very proud to say I have completed my book, and submitted same to Skyhorse: The Genetic and Environmental Causes of Autism is complete:

17 Chapters
331 Pages
>1,000 Key citations
115,000 words

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Chapter 1. Symptoms and Diagnosis of Autism
Chapter 2. Evidence of Genetic and Epigenetic Components of Autism/ASD Risk
Chapter 3. Speech, Language, and Communication Phenotypes
Chapter 4. Genetic and Environmental Factors Influencing Social Cognitive Skills in ASD
Chapter 5. Cognitive Phenotypes
Chapter 6. Repetitive, Motor Behaviors and Seizure Phenotypes
Chapter 7. Sensory Phenotypes
Chapter 8. Immunological Factors in Autism
Chapter 9. Gastrointestinal and Renal Phenotypes
Chapter 10. Neurotoxin-Induced Autoimmune Mediated Neurological Damage in Autism
Chapter 11. Vaccine/Autism Studies Ignored by the CDC
Chapter 12. Concepts of Comorbidity in Autism and Autism Research
Chapter 13 Study Designs for Meaningful Future Causal Research in Autism
Chapter 14. Biological Pathways and Networks Views on Autism
Chapter 15. Toward a Multidimensional Matrix Risk Model for Autism
Chapter 16. The Logic of Prevention in Autism and Gene Informed
Chapter 17. An Age of Onset Aware View Objective Association and Causal Inference, Clinical Trials, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of ASD

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