Reasons Given to Strip V@ccine Choice Rights Away Fall Apart Under Scrutiny

Reasons Given to Strip V@ccine Choice Rights Away Fall Apart Under Scrutiny

AS ONE WHO IS INVITED with increasing frequency to educate legislators on the reality of relative risk of vaccines and infections, I have witnessed arguments for stripping away parents’ rights to refuse vaccination. They involve a mix of hyped fear and a misrepresentation of facts-on-the-ground, even by state officials. Here I outline the myths used to fool people into supporting the loss of rights, with the counter arguments.

(1) “We could eradicate measles if it were not for personal belief exemptions by reaching 95% coverage via herd immunity.”

Wrong on at least three counts.

(a) This statement is often accompanied by a claim that we “eradicated measles” in 2000 In reality, there were 86 cases of measles in the US in 2000.

(b) Also, most adults vaccinated againt measles are simply not immune due to waning immunity.  Thus, vaccinating >95% of children will not provide 95% immunity.  Vaccine immunity is not the same as natural immunity.

(c) Don’t blame philosophical exemptions. Personal belief exemptions, or PBEs, are the law in 17 states.  Also known as philosophical exemptions, these are often accompanied by religious exemptions.  The recent measles outbreak in Washington State (Clark County) did not involve a widespread outbreak among so-called “anti-vaxxers”; rather, it involved a Ukranian community which does not vaccinate because they are exercising their religious exemptions.  The outbreak in the Bronx and in Rockland County, NY are similarly isolated to an ethnoreligious community (in this case, the Orthodox Jewish community), members of whom are merely exercising their right to abstain from participating in an act that they feel goes against their religious beliefs.

2. Exemption rates are up. This is not relevant thus far, because outbreaks are limited to communities who vaccinate due to the religious reasons.  But even then, it’s not correct.  While school-entry stats may show a small increase in some places in the use of PBE’s, the population-wide rate of vaccination is stable.  And before anyone blames any increase in PBEs on misinformation about vaccines, read on.

3. “The Science is Settled – Vaccines are safe, and vaccines are effective.”

There are charts circulating that portend to show that measles deaths were reduced by vaccines.  The problem is the chart is left-truncated.  As this Harvard study shows, measles as a condition was nearly gone from the US before the measles virus was isolated.   So much for the vaccine savings millions of lives.


Also, people pushing to strip rights away ignore the reality that two high doses of Vitamin A significantly ameliorate the symptoms of measles.  Merck is also in court over allegedly committing fraud by spiking human samples with rabbit antibodies to make their MMR appear to have high efficacy.  The MMR is the very vaccines we are told must be mandated without exemption (See HuffPost – Merck Has Some Explaining to Do…).  How can anyone support a mandate of a product that is under scrutiny of being fraudulent?

On the safety issue, well, we have never seen anyone do a test to find the genes or biomarkers that will allow us to predict who in the population is likely to develop seizures, or die, or suffer from encephalitis, encephalopathy or other conditions known to occur following measles vaccination.  We have never seen long-term vaccinated vs. unvaccinated randomized prospective clinical trials with total health outcome awareness – instead, post-market surveillances studies are supposed to be sufficient.

While MDs are required to report all vaccine adverse events to VAERS, less than 1% do – and many send parents home with vaccine injured children telling them it wasn’t the vaccine.  They do not see that the act of vaccine injury denialism short-circuits the post-market human subject experimentation on vaccines, and they did not consent the patient to such a study anyway.  I have a manuscript on the rates of vaccine injuries corrected for underreporting.

3. Stories About Fraud in Vaccine Safety Studies by the CDC Are “Misleading Information” and “Conspiracy Theories.”

This speaks to the current censorship going on in popular media forums like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.  It’s too late.  We have The Simpsonwood transcripts. Dr. William Thompson. Dr. Frank Destefano.  Dr. Coleen Boyle.  Dr. Walter Orenstein. Dr. Julie Gerberding.  her subsequent job at Merck. If you listen to the online CDC Fake Study apologists, there is nothing to Thompson’s revelations, just honest disagreement between scientists on interpretation. But that’s not true.  After the VSD study was cooked for four years, CDC scientists and those in Denmark working for CDC finally found a way to make the association go away – that’s right, they re-analyzed the data over and over – the relationship between total vaccine exposure and autism was linear.  Since they analzyed it over and over until they got the result they wanted, they are guilty of p-hacking – the same way a Cornell University Professor who studied nutrition was guilty of p-hacking, except that while that professor wanted significant results, the CDC wanted no significant association.  Where’s NPR’s story on this?

As a scientist, I had a choice to make while writing the chapter on Vaccines in my second book “Cures vs. Profits”.  I could either (a) not include the chapter on vaccines, (b) turn a blind eye to the revelations of Dr. Thompson to Dr. Hooker, or (c) I could remain an objective scientist.  Obviously, I chose the latter.

So I want to share with you the passage that Dr Thompson said to Dr Hooker that got me.  The data fudgery on the Destefano study alone was not enough.  Perhaps they stumbled on a false positive. While I would never have handled it by changing the study groups, or dropping out children due to a lack of GA birth certificate (which has no scientific rationale), I could still see that maybe public health could be put at risk, the CDC thought it was in the best interest to mislead the public… but no, I could not accept it in the end because Dr. Thompson told Dr. Hooker that the practice of screening studies for positive results prior to submission for publication was routine:


So there it is. Systematic watering down of interpretation any time there is a positive result (association between vaccines and adverse events).  This is the revelation that stuck with me. But even this could be just one errant scientist’s ego bruised… who knows the politics…

Were it not for the Simpsonwood transcripts, this might not have bothered me enough to go and read every study published by CDC or its contractees, and therein, with my objective scrutiny, I found science-like activities.  Negative Results from Low Power studies being interpreted as robust by the authors, and by the IOM.  A study that reported “No Association” between vaccines and autism without ever measuring a single case of autism – in spite of a sample size large enough to have found some cases of autism.  Very odd exclusions of clinical groups with conditions that could also be caused by vaccines (seizure disorders). The list goes on and on.  So I read 2,000 studies on autism to see if plausibility existed (it does), and that’s when I found enough evidence to call the vaccine injury denialism “fraud”.   I’ve reviewed all of the studies sent from AAP to POTUS after scoring them using an objective evaluation scoring system.  That can be found on the IPAK website along with other preprints.  It’s not pretty.

The only vaccine misinformation I see is coming from the CDC, parroted by pediatricians, defended by a hoard of netizens who do not use rational discourse but instead use ridicule, shame, derision – thugs, really, who do the dirty work.  They overstate confidence in association studies as if they could test causality, which they cannot, and deny, deny, deny any wrongdoing on the part of the CDC or its minions.   This leads to incredible realities such a key CDC autism/vaccine researcher who is also one of OIG’s “Most-Wanted” fugitives, charged with embezzling over $US1 million that was supposed to be used for autism/vaccine studies publishing new studies in 2018/2019 – as if he is not on that most wanted list.


The other thugs are HHS expert witnesses that work in the NVICP to specifically deny any and all vaccine injury claims.  No matter how much science supports a biologically plausible theory of mechanisms of injury, they won’t have it.  They are professional vaccine injury denialists who cite mysterious “other causes” without any evidence.  In spite of their best efforts the program has paid out over $4Billion in injuries or settlements. I’ve been compensated by petitioners’ lawyers for some of the cases I’ve been on (full disclosure) but in a recent case I pulled my invoices – but not my expert opinion – because the Special Master threatened to not pay for further expert statements unless he “liked them”.  To me, that’s evidence of fraud because he’s trying to buy obedient witnesses on the petitioner’s side.

I would like to point out that there is a breakdown in the separation of powers because the NVICP is administered by HHS, who also happens to be the defendant in vaccine injury cases that come into the NVICP.

saferFor those wanting to mandate MMR or all vaccines without exemption, please consider that 100% vaccine coverage = maximum possible vaccine injury rate.  Please allow that due to genetics alone, under such an oppressive program, some families will lose children, some children will lose their lives, some kids will be injured, maimed, impaired – all because HHS has failed to fulfill – after 33 years – the 1986 mandate to (a) make vaccines safer, and (b) identify those at highest risk of vaccine injury.

Sounds like personalized medicine to me.

Remember, the 33 years of vaccine injury denialism has come at the cost of taboo-driven priorities in funding of research at the NIH.  So while moms have figured out mild therapies that can help get metals out of their kids’ brains and bodies, the NIH has sat, mute, while an epidemic of autism has come to roost in our peoples.  The UK is now creating separate schools for kids with autism.  The educators say they are “delighted”.

In the US, “separate but equal” is unconstitutional.

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

Allison Park, PA 15101

How Will the VRA Engineer a Safe Landing for Pharma?

How Will the VRA Engineer a Safe Landing for Pharma?

LOOKING AT SOCIAL MOVEMENTS in the past, we can see that it was the victors who decided the fate of the overthrown oppressors. The vaccine injured are leading the charge for social change, and the current calls for stripping away existing rights via elimination of personal belief and religious exemptions are being fought back via highly informed parents who will never – read this carefully – NEVER – accept government coerced vaccination for their children.

Looking at the issue of vaccine risk awareness mathematically, it is clear that the increase in activism is not being driven merely by social media. The just-so story often portrayed in the media is that one mom heard from a neighbor that her sister’s kid developed autism right after vaccines is a misrepresentation of the real-life experiences of parents with infants and school-aged children. In reality, in the American classroom, about 1/25 kids have autism, 1 in 25 have epilepsy, 5 of 25 have ADHD, another 5 have asthma, and so on and so on so that we can see that parents will meet parents with the same stories in real life. In other words, the vaccine risk aware “army” is growing due to the accumulation of people in the population who have direct knowledge of vaccine injury in their community.

The reaction of many people in the VRA movement to the title of this article will no doubt be another “has he lost it?”, because why would we WANT to engineer a safe landing for Pharma when their products have done and do so much harm. So let’s examine (a) where the VRA movement wants society to go, and (b) the various pathways by which it can achieve those goals.

Some hard-core anti-vaxxers want vaccines banned. The goals of the VRA movement – the ones we can all agree on – include

  • Respect for choice – respect for the right to refuse vaccination as a medical procedure, and for the right to decline participation in post-marketing vaccine safety studies.
  • Fulfillment of the 1986 Congressional mandate to make vaccines safer
  • Fulfillment of the 1986 Congressional mandate to identify those at highest risk
  • An end to corporate regulatory agency sponsorship and of politicians.

Some in the movement want

  • Prosecution of those who have participated in scientific fraud to hide vaccine risk from the public.
  • Reform in policies reflecting vaccines as a pancea for public health questions surrounding infectious disease and immunity. This seems fair, since it is illegal to conduct scientific fraud using government funds.
  • Revocation of the immunity-from-liability clause in the 1986 Act.
  • Prioritization of science conducted to detect and reverse vaccine injury to brain development and to the immune system.

Some who are more radical want

  • An end to allopathic (“Western”) medicine

I certainly do not pretend to speak for the VRA movement, but I would encourage all involved to take a look at social movements from a historical perspective. We know that social movements can, for the most part, fall into four categories based on the degree of change sought, and how many people are expected to change. Consider the four-way categorization by Aberle (1966):

Alternative social movements – Limited change in specific people.

Redemptive social movements – Radical change in specific people.

Reformative social movements – Limited change in everyone.

Revolutionary social movements – Radical change in everyone.

There are solutions to the current impasse with Corporatist Congress and regulatory agencies within each of these four possibilities. An Alternative Social Movement would be convincing CDC/FDA/NIH to conduct objective science. No one who is VRA and who understands the degree of manipulation and fraud inherent to vaccine safety pseudoscience would trust Frank DeStefano, Coleen Boyle, Francis Collins and whichever corporate puppet is now in charge at FDA to suddenly reverse course and begin to realize that knowledge of vaccine risk allows critically valuable feedback on vaccine risk that can be used to form new directions for vaccine development.

A Radical Social Movement could result in the replacement of those in control of vaccine science at CDC, or better yet removal of vaccine safety science from the captured CDC/FDA/NIH triad, allowing the medical community and the public to learn what independent science reports on studies conducted without an agenda to control public perception. This could result in a more trusted scenario, but many in the VRA movement would still never trust any research from Universities attached to hospital systems that profit from vaccines.


Change in every person at all levels of society to accept that vaccine safety scientists have systematically misled everyone would be a Reformative Social Movement, and it seems this is necessary before we see any need for change. However, since the US Government and Pharma has conducted massive perception control with vaccine risk denialism and vaccine injury denialism, even this would appear to be – i.e., feel like – a Revolutionary Social Movement. But if it is truly revolutionary for medical doctors to respect patient’s rights to choose, then we need to find the benefit of that respect to medical doctors. Clearly 100% vaccination means 100% possible vaccine injury rate; perhaps pediatricians faced with less vaccine injury they then are expected to deny would burn out less?

It works to Pharma’s advantage to make shifts in vaccine risk awareness and shifts in the solutions to the problems with vaccines for everyone – including many in the VRA – to view the coming necessary changes as a Revolution. In reality, there is a critical percentage of vaccine risk awareness in the population necessary where the nonsense arguments made in defense of – and this is important – whole-population vaccination a fail-safe, fool-proof solutions to the control of transmission of infectious agents.

There is a fifth category that is not covered by Aberle’s four-part classification (1966): Rebellion. This, like all of the other paths, is a possibility, but it really is a sociological artefact involving achievement of new aims by new institutionalized means. This is in comparison to other forms of deviance. In this context, ‘deviance’ is not a perjorative term, although those on the losing end would react with loathesome hate and fear over new means to achieve new aims. The call for restructuring who does vaccine safety science may not involve all people, but it would then require all people to shift – or to have shifted – their trust of the “brand” of the CDC as a reliable and trustworthy agency.


Clearly allopathy is conformist and ritualistic. I advocate innovation. But it is a fair question to ask what or whom would be in rebellion, and whom or what would they be rebelling against? Clearly, Pharma’s (and CDC’s) agenda of vaccine risk denialism could not withstand a simultaneous rebellion against the media refusing to curb their publication of accurate facts on vaccine risk (for example, the very simple fact that not all vaccines have been tested for association with autism). It could equally not withstand a spontaneous rebellion by ethical MDs who stand up and refuse to continue to conform to the vaccine risk and injury denialist agenda. Finally, it could equally not without a boycott of pediatricians’ offices of parents from all walks of life. The aim of such a boycott would be get the attention of the Corporatist allopathic medical establishment, and would be a show of power beyond anything that parents could achieve short of repeal of the portion of the 1986 act that indemnifies Pharma and doctors from liability.

In the meantime, the VRA movement has clearly found it legs – and will be seeking political retribution for the stripping of rights of choice with political campaigns against those who vote to remove personal or religious exemptions. The movement will also be seeking damages for impingement of first amendment rights – in other words, the frantic and panicked responses from the Corporatist government have been terribly useful mistakes by which hundred-fold gains will be made in defense of basic human rights.

“Social movements challenge informal criteria of citizenship that define some individuals as ‘Others’, as belonging to a group that makes them unworthy of equal rights in the civil sphere.” (Nash, Citizenship p132).

So, to the highly presumptive question of the title of this article – “How Will We Engineer a Safe Landing for Pharma?” – the answer is that we do not yet know which path we will march, but march we most assuredly will, with non-passive peaceful and legal means to dismantle what we can now easily recognize as fascism incarnate in the US in 2019.

But we know that we will not bureacratize, and willfully place a head to be captured. The VRA community instinctively prefers “death by a million cuts” and we have learned the value of “you do you”. This is why the divide-and-conquer tactics of counter-insurgency ops cannot work. We see all agencies and entitites as tools to be utilized – fairly, with compassion – and I dare say for the bulk of the VRA, our current view is we have emerged, we are coaelescing, but there we will stay until we achieve the ends we seek.


This is why I dare presume to predict that the parents of the vaccine injured and killed will be the ones who ultimately determine the fates of vaccine manufacturers. It would therefore be in Pharma’s interest to extend an olive branch with a settlement offer for all who claim vaccine injury, and for Vaccine Manufacturers to call for a hearing on why the 1986 Act mandates have not been achieved. Remember, all politicians engaged in stripping rights away will eventually lose their seat. Therefore, I will be happy to speak at such a hearing, and can offer completely reasonable solutions and terms acceptable to most people in the VRA that brings justice and will dramatically reduce the burden of the cost of vaccine injury on society.

I once told Pharma to bring their lawyers to Washington to change the laws regarding patents on natural compounded formulations that have clear public benefit. I lectured them harshly on the need to understand the value of profit sharing and licensed gathering of intellectual property. Within the next four years, many in Pharma will either be being prosecuted or will be at the helm determining the extent to which the coming regulations impact their autonomy.

Again, I do no speak for the entire VRA, I speak ABOUT them. The rate of vaccine injury has surpassed the level at which the population can psychologically tolerate – and the social costs imposed upon the VRA are irrelevant. They cannot be ridiculed into submission. They cannot be made to submit by threatening to take away public education. They will show up en masse and demand entry anyway. They will not accept vaccines as safe even if you fine them, or restrict their ability to work. They will fight loss of their custody. They MAY vaccinate at the point of gun, but some will not. Someone will be hurt, and the true police state will have been forced to show its face. That will work to the advantage of liberty and freedom.

Those who are VRA who agree or disagree can weigh in. What would you have me tell the US Senate on how to end vaccine injury, and, at the same time, not destroy the vaccine manufacturers? If you say “let them hang”, say that too. Remember: it’s all about respect and change and an end to vaccine violence using all possible legal and non-violent means.


Merck a Threat to National Security?

Two whistleblowers, former employees of Merck, Inc. have alleged in a lawsuit in a Pennsylvania court that they were told to commit scientific fraud by falsifying data on the apparent efficacy of Merck’s vaccine against the mumps virus by adding rabbit antibodies to human samples.

The whistleblowers allege that the original efficacy of merck’s MMR vaccine against the mumps virus was only 18%, and to secure prevent the loss of the contract for CDC’s use of the MMR vaccine, they were instructed to spike human samples with rabbit antibodies to increase the efficacy measurement of human samples to over 94%.

Now it seems that Merck’s fraudulent move to compete with other vaccine manufacturers as manifest as a direct threat to US national security by resulting in the quarantine and isolation of an entire US navy ship of fully vaccinated sailors and officers.

This should give the judge in the Pennsylvania court sufficient information to lead to a ruling that Merck committed fraud, and they have sold a fraudulent and flawed product to the US population and to the medical community by defrauding the US FDA.

Read the CNN coverage here.

Vaccine Injury is Free – As Long as We Deny It

I was sent a story from Fox News on the cost of a single case of tetanus: $800G.  I wondered, “What is cost of vaccine injury to society?“.  The journey started with a simple question posted to CensorBook:

“Does anyone have a breakdown of the medical and other costs of your child’s vaccine injury?”

Most people probably think there is a cost for speech therapy, supplements, cost of chelation if one can find a willing doctor, extra baby sitters. All of the responses were from parent of kids with autism.

Here are some responses:

“Between what we’ve paid out of pocket, what insurance has paid and the amount the school district has paid we are closing in on $1 million in just 7 years. 😳😡”

“If I went back and added it all up from early intervention days, therapies, special ed preschool, kindergarten to 21 years old in a 6-1 classroom with daily minibus, Medicaid services, SSDI, adult dayhab and self direction, I’m guessing it has cost the taxpayers hundred of thousand of dollars if not millions. Astronomical cost over her lifetime.”

“Ours is over $300,000 with 6 wheelchairs. 2 sport & 2 outgrown, 2 current use.”

“My total is almost at 1 million between insurance and private pay for medical, therapy and supplies covered by insurance, cash and grants for two vaccine injured kids ages 6 and 8.”

“Therapy per week: $1700 x 6 years (roughly, thank god insurance covers this): $530,400 to date. Supplements per week: $25ish x4 years: $5,200 to date. Not including gas to get the therapy and doctors appointments, time spent on IEPs and waitlists for therapy, glasses for 4 years, special diet, etc”

“I added mine it was $580,000.”

“For one year combined out of pocket and what is covered by insurance is approximately $275,000. Multiply by number of years = over $6.6 million.”

So who fronts the bill for autism costs?  If the parents have insurance, insurance premiums are no doubt raised.  One poster summed it up:

“Just so you know, I tell pro jabbers to keep working and paying taxes They need to support my kid who took one for the herd.”

If parents do not have insurance, they are out of luck:

“The cost would be higher if I could afford anything. The iPads alone for communication were a struggle.”

In fact, many of the families I know who have children whose medical condition they attribute to vaccination – whether the medical community concurs or not – live in abject poverty.  From time to time, I’ve collected shopper’s gift cards and sent them, especially around the holidays.  Remember, these families took one for the herd.  Some have had to turn to help from the child’s grandparents.

“A million here. My dad gave me a credit card to use for it all long ago. We used 2-4K a month for a decade. That doesn’t include what we paid for ourselves.”

By my estimation, in the US, vaccine injuries have easily cost society hundreds of billions of dollars if not over a trillion since 1986.  Only a paltry $4Billion has been paid out by HHS for vaccine injury claims in National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – which is hostile to awarding for any vaccine injury not found on the table.  And the HHS’s medical doctors play with diagnoses to move injury claims from on-table to off-table.  I’ve been in the NVICP as an expert witness.  It’s absolutely corrupt and totally biased against giving awards.  Most Americans do not know about the NVICP – even though their doctors are supposed to – by law – inform them of the programs.

“Now we have a grandson we’re caring for as well. It’s incredibly expensive – and our kids don’t believe they could file a lawsuit. They have one more year before the statute runs out.”

The participants in the discussion were prescient:

“Wow. Looking at just these few responses I am stunned at the dollar amounts. And even those who have insurance that covers some, how long can the system keep doing that when there are more and more kids with serious vax injuries every day. For their lifetimes. This hurts my heart and y’all are in my thoughts and prayers💔💔💔”

Some didn’t want to know:

“I’m afraid to even attempt to add it up. And mine is less than most. Therapy weekly, dietary needs, dietary enzymes, weekly chiropractor visits.”

But the costs mount regardless:

“I would also say about a million this far.  Between early intervention that had to paid out of pocket due to my son ‘not being disabled enough’…

“Oh my goodness….I haven’t counted what we’ve spent outside the $150k in loans we have for alternative doctors, fees, traveling and treatments. That is just for alternative medicine. We’ve done traditional therapies for 14.5 years straight…”

“I have never added it all up. It would be so depressing to do so.  $3000,00/month for two years for ABA therapy, thousands of dollars for speech therapy, occupational therapy , doctors visits, supplements and it caused his type 1 diabetes…

“Psyche eval in teens to get proper schooling and placement was $2,000 each. Speech in one $180 a week for 5 years OT on two averaged $1,000 a month. Younger evaluations for ADHD around $4,000 . None of it covered by insurance. That’s just a snapshot…

Consumer Reports says the US is #1 in health care costs -which of course means #1 in health care provider profits.


In the discussion on costs, the poster who saw the problem most clearly said it best:

“I dont think there is a cost put on a parent’s sanity.”

Watch for Part Two of “Vaccine Injury is Free – If You Deny It” with a guest article by a parent who has done full accounting since her case was booted from the NVICP in the autism Ominus hearings.

Dr. Jim Meehan Nails the Message to the Wall: We Need to Change Vaccine Safety Science NOW

Zach: “[The study] came out and it made it sound as if boy this is the nail in
the coffin [in the vaccine/autism question], what’s your take?”
Dr. Meehan: “It’s definitely not the nail in the coffin. This is kind of a rehash of some of the the same stuff that’s been coming out of Danish studies for quite a while. In fact there’s a lot of problems with the study. The first one goes back so you know to the point of who funded it…”


Read ktul coverage from this interview.

An Autopsy on Hviid et al. 2019’s MMR/Vaccine Science-Like Activities

An Autopsy on Hviid et al. 2019’s MMR/Vaccine Science-Like Activities

JUST IN TIME to be sandwiched between two one-sided Senate Hearings, a new cohort study by Hviid et al. has all of the hallmarks of a completely well-done study.  Well done as in overcooked.  Here is my initial assessment.

The burnt ends on this brisket are obvious.  Just like all the past studies on the MMR/autism question, the study focuses on one vaccine.  This is a problem because the variable they call “genetic risk” (having an older sibling), which is the most significant variable, is confounded with health user bias (there is no control over vaccine cessation).  It’s an important variable, but genetic risk of what?  Of autism?  Or of autism following vaccination?  It’s impossible to tell because the study never tests a VACCINE x FAMILY HISTORY interaction term.  Or any other interaction term that includes vaccines.

Were it not such an imporant question for which so much “science-like activities” have occurred, we could just shrug our shoulders, one could argue that defining the data analysis strategy is just about how one like to season their meat.  But there is real evidence Hviid (who did the data analysis) appears to be up real data cookery here.

(1) The smoking gun is the study-wide autism rate of 0.9-1%.  The rate of ASD in Denmark is 1.65%.  Where are the missing cases of ASD?  Given past allegations of this group’s malfeasance and fraud, the rest of the study cannot be accepted based on this disparity alone: the study group is not representative of the population being studied.

(2) They did not consider anything about >1 vaccine per visit when the MMR was given.  Comment below if your child regressed into ASD following receipt of the MMR + other vaccines (“MMR + OTHER”).  Here’s an interesting question: Comment below if your child regressed into ASD following receipt of MMR alone after having received no prior vaccines (“MMR ALONE NO PRIOR”).  Comment below if the situation was “MMR ALONE WITH PRIOR VACCINES”).

Cumulative vaccine exposure is the variable that might reflect risk better, as would “>1 vaccine received on date of MMR vaccination”.  It is meaningless to study a single vaccine exposure in a population that is being vaccinated so many times before the MMR.

(3)  Apparently vaccine risk in immigrants do not matter because the study required that individual have a valid entry in the Denmark birth registry.  Why would that matter?  Because the odds of receiving many vaccines at once upon entry into Denmark is very, very high. Oddly, without explanation, the study excluded 11 people with autism.  To avoid translational failure, the MMR should not be used on any of the clinical groups that were excluded from the study.

(4) While the appear to have learned how to combine risk variables into risk covariates, they did not test models that combine different risk variables (such as vaccine and parent’s age).  Single-variable, 2-variable, 3-variable… etc models should all have been trained on a training set (66% of the data), optimized via internal cross-validation to maximize prediction accuracy, ROC curves produced, and then the generalizability tested on a set-aside (RANDOMLY set-aside) training set (33%) of the data using my Weighted ACE optimization given the high imbalance in the two study groups (ASD vs. no ASD) (see Cures vs. Profits, it’s published in there and will prevent nonsense results).

(5) Association studies do not test causality.  Had this study reported a positive association, it would have fallen short under IOM standards, of providing sufficient evidence for causality.  Thus, it cannot be used rule out causality. It’s not testing that hypothesis.

(6) COIs abound: “Jaya K. Rao, MD, MHS, Deputy Editor, reports that she has stock holdings/options in Eli Lilly and Pfizer. Catharine B. Stack, PhD, MS, Deputy Editor for Statistics, reports that she has stock holdings in Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson”. – Thank you John Stone for pointing this out.

Once again, epidemiology is the WRONG TOOL for studying vaccine risk.

Hviid, A et al. 2019. Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism: A Nationwide Cohort Study. Annals of Internal Medicine. DOI: 10.7326/M18-2101

To read my objective evaluation of past association studies, see

Lyons-Weiler, J. [pre-print]. Systematic Review of Historical Epidemiologic Studies Influencing Public Health Policies on Vaccination [pdf, 2018] [supplementary material] (Review) Updated 10/8/2018, typo “+1” -> “+4” in abstract



What is Driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks?

What is Driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks?

The occurrence of measles diagnoses in various states has lawmakers promoting bills around the country to restrict personal exemptions. As in California, this move will be followed with bills to remove religious exemptions, and then by attempts to sanction or otherwise penalize medical doctors who offer medical exemptions.

In Clark County Washington, an ethnic group that does not vaccinate primarily due to religious exemptions is the seat of the current measles outbreak. So far, 63 cases of measles diagnosis are reported. In Brooklyn, an outbreak among another ethnic/religious group is larger, with about 260 cases reported.

Measles virus transmission is controllable via isolation, and symptoms are manageable via proper hydration and Vitamin A doses.

In the past, measles incidence used to have a cyclic incidence with peaks every 3-4 years. In the recent past, the occurrence of outbreaks also appears to be cyclic. It’s part of the natural ecology of the virus in the human population.



Further, the MMR vaccine does not prevent measles infection, it prevents measles diagnoses. Gregory Poland and colleagues correctly described the measles paradox in 1994, noting that in highly vaccinated populations, the predominant mode of transmission appears to be from fully vaccinated individuals:

“The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons. Because of the failure rate of the vaccine and the unique transmissibility of the measles virus, the currently available measles vaccine, used in a single-dose strategy, is unlikely to completely eliminate measles. The long-term success of a two-dose strategy to eliminate measles remains to be determined.” Source:

Yes, asymptomatic transmission is real.

Given that two- and multi-dose MMR vaccination has not prevented measles circulation in the US, the strategy of blaming so-called anti-vaxxers (i.e., the Vaccine Risk Aware) will not stop transmission when exogenous infections come to the US. Adding 2% coverage will not prevent silent infection and silent transmission.

The MMR is America’s only vaccine in use to prevent measles diagnoses. Note that while measles immunization has had an impact on the number of diagnoses (cases), it was a late-comer as a factor in reducing mortality, and that individuals hyping the risk are not being objective.


Still, the public has been asking or a single-dose measles vaccine for years, to increase consumer choice options. Merck, and their MMR is now under fire for fraud in a whistleblower case in which the scientists allege that they were instructed to spike human samples with rabbit antibodies. They claim the efficacy of the MMR (against the mumps virus) was 18% – that’s against the Jeryl Lynn strain, from the 1960’s, and to secure the contract w/the CDC, Merck defrauded the FDA (and the American public).

Finally, as Del Bigtree pointed out to the Health Service Committee in Olympia Washington yesterday, adults who were vaccinated against measles are no longer immune. Therefore, herd immunity, or so-called “community immunity”, is a myth.-

Source: King5

So what is driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks? Nothing, because they are not preventable with current vaccination technology.

On Wednesday, Feb 27, there will be a hearing on “Confronting a Growing Public Health Threat: Measles Outbreaks in the US”. In reality, there is no “Growing Public Health Threat”. On March 5, there will be a Senate Hearing on the topic of this blog post.

Therefore, be sure to tell your Congressional Reps and Senators that

  • The only thing that is “growing” is the hyperbole and attempts to manipulate the public’s perception of risk of measles as a “new” and “deadly” threat. Pre-vaccine the death rate was 450-500 per 180,000,000 people in the US, and the death rate was 0.1-1/100,000, not 1/1,000 as fear mongers would have you believe.
  • Current outbreaks have not involved primarily people using personal exemptions
  • Outbreaks would occur even if 100% of children were vaccinated
  • Most transmissions in highly vaccinated populations are from the vaccinated, asymptomatic carriers with subclinical infections
  • Natural infection causes superior lifetime immunity
  • Having unvaccinated kids who can develop symptoms is useful- it informs us of transmission chains, and thus the immunocompromised can be better protected
  • Stripping rights away will maximize vaccine injury – some families need personal exemptions.

A 2014 World Health Organization report included the following risks from measles, mumps or rubella Vaccination:

  • Thrombocytopenia: 1 in 30,000
  • Meningitis: 1 to 100 per 100,000 (depending on the strain of mumps)
  • Febrile seizures: 1 in 2,000 to 3,000
  • Acute arthritis: 1 in 10 (rubella)

Some families cannot tolerate this and other vaccines. I’m calling for an end the hype, an end Fear-Based Policies and return to Science-Based Policies that respect ALL of humanity.