Latest Book: Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism (Skyhorse)

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I offer this book in the humble hope of facilitating free and open discussions on concepts in autism.  I hope to  expand understanding among parents, pediatricians, School Board members, and legislators on what is known about the causes of autism.  This was written after reading over 3,000 studies on autism, from the perspective of a geneticist. In this book, I show how “autism genes” can be classified into risk genes, environmental susceptibility genes, and autism phenotype modifier genes. In addition to reviewing genes involved in various aspects of autism, I introduce the Environmental Toxin Liability Sampling Theory, and review hundreds of studies that are not considered in the formulation of public health policy. There is very little speculation in this book – the knowledge base presented is thoroughly referenced directly from the scientific literature.

All citations in “Causes” are provided at

Read this book, and you will never be confused by autism again – Louis Conte, Author, “Autism Wars”

List of Chapters:

Chapter 1. Symptoms and Diagnosis of Autism
Chapter 2. Evidence of Genetic and Epigenetic Components of Autism/ASD Risk
Chapter 3. Speech, Language and Communication Phenotypes
Chapter 4. Genetic and Environmental Factors Influencing Social Cognitive Skills in ASD
Chapter 5. Cognitive Phenotypes
Chapter 6. Repetitive Motor Behaviors and Seizure Phenotypes
Chapter 7. Sensory Phenotypes
Chapter 8. Immunological Factors in Autism
Chapter 9. Gastrointestinal and Renal Phenotypes
Chapter 10. Neurotoxin-Induced Autoimmune Mediated Neurological Damage in Autism
Chapter 11. Vaccine/Autism Studies Ignored by the CDC
Chapter 12. Concepts of Comorbidity in Autism and Autism Research
Chapter 13 Study Designs for Meaningful Future Causal Research in Autism
Chapter 14. Biological Pathways and Networks Views on Autism
Chapter 15. Toward a Multidimensional Matrix Risk Model for Autism
Chapter 16. The Logic of Prevention in Autism and Gene Informed Treatment
Chapter 17. An Age-of-Onset-Aware View; Objective Association and Causal Inference; Clinical Trials, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of ASD

Lyons-Weiler, J. 2016. Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism. Skyhorse Publishing, NY.