How Close Did We Come to an Ebola Pandemic? This Close.

THE EPIDEMIC IS NOT OVER, but there are emerging reports that should send chills down the spine of everyone who thinks Ebola has been over-hyped.  Seems some scientist/epidemiologists at the US Army ran simulations when Ebola hit Sierra Leone, and told the UK Army, who was responding to the crisis in the former UK colony, that the capital city of Freedom was “lost”.   They told the leadership that there was nothing they could do that would make any difference; that no matter how many isolation units they built, the city was to be readied for martial law and evacuation of those deemed unlikely to be infected.

They also told them that because of the size of the population of Freedom, there was nothing anyone could do to stop the virus from spreading around the world.  As people came to learn about the problem, they projected that so many people would flee Freedom, and Sierra Leone, that the virus would reach all of Africa and the entire world.

Luckily, they were wrong.

Their projections were based on models that ignored the isolation units the UK military had already built.

Thus, fate of half of the population of the earth hinged on EARLY RESPONSE and READINESS.

Good job, UK Military… so far.

Want more details? Read more here.

Remember  – the crisis is not over, far from it.  Make a donation to The Elizabeth R. Griffin Foundation today and help the front-liners that they support track down each and every contact at risk.

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