It is woefully reckless for President Biden and public health servants like Dr. Anthony Fauci to claim that American citizens are “killing people” by sharing peer-reviewed research.

We are far more than 12.

My own peer-reviewed research and that of my colleagues is routinely banned on Facebook by so-called “fact-checkers” like AFP (which is a non-peer reviewed opinion web site).

The reality is that public health has failed miserably and irreversibly. 54% of Americans under the age of 21 have chronic illness. They shipped a flawed test, failed to track and control COVID-19, and sent out messages burying early treatment which, as Dr. Pierre Kory has told me, is estimated to be responsible for as many as 85% of all the 4 millions deaths worldwide from COVID-19.

In short, they are killing people.

We in the US pay more for healthcare that others around the world, and medical errors are the third leading cause of death.

Big Medicine, Big Pharma, and so-called Public Health have squandered billions of dollars of tax payers, and Dr. Anthony Fauci debated semantics over “gain-of-function research” with Senator Rand Paul in the same interchange in which he admitted funding WIV to manipulate coronavirus genome sequences so they are better able to infect human cells – the epitome of gain-of-function research.

Fauci must resign, and the US Government should leave the educated – and educating – people of the US alone.

FDA must not approve of these coronavirus vaccines which are known, thanks to Science, to not be anywhere as effective as is needed for herd immunity.

Fauci must be investigated for blocking treatments that we know – again, thanks to Science, are highly effective.

The US Public Health program has lost its way and is dragging the United State of America and Western Civilization into a new dark ages in which highly educated people must accept a dumbed down, constructivist version of reality.

We, the public, reject this irrationalism. We prefer to remain rational, basing our assessment of reality on empiricism – and we’re not going to accept this nonsense.

The Rise of Public Rationalism

We’ve launched IPAK-EDU to educate the people what they have been denied – science, logic, reason and principles of law.

Where the US and state governments have failed in providing excellence in education, we’re stepping up.

Our courses are on par with college-level courses. They are for people who want to learn, not for people who want a degree.

NEVER AGAIN will those who stand to profit to the tunes of billions of dollars trade our health for their wealth

NEVER AGAIN will the techno-oligarchs be able to pull the wool over our eyes.

The American public can now learn, for themselves, what their children SHOULD BE BEING TAUGHT and bring it right to them.

Open courses (Fall semester) include the fundamentals like

Biology (1st semester) – Lyons-Weiler

History of Law in the West and the US – Rigney

Psychology – Kroner

How to Read & Interpret a Scientific Study – Lyons-Weiler

Spreadsheets 1 – Lyons-Weiler

And also specialized courses like

Environmental Toxicology: Ecosystem and Human Health – Lyons-Weiler

Key Studies in Public Health: COVID-19 Ealy & Lyons-Weiler

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Future courses will include

PANDAS/PANS – Causes and Treatments

Pediatric Wellness

Health in Pregnancy

Oxidative and Mitochondrial Medicine

Constitutional Law

Environmental Law

Vaccine Law


  1. Yes! We must not and will not tolerate this crime for the ages any longer. It is time for a Nuremberg-style tribunal to expose these criminals in government, industry, and media, and punish them appropriately. Good on Senators Paul and Johnson for exposing parts of this, but I have no faith in Congress as a whole to right our sinking ship. It must come from the people.

  2. Yes! Thank you for all your work on bringing truth and knowledge to The People(Humans). May Truth and Peace Prevail.

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