Dr. Lyons-Weiler Invites Boston Herald to Retract Editorial as Hate Speech

Rachell Cohen,

You don’t know me. You should. In fact, every newspaper should know about me from my book. By all rights (I’m told) it should be a New York Times best-seller. But your Pharma masters won’t let you publish anything negative about vaccines.  They OWN you, the same way they OWN both sides of the aisle in Congress.

Now that we’re on such good terms, let me tell you what I think your Editorial. It’s hate speech. It, like all bigotry, is based on pure arrogance mixed with ignorance.  And I invite your boss to retract your Editorial. And I invite you to do your homework.  Get to know some of these crazed, insane, hapless parents.   I did.

Well after I vaccinated both of my sons.

Neither of whom have vaccine-induced encephalopathy-mediated autism.

Do you know why I stand with the parents who call for warnings against the current vaccine schedule, and by those who call for spreading them out, and for those who call for safer vaccines without neurotoxins like mercury, and aluminum?

Because I’ve read the REST of the science.  Not the garbage studies that CDC put up as “definitive”.  I read over 2,000 studies on autism.  Including all  the studies ignored by the CDC that found positive association between vaccines and autism. And you know what?

The parents are right.

Vaccine-induced encephalopathy-mediated autism is real.

Autism is environmental.

One million kids have developed autism since Frank Destefano, Coleen Boyle, and others fudged the science meant to address the question on whether vaccines cause autism or not.  They removed results showing a strong vaccine/autism link. (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8).  They overcooked the data for other studies. Routinely.

You, Rachel, are the one putting millions at risk of brain injury and death with your ignorant hate speech and your vaccine risk denialism.

That’s why I’m inviting the Boston Herald to regain its journalistic integrity, and retract your “Editorial”.

Because, Racheel, like many, you know nothing about autism.

And because, Recall Cohen, you know nothing about the garbage science that CDC holds up as definitive.

And because, Rachel, macrophages uptake mercury and aluminum and deposits those metals in the brain, where they shut down astrocytic uptake of glutamate, which causes chronic reactive gliosis, which leads to the destruction of dendrites, and neural precursor cells.

But, as you’re just a journalist, you wouldn’t know that.  Because a journalist is no longer allowed to ask questions about vaccines in Amerika.

And you wouldn’t know that vaccines can directly cause mitochondrial dysfunction.  And you wouldn’t know that vaccines can directly cause autoimmune disorders. And you wouldn’t know that vaccines can cause proteins disorders.

And you would not know that there is a genetically susceptible minority of Americans who cannot tolerate the neurotoxins in vaccines and other toxins as well as the rest of us who deserve equal protection from harm from vaccines – under the 14th Amendment.

What you know is how to belch hate-filled Editorials based on a non-critical analysis of the situation.

These vaccine-risk aware autism moms and dads don’t grow every day just because people who don’t vaccinate spread the truth.  They grow every day because vaccines keep injuring sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, and nieces, nephews.  And they warn others, at considerable risk of being misunderstood and maligned by ignoramuses like yourself (I once was almost like you).

The autism parents rank among the best people in the world to me. They don’t need protection from free speech about vaccine risk.  Neither do the Somali parents.  These parents are WARRIORS. They are smart, informed, educated, logical, and reasonable.

Unlike you, Rachell, they care.  They are good people, taking the time to educate Somalis and other African Americans that they might be able to protect their kids from harm with vitamins.

Because that’s what we found when we brought the vaccine hegemony to Africa.

And they are something else.  Something you may never be.

They are among the most giving, caring, compassionate people I have ever met.

Parents of children with vaccine injury who speak out have one and only one agenda.

To protect other peoples’ kids.

And each one of them, I’m sure, would line up at your gallows to be the first martyr in the war for our children’s brains, and our minds.

But, if you want to pick the trees, or construct the gallows, Rakkell, we won’t stop you.

Hang us, Raqueel.  Hang us all.

One question.

Whatever will you do with all the bodies?

While you’re calling for death squads, the rest of us peaceable, civilized folks are discussing health directions in neurodevelopmental disorders,  the future of immunity, and discussing vaccine safety science and science integrity and the size of the market for vaccine safety screening biomarkers.

Oh, and we’re all subscribing to the Boston Globe.  Because they don’t condone hate speech.

PS Do you know why I stand with parents who choose to exercise their rights to refuse to vaccinate altogether?  Because they are merely exercising their internationally and nationally recognized rights to informed consent.  Or, or some of us have taken to calling it, informed DISSENT.  Check the Federal regulations.  It’s all there.

PPS – Shirley (Rauquael, whatever), your contribution is such a FINE piece of literary work that it will be remembered as one of the least enlightened contributions to the discussion our society is embarking upon.  Watch for news.  It’s coming.



617-426-3000 x6105

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13 thoughts on “Dr. Lyons-Weiler Invites Boston Herald to Retract Editorial as Hate Speech

  1. Astonishing ugliness she represents. The frightening thing is that pharma not only owns the media, but the entire federal government, many state governments, and much of academia, as well. This will not end well. Who is there to put IG Farma on trial?

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    1. You are right, it will not end well. However, we might disagree on who the “losers” will be. I take great comfort in believing that oppression ultimately fails and that those persecuted often outlive their persecutors. Who will put IG Farma on trial? Maybe the Court of Heaven, where judgement is permanent.

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  2. James Lyons-Weiler,

    Thank you for your spot on – as always – response. Cohen and the Boston Herald should, indeed, retract this article, apologize and Ms Cohen should be fired. Hopefully no one in the future will hire such a person who speaks this hate. If I were black or gay, I would be suing their asses off! Lynching is not something lightly spoken to people who have been subject to it in recent history of the US. No matter one’s vaccine stance, exercising the right to medical consent was guaranteed by the Nuremberg Code. By saying those who exercise that right should be hanged, this woman has placed herself in history along side the names of other such “animals”, such as Joseph Mengele.

    Please, someone take this woman and this “fake news” media source to task. Make an example of Cohen and the Boston Herald, so that everyone will know that this hate speech will not be tolerated. I’ll even provide paralegal support for free to any attorney willing to pursue this!

    Thank you, James Lyons-Weiler, once again, for addressing this very important issue!


    1. RM – Unfortunately, it’s our duty to “adult” in this situation, and while I certainly find it difficult to respect her, or her media outlet for this, she still qualifies as “human”. She may need help, and if so, let’s all hope she gets it, soon.


  3. The image of hanging folk just brings up other images of misogyny and just another stupid threat, to what end? Shock value? She apparently only valued the lives of the fully vaccinated indoctrinated unthinkers! She seems somewhat mentally challenged

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  4. I had mixed emotions while reading this. I was so sad that this is happening to our children and their families. I was extremely angry at the fact that we need to have rebuttals such as this. I was joyfully happy to read something so TRUTHFUL that I just know will make some finally open their eyes, maybe for the first time. I was jealous as hell — that I didn’t write this. THANK YOU.


  5. Thank you. Well said. But if gallows are one day to be built, it would better suit those who have lied, cheated, covered up, fudged data, and taken payoffs from the industry to collude in the worst crimes perpetuated against humanity: the poisoning of our children.

    First, in the US, we must repeal “Direct to consumer Advertising of Pharmaceuticals on TV and in print media. Second, we must repeal the 1986 childhood Vaccine Injury Act which should NEVER have been enacted in the first place.

    Third: We must get Pharma money out of medicine, guarantee medical freedom in our country, and put checks and balances in place to prevent such a disaster ever happening again.

    Maybe the gallows for those liars at the CDC would send a good message to anyone who ever again considers poisoning america’s children for profit.

    Justice will finally be served when those who are unaffected become as outraged at what happened to our children as those who have been affected by it.

    Autism? that is just a rug to sweep vaccine injury under. SIDS? That is a rug woven to sweep vaccine induced infant death under.

    If the prevention of disease requires HUMAN SACRIFICE, then it is WRONG, evil, unethical, and immoral.

    Saying it is “rare” (which it is NOT) does not make human pediatric sacrifice right. It makes those involved CHILD POISONERS and CHILD MURDERERS. The lives the say they’ve “saved” are HYPOTHETICAL. The lives they’ve ruined are REAL.

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  6. Dr. Lyons-Weiler, you mention vaccines causing “protein disorders.” Can you please give me a specific citation or two, to get me started researching this? My vaccine-injured daughter has a mysterious collagen formation problem (ten doctors so far have not been able to figure this out; and yes, these are really good “alternative” practitioners) and I am (still, after 14 years) looking for answers…

    And thank you for your excellent response to the Boston Herald’s horrendous editorial!

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