How Will the VRA Engineer a Safe Landing for Pharma?

LOOKING AT SOCIAL MOVEMENTS in the past, we can see that it was the victors who decided the fate of the overthrown oppressors. The vaccine injured are leading the charge for social change, and the current calls for stripping away existing rights via elimination of personal belief and religious exemptions are being fought back via highly informed parents who will never – read this carefully – NEVER – accept government coerced vaccination for their children.

Looking at the issue of vaccine risk awareness mathematically, it is clear that the increase in activism is not being driven merely by social media. The just-so story often portrayed in the media is that one mom heard from a neighbor that her sister’s kid developed autism right after vaccines is a misrepresentation of the real-life experiences of parents with infants and school-aged children. In reality, in the American classroom, about 1/25 kids have autism, 1 in 25 have epilepsy, 5 of 25 have ADHD, another 5 have asthma, and so on and so on so that we can see that parents will meet parents with the same stories in real life. In other words, the vaccine risk aware “army” is growing due to the accumulation of people in the population who have direct knowledge of vaccine injury in their community.

The reaction of many people in the VRA movement to the title of this article will no doubt be another “has he lost it?”, because why would we WANT to engineer a safe landing for Pharma when their products have done and do so much harm. So let’s examine (a) where the VRA movement wants society to go, and (b) the various pathways by which it can achieve those goals.

Some hard-core anti-vaxxers want vaccines banned. The goals of the VRA movement – the ones we can all agree on – include

  • Respect for choice – respect for the right to refuse vaccination as a medical procedure, and for the right to decline participation in post-marketing vaccine safety studies.
  • Fulfillment of the 1986 Congressional mandate to make vaccines safer
  • Fulfillment of the 1986 Congressional mandate to identify those at highest risk
  • An end to corporate regulatory agency sponsorship and of politicians.

Some in the movement want

  • Prosecution of those who have participated in scientific fraud to hide vaccine risk from the public.
  • Reform in policies reflecting vaccines as a pancea for public health questions surrounding infectious disease and immunity. This seems fair, since it is illegal to conduct scientific fraud using government funds.
  • Revocation of the immunity-from-liability clause in the 1986 Act.
  • Prioritization of science conducted to detect and reverse vaccine injury to brain development and to the immune system.

Some who are more radical want

  • An end to allopathic (“Western”) medicine

I certainly do not pretend to speak for the VRA movement, but I would encourage all involved to take a look at social movements from a historical perspective. We know that social movements can, for the most part, fall into four categories based on the degree of change sought, and how many people are expected to change. Consider the four-way categorization by Aberle (1966):

Alternative social movements – Limited change in specific people.

Redemptive social movements – Radical change in specific people.

Reformative social movements – Limited change in everyone.

Revolutionary social movements – Radical change in everyone.

There are solutions to the current impasse with Corporatist Congress and regulatory agencies within each of these four possibilities. An Alternative Social Movement would be convincing CDC/FDA/NIH to conduct objective science. No one who is VRA and who understands the degree of manipulation and fraud inherent to vaccine safety pseudoscience would trust Frank DeStefano, Coleen Boyle, Francis Collins and whichever corporate puppet is now in charge at FDA to suddenly reverse course and begin to realize that knowledge of vaccine risk allows critically valuable feedback on vaccine risk that can be used to form new directions for vaccine development.

A Radical Social Movement could result in the replacement of those in control of vaccine science at CDC, or better yet removal of vaccine safety science from the captured CDC/FDA/NIH triad, allowing the medical community and the public to learn what independent science reports on studies conducted without an agenda to control public perception. This could result in a more trusted scenario, but many in the VRA movement would still never trust any research from Universities attached to hospital systems that profit from vaccines.


Change in every person at all levels of society to accept that vaccine safety scientists have systematically misled everyone would be a Reformative Social Movement, and it seems this is necessary before we see any need for change. However, since the US Government and Pharma has conducted massive perception control with vaccine risk denialism and vaccine injury denialism, even this would appear to be – i.e., feel like – a Revolutionary Social Movement. But if it is truly revolutionary for medical doctors to respect patient’s rights to choose, then we need to find the benefit of that respect to medical doctors. Clearly 100% vaccination means 100% possible vaccine injury rate; perhaps pediatricians faced with less vaccine injury they then are expected to deny would burn out less?

It works to Pharma’s advantage to make shifts in vaccine risk awareness and shifts in the solutions to the problems with vaccines for everyone – including many in the VRA – to view the coming necessary changes as a Revolution. In reality, there is a critical percentage of vaccine risk awareness in the population necessary where the nonsense arguments made in defense of – and this is important – whole-population vaccination a fail-safe, fool-proof solutions to the control of transmission of infectious agents.

There is a fifth category that is not covered by Aberle’s four-part classification (1966): Rebellion. This, like all of the other paths, is a possibility, but it really is a sociological artefact involving achievement of new aims by new institutionalized means. This is in comparison to other forms of deviance. In this context, ‘deviance’ is not a perjorative term, although those on the losing end would react with loathesome hate and fear over new means to achieve new aims. The call for restructuring who does vaccine safety science may not involve all people, but it would then require all people to shift – or to have shifted – their trust of the “brand” of the CDC as a reliable and trustworthy agency.


Clearly allopathy is conformist and ritualistic. I advocate innovation. But it is a fair question to ask what or whom would be in rebellion, and whom or what would they be rebelling against? Clearly, Pharma’s (and CDC’s) agenda of vaccine risk denialism could not withstand a simultaneous rebellion against the media refusing to curb their publication of accurate facts on vaccine risk (for example, the very simple fact that not all vaccines have been tested for association with autism). It could equally not withstand a spontaneous rebellion by ethical MDs who stand up and refuse to continue to conform to the vaccine risk and injury denialist agenda. Finally, it could equally not without a boycott of pediatricians’ offices of parents from all walks of life. The aim of such a boycott would be get the attention of the Corporatist allopathic medical establishment, and would be a show of power beyond anything that parents could achieve short of repeal of the portion of the 1986 act that indemnifies Pharma and doctors from liability.

In the meantime, the VRA movement has clearly found it legs – and will be seeking political retribution for the stripping of rights of choice with political campaigns against those who vote to remove personal or religious exemptions. The movement will also be seeking damages for impingement of first amendment rights – in other words, the frantic and panicked responses from the Corporatist government have been terribly useful mistakes by which hundred-fold gains will be made in defense of basic human rights.

“Social movements challenge informal criteria of citizenship that define some individuals as ‘Others’, as belonging to a group that makes them unworthy of equal rights in the civil sphere.” (Nash, Citizenship p132).

So, to the highly presumptive question of the title of this article – “How Will We Engineer a Safe Landing for Pharma?” – the answer is that we do not yet know which path we will march, but march we most assuredly will, with non-passive peaceful and legal means to dismantle what we can now easily recognize as fascism incarnate in the US in 2019.

But we know that we will not bureacratize, and willfully place a head to be captured. The VRA community instinctively prefers “death by a million cuts” and we have learned the value of “you do you”. This is why the divide-and-conquer tactics of counter-insurgency ops cannot work. We see all agencies and entitites as tools to be utilized – fairly, with compassion – and I dare say for the bulk of the VRA, our current view is we have emerged, we are coaelescing, but there we will stay until we achieve the ends we seek.


This is why I dare presume to predict that the parents of the vaccine injured and killed will be the ones who ultimately determine the fates of vaccine manufacturers. It would therefore be in Pharma’s interest to extend an olive branch with a settlement offer for all who claim vaccine injury, and for Vaccine Manufacturers to call for a hearing on why the 1986 Act mandates have not been achieved. Remember, all politicians engaged in stripping rights away will eventually lose their seat. Therefore, I will be happy to speak at such a hearing, and can offer completely reasonable solutions and terms acceptable to most people in the VRA that brings justice and will dramatically reduce the burden of the cost of vaccine injury on society.

I once told Pharma to bring their lawyers to Washington to change the laws regarding patents on natural compounded formulations that have clear public benefit. I lectured them harshly on the need to understand the value of profit sharing and licensed gathering of intellectual property. Within the next four years, many in Pharma will either be being prosecuted or will be at the helm determining the extent to which the coming regulations impact their autonomy.

Again, I do no speak for the entire VRA, I speak ABOUT them. The rate of vaccine injury has surpassed the level at which the population can psychologically tolerate – and the social costs imposed upon the VRA are irrelevant. They cannot be ridiculed into submission. They cannot be made to submit by threatening to take away public education. They will show up en masse and demand entry anyway. They will not accept vaccines as safe even if you fine them, or restrict their ability to work. They will fight loss of their custody. They MAY vaccinate at the point of gun, but some will not. Someone will be hurt, and the true police state will have been forced to show its face. That will work to the advantage of liberty and freedom.

Those who are VRA who agree or disagree can weigh in. What would you have me tell the US Senate on how to end vaccine injury, and, at the same time, not destroy the vaccine manufacturers? If you say “let them hang”, say that too. Remember: it’s all about respect and change and an end to vaccine violence using all possible legal and non-violent means.



  1. Your well written and researched article has galvanized the resolve of this movement. Thank you so much for this fascinating perspective.
    Personally, I’m a let em’ hang kinda gal.
    Corrupt individuals who have operated with calculation and willfully suppressed evidence need to be brought to justice even if that means the collapse of their organizations. There will always be another opportunist waiting in the wings to carry on

  2. What I want is for the truth to be told, and for the victims of vaccine injury be compensated. This, of course should come out of the hide of industry. I actually don’t consider industry to be the primary perpetrators of this holocaust. It is our government regulators and Congress who have allowed this to happen. Prosecution for the most egregious criminal acts, yes, but truth is the most essential path toward healing our terribly broken medical system. Although not trained in any of the scientific fields, my own independent research has taught me enough about human development, immunology, biochemistry, toxicology, the history of infectious diseases, and the real stories of thousands of parents about the injuries to their children, to conclude, without a shadow of doubt, that vaccination, like many other currently used medical, treatments, is pure quackery. It is a testament to the resilience of the human biological system that many can overcome the harm which vaccination always provokes in the recipient. What is truly frightening in 2019, is that our elected leaders are rapidly attempting to turn the nation into a fascist state. They won’t succeed.

  3. I’m glad you envision this madness coming to an end and politicians and pharma companies coming to justice. Your article is timely for me. I was watching some videos on mind control last night and I had a vision that the drive to force vaccines would end the vaccine machine in general will fall. We are reaching a tipping point where it is becoming too cumbersome for them to continue trying to use force with so many. The numbers of VRA people are becoming too large. Not sure how to handle them after they fall. Massive fines, retribution, jail terms for those who have clearly violated the law. The main thing is the vision that they WILL fall. I am holding onto that for now.

  4. After the tobacco industry’s malfeasance finally got out, no one got jail time and I think that was atrocious. The crimes of the vaccine industry are crimes against humanity and I believe eg the whole senior leadership team of Merck should be prosecuted for that with the harshest possible punishment. Same with certain people at the CDC. And of course there should be financial compensation to the victims. Should these companies end up crashing, great. We can have a celebration at the tombstone.

  5. James, you are absolutely correct. Highly informed parents will NEVER accept government coerced vaccination for their children. Once your child is injured or killed by a vaccine as mine was, no amount of coercion, misinformation, or cheer leading will convince us to succumb to vaccine mandates. Big pHarma will lose this war. The only question is how many more children will be injured before humanity ends this insanity. I had compassion for doctors, nurses and public health officers until about one year ago. Now, the evidence of vaccine injury is so compelling that I can no longer excuse the harm they are perpetuating on our children. I think it is time this profession is charged with crimes against humanity and is jailed. To excuse their social license to harm our children is intolerable. I don’t see a soft landing for pHarma. They either need to stand up and help end this insanity, or be held complicit. They can no longer claim that they did not know.

  6. There some kind of immunity afforded to “too big to fail companies” by the government(s). This makes them feel that they are above the law. eg Big Banks in Australia, The chinese bank in America that was caught money laundering for drug cartels. They all got a slap on the wrist. Unless the companies are allowed to fail then we are still putting money and companies ahead of people’s health and nothing will have changed.

  7. At this stage, I feel it’s gone too long. The damage on children and families is too large, and if the truth comes out , the people who wake up to this will want their “pound of flesh”,so to speak . To think all those lives damaged are just the cost of doing business, as a mother it breaks my heart.

  8. thank you for this well written and inspiring piece. It is so easy to become depressed with the magnitude of power this entity has assumed. Yet, somewhere in the madness, I feel the start of a shift of consciousness – Indeed, it seems to be the rejection of conformity and ritualism. I just hope it grows and flourishes into a rebellion of truth.

  9. Who ever called vaccination “a fail-safe, fool-proof solutions to the control of transmission of infectious agents.”?

      1. No, because that’s not the same thing as fool proof and fail safe. That’s both a straw man and a false dichotomy.

        No authority says vaccines are perfectly effective and safe, or the sole means of preventing infectious disease.

  10. I would submit to The Crimes Against Humanity Initiative the following:

    Johnson & Johnson.
    Merck & Co.
    Gilead Sciences.
    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
    The CDC officers and board members
    The FDA officers and board members
    Federal Politicians that have accepted generous donations for supporting a barbaric vaccine policy and are pushing to eliminate medical autonomy, informed consent and a families right to refuse.
    State politicians that are being bought off by various pharma entities.
    Medical doctors that are getting bonuses from pharma and insurance companies.
    Insurance companies that are connected with pharma or with entities that are front groups for pharma like- The National Association of County and City Health Officials aka NACCHO, a front company funded by the CDC that is in every state.
    Bill Gates
    Mark Zuckerberg

    What is happening is not just an American atrocity but an international one therefore they all should be charged with Crimes Against Humanity and imprisoned for the rest of their lives. A dream I know but dreams can become real.

  11. Thank you, Dr. Lyons-Weiler, for such an in-depth look at our struggles. I just have a few suggestions. I agree that the vaccine risk aware movement is sadly growing due to the ever growing number of people in the community who have direct knowledge of vaccine injury and not just what they see on social media. However, far too many parents still don’t associate their children’s problems with vaccine injury. So it’s important for us to press for true informed consent including clear warning signs for parents to be on the lookout. Spreading the early warning signs on social media as well is important. Parents should know that tics, sleep problems, GI issues, seizures, eczema, food allergies and inconsolable crying can all be warning signs of vaccine injury. Most don’t, including their pediatricians! Let’s try to get parents to wake up before their child has autism or a neuro-developmental disorder.
    Regarding our goals-
    Texans for Vaccine Choice, a group that has been very successful so far in their fight against vaccine mandates has wisely I think focused on 3 specific talking points only- 1. Vaccine choice 2. Informed consent 3. Medical Privacy. The medical privacy piece is important because the opposite is being used as a way to ‘out’ the few children who aren’t 100% fully vaccinated by passing bills that require schools and daycare centers to report the % of un-vaccinated kids on each campus. Besides making it easy in many cases to figure out which kids aren’t fully vaccinated it also pressures the schools and daycare centers to require the full vaccine schedule to assure full enrollment. So it’s critical we fight against any of these bills that are proliferating now due to the measles outbreaks. When talking to your legislators it’s futile to come off as anti-vaxx. Being FOR choice, informed consent, and medical privacy is much more palatable. It’s quite stark and troubling how in Texas at least we only have support from the Republicans (Tea Party types especially) and absolutely none from the Democrats. I feel they equate us with climate change deniers and anti-science, thus questioning vaccines themselves is counter-productive at this point if we have any hope of winning over the Dems.
    As for the other possible goals, I’m old enough to know the US changes are as slow as turning a gigantic ship. I would love a revolution in thought and deeds but I’m not holding my breath. I think Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s tactics of lawsuits and demanding an unbiased vaccine safety commission are the most effective ways to get things changed. Encouraging more whistle-blowers from pharma and the CDC would be helpful as well. Ending pharma’s direct to consumer advertising would be very effective to unshackle the media from industry influence.
    Campaign finance reform would be the MOST effective way to bring about change because as long as our legislators represent industry rather than us, all the other actions would just be voted down.
    So…I’ll be hoping and praying for a revolution but in the meantime I’ll be fighting for vaccine choice, informed consent, medical privacy, campaign finance reform, ending direct to consumer advertising by pharma, lawsuits to hold the CDC accountable for vaccine safety and encouraging more whistle-blowers. I don’t think the Democrats really want to see total vaccine mandates. We have to give them some other options to vote ‘yes’ where they still get to keep their industry payoffs.

  12. Public opinion will be easy to change once corruption is unearthed. Take them down tobacco style.

  13. I forgot to mention, part of the recompense goes back to the fed for what they’ve paid out thus far. It’s not the government’s responsibility to pay the liability of a private corporation.

    If Walmart is liable financially for a thing, the fed doesn’t pay it…

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