Feb 2022 Articles on Popular Rationalism

Here are the Popular Rationalism Articles for January/February 2022.

Suffering a Massive Loss of Post-COVID Credibility, Fauci Admits He is “Baffled”. At This Point, He’s His Own Worst Enemy. Keep Talking, Fauci.

Reputations matter. Whose reputation is gone? Whose is intact? Why is Fauci still around? I hope he continues to talk with the media and provide more evidence of his incompetence. (130)

Sen Johnson’s Letter to DOD

If you love anyone, send this Popular Rationalism article to them now. (116)

You Made a Difference Today: No Pfizer Jabs for the Little Ones

Pfizer has been called out by the carpet – and as we pointed out, they do not have the data to support COVID-19 vaccination in 6m-4yr olds. (109)

Pfizer Whistleblower Case Unsealed

Read the Case Filing For Yourself (104)

Threats, Intimidation Against Doctors, Health Care Workers and Scientists Must End

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that medical boards can be the Taliban of allopathy. As enforcers of the amorphous “medical consensus”, they are tools of Pharma Police state I warned against.(94)

One Word Sums Up “Public Health” in 2022 (89)

John Campbell’s List of Studies On Natural Immunity

He is Amazing, and Should Be Given an Honorary Everything. (88)

Red Flags All Over Pfizer’s Bid for EUA for Young Children: No Benefit, Data Leak, Potential P-Hacking: Suffer the Little Children, No Justification For Terrifying Children and Placing Them at Risk

FDA is poised to receive a recommendation from VRBPAC on vaccinating children against COVID-19. You have one last chance to speak out. (83)

Pfizer Moving Goalposts on COVID-19 Vaccination Endpoints for Toddlers Tanked Their EUA Big, But it’s Par for the Course. How it Relates to Pfizer Vaccine Immune Suppression. Plan B.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to move to a secondary endpoint mid-review. That told us a lot about how bad Pfizer’s data must be for their vaccine in children and why they pulled their EUA. (81)

Are the Boosted Really 97 Times Less Likely to Die Than the Unvaccinated?

Well, that depends on the definition of the phrase “To Die”- specifically how long you count – and if you ignore natural immunity.(78)

Send This Article Link to Your Representatives and Physicians

Prasad ties it all together. This is the best he’s done. (67)

Daddy Facebook

Facebook is a patriarchal babysitter. Let’s show them. (65)

The Impact of Independent Publicly Funded Biomedical Research

My research articles are still the most downloaded and cited in the journals in which they were published. (62)

Widespread Vaccine Failure is the Reproducibility Crisis in Public Health – Will They Adopt Science or Continue a Failing Denialist Agenda?

The Costly Taboo Against Expecting Rational Criticism from Public Health is Ending (61)

What Are the Real Risks of Genetic Manipulation Technology? Part 1.

The public must have a say in its own future. Profiteering technocrats must not decide for all of us. (59)

Important Survey on Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Hesitancy (53)

Interview on PCR Fraud: Kevin Jenkins “The Informed Class”

Kevin and I go deep into the implications of the PCR fraud from the start of COVID and the implications of reversing this fraud, which must happen. (43)

Clinical Concerns Over Cerebrovascular Leakage Caused by Chronic Aluminum Exposure are Warranted

Cell death caused by aluminum likely opens the blood-brain barrier. In childhood, this can potentially lead to unsafe levels of exposures to aluminum, pharmaceuticals and other environmental toxins. (33)

Dr. Jack on the Ripple Effect – Ricky Varanda’s Podcast: How Science Became Political, The Great Freedom & Liberty Reset, and How Self-Sacrifice, Stress, Depression & Pain Tolerance Are Related

We covered some territory here. Enjoy! (36)

Herbology & Human Health Course

IPAK and Gaeta Institute Partner to Offer this Course – Here’s the Course Overview

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