Merck a Threat to National Security?

Two whistleblowers, former employees of Merck, Inc. have alleged in a lawsuit in a Pennsylvania court that they were told to commit scientific fraud by falsifying data on the apparent efficacy of Merck’s vaccine against the mumps virus by adding rabbit antibodies to human samples.

The whistleblowers allege that the original efficacy of merck’s MMR vaccine against the mumps virus was only 18%, and to secure prevent the loss of the contract for CDC’s use of the MMR vaccine, they were instructed to spike human samples with rabbit antibodies to increase the efficacy measurement of human samples to over 94%.

Now it seems that Merck’s fraudulent move to compete with other vaccine manufacturers as manifest as a direct threat to US national security by resulting in the quarantine and isolation of an entire US navy ship of fully vaccinated sailors and officers.

This should give the judge in the Pennsylvania court sufficient information to lead to a ruling that Merck committed fraud, and they have sold a fraudulent and flawed product to the US population and to the medical community by defrauding the US FDA.

Read the CNN coverage here.


  1. The fact that several US states are trying to mandate this vaccine is surreal. I don’t hold out much hope for America because it seems there are no limits to the corruption.

  2. If any examination of the FDA has been more than casual, it can be seen that falsifying results is and has been a standard business policy. GMO foods have been called identical to natural ones, though no testing was mandated! The drug industry is, like the FDA and CDC, a dedicated criminal enterprise, to which criminal fraud is a matter of standard practice.

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