Hammond Report Exonerates Dr. Paul Thomas, Show Rogue Medical Board Pushing Unlawful Medical Practices

Please everyone join me in a STANDING OVATION for what I’m calling THE HAMMOND REPORT.

Independent journalist Jeremy Hammond has authored a definitive and thorough 210-page report that reveals that the Oregon Medical Board tried to coerce Dr. Thomas into changing his lawful pediatric practice into an unlawful medical practice under Oregon’s state law. The report, which completely rebuts all of the allegations against Dr. Thomas, reads, in part “The real story here isn’t one of a rogue doctor dismissing science and recklessly endangering his pediatric patients by bullying their parents into accepting ‘alternative’ care. The real story is one of a rogue medical board dismissing science and recklessly endangering public health by encouraging pediatricians to bully their parents into strict compliance with the CDC’s schedule and selecting Paul Thomas, MD, to set an example to other physicians of what their punishment will be if they instead choose to respect parents’ right to informed consent.”

Under Oregon state law, physicians, including pediatricians, must provide for fully informed consent and respect vaccine refusal. The board had tried to sanction Dr. Thomas for allowing patients to use antibody titre-testing as evidence of immunity. The report found that the board’s actions were “ludicrous given the fact that Oregon law only requires one dose of mumps vaccine, and it specifically allows for the use of antibody testing as evidence of immunity in lieu of evidence of vaccination.”

See the full IPAK Spotlight here, http://ipaknowledge.org with a link through to the report.

CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU Jeremy R. Hammond SEND APPLAUSE to jeremy@foreignpolicyjournal.com and get the full report via the link on the IPAK web site.

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

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