What is Driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks?

The occurrence of measles diagnoses in various states has lawmakers promoting bills around the country to restrict personal exemptions. As in California, this move will be followed with bills to remove religious exemptions, and then by attempts to sanction or otherwise penalize medical doctors who offer medical exemptions.

In Clark County Washington, an ethnic group that does not vaccinate primarily due to religious exemptions is the seat of the current measles outbreak. So far, 63 cases of measles diagnosis are reported. In Brooklyn, an outbreak among another ethnic/religious group is larger, with about 260 cases reported.

Measles virus transmission is controllable via isolation, and symptoms are manageable via proper hydration and Vitamin A doses.

In the past, measles incidence used to have a cyclic incidence with peaks every 3-4 years. In the recent past, the occurrence of outbreaks also appears to be cyclic. It’s part of the natural ecology of the virus in the human population.


Source: https://www.cdc.gov/measles/cases-outbreaks.html

Further, the MMR vaccine does not prevent measles infection, it prevents measles diagnoses. Gregory Poland and colleagues correctly described the measles paradox in 1994, noting that in highly vaccinated populations, the predominant mode of transmission appears to be from fully vaccinated individuals:

“The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons. Because of the failure rate of the vaccine and the unique transmissibility of the measles virus, the currently available measles vaccine, used in a single-dose strategy, is unlikely to completely eliminate measles. The long-term success of a two-dose strategy to eliminate measles remains to be determined.” Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8053748

Yes, asymptomatic transmission is real.

Given that two- and multi-dose MMR vaccination has not prevented measles circulation in the US, the strategy of blaming so-called anti-vaxxers (i.e., the Vaccine Risk Aware) will not stop transmission when exogenous infections come to the US. Adding 2% coverage will not prevent silent infection and silent transmission.

The MMR is America’s only vaccine in use to prevent measles diagnoses. Note that while measles immunization has had an impact on the number of diagnoses (cases), it was a late-comer as a factor in reducing mortality, and that individuals hyping the risk are not being objective.


Still, the public has been asking or a single-dose measles vaccine for years, to increase consumer choice options. Merck, and their MMR is now under fire for fraud in a whistleblower case in which the scientists allege that they were instructed to spike human samples with rabbit antibodies. They claim the efficacy of the MMR (against the mumps virus) was 18% – that’s against the Jeryl Lynn strain, from the 1960’s, and to secure the contract w/the CDC, Merck defrauded the FDA (and the American public).

Finally, as Del Bigtree pointed out to the Health Service Committee in Olympia Washington yesterday, adults who were vaccinated against measles are no longer immune. Therefore, herd immunity, or so-called “community immunity”, is a myth.-

Source: King5

So what is driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks? Nothing, because they are not preventable with current vaccination technology.

On Wednesday, Feb 27, there will be a hearing on “Confronting a Growing Public Health Threat: Measles Outbreaks in the US”. In reality, there is no “Growing Public Health Threat”. On March 5, there will be a Senate Hearing on the topic of this blog post.

Therefore, be sure to tell your Congressional Reps and Senators that

  • The only thing that is “growing” is the hyperbole and attempts to manipulate the public’s perception of risk of measles as a “new” and “deadly” threat. Pre-vaccine the death rate was 450-500 per 180,000,000 people in the US, and the death rate was 0.1-1/100,000, not 1/1,000 as fear mongers would have you believe.
  • Current outbreaks have not involved primarily people using personal exemptions
  • Outbreaks would occur even if 100% of children were vaccinated
  • Most transmissions in highly vaccinated populations are from the vaccinated, asymptomatic carriers with subclinical infections
  • Natural infection causes superior lifetime immunity
  • Having unvaccinated kids who can develop symptoms is useful- it informs us of transmission chains, and thus the immunocompromised can be better protected
  • Stripping rights away will maximize vaccine injury – some families need personal exemptions.

A 2014 World Health Organization report included the following risks from measles, mumps or rubella Vaccination:

  • Thrombocytopenia: 1 in 30,000
  • Meningitis: 1 to 100 per 100,000 (depending on the strain of mumps)
  • Febrile seizures: 1 in 2,000 to 3,000
  • Acute arthritis: 1 in 10 (rubella)

Some families cannot tolerate this and other vaccines. I’m calling for an end the hype, an end Fear-Based Policies and return to Science-Based Policies that respect ALL of humanity.

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  1. James, great article! Are you sure it’s Vitamin E for treatment, rather than Vitamin A?

      1. I just want to see a double blind placebo controlled trial of vitamin A for measles in areas where measles deficiency is not prevalent with long enough follow-up to determine safety.

  2. Outbreaks occur in highly vaccinated communities and in individuals who are fully vaccinated which the media never reports on. Reported in the Texas media an outbreak with 6 children. The original headline was this:
    “Texas Confirms Measles Cases Included Children Who Were Being Vaccinated.”
    Headline was changed later to:
    Why it was changed, who knows? Pharma may have not have been happy with the characterization.
    The fact is 4 out of 6 were vaccinated but if you didn’t access the Dallas News-you’d never know about it. Wen the Washington State outbreak happened I emailed the Washington State Health department, a couple of weeks ago and asked how many in that outbreak were fully vaccinated or had at least 1 MMR. I’m still waiting for a response.
    Unless people actively look for information you’d never know the following:
    -PLoS study: “Difficulties in eliminating measles and controlling rubella and mumps: a cross-sectional study of a first measles and rubella vaccination and a second measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination.
    -China has one of the most vaccination compliant populations in the world. In fact, measles vaccine is mandatory. So why have they had over 700 measles outbreaks from 2009 and 2012 alone? “The reported coverage of the measles-rubella (MR) or measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is greater than 99.0% in Zhejiang province. However , the incidence of measles, mumps, and rubella remains high.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3930734/
    -Major Measles Epidemic in Quebec Despite 99% Vaccination Coverage
    A measles outbreak in a population with 99.0% vaccination coverage. The authors state, “Incomplete vaccination coverage is not a valid explanation for the Quebec City measles outbreak.”
    Boulianne N, De Serres G, Duval B, Joly JR, Meyer F, Déry P, Alary M, Le Hénaff D, Thériault N. Département de santé communautaire, Centre Hospitalier de l’Université Laval. [Major measles epidemic in the region of Quebec despite a 99% vaccine coverage] [Article in French]. Can J Public health. 1991 May-Jun;82(3):189-90
    -Measles Outbreak in 99.7% Vaccinated Population
    Robert T. Chen (1), Gary M. Goldbaum (2), Steven G. F. Wassilak (1), Lauri E. Markowitz (1) And Walter A. Orenstein (1). An Explosive Point-Source measles outbreak In A Highly Vaccinated Population Modes Of Transmission And Risk Factors For Disease. Am J Epidemiol 1989;129:173-82.Measles Outbreak in 99.7% Vaccinated Population.
    More recent:
    -Study titled, “Outbreak of Measles Among Persons With Prior Evidence of Immunity, New York City, 2011,” http://cid.oxfordjournals.org/content/58/9/1205.long This fully vaccinated young lady viral vaccine shedding resulted in her infecting 88 people. Of the 88 four secondary cases were confirmed that had either two doses of measles-containing vaccine or a past positive measles IgG antibody. All cases had laboratory confirmation of measles infection, clinical symptoms consistent with measles, and high avidity IgG antibody characteristic of a secondary immune response.”
    Today, multiple blogs have posted this story:
    “Measles epidemic in Madagascar kills ‘more than 900 children and young adults’ with babies most at risk despite emergency vaccinations:
    Of course the free pro-vaccine trolls are all over this disparaging those they call anti-vaxxers. A more appropriate name is Ex-Vaxxers of Previous Vaxxers. Also stuck in the article on the Daily Mail is the tired disparaging of Dr. Wakefield as if he’s preventing vaccination in Africa. This is how you know it’s a fear mongering article. The thing is UNICEF states as many as 25,000 children die a day in Africa from sever malnutrition and about 1400 die from Malaria. That doesn’t seem to bother people but 900 UNCONFIRMED lab deaths from measles has these people salivating.
    Something must be shaking the vaccine makers, CDC, WHO and all those involved in selling vaccines to their core because the propaganda since the begging on the year has been off the roof.

  3. Hello James , I have an observation I made over the years I noticed that too many young women in my sisters generation kids born in the 80’s had polycystic ovary syndrome. I believe the vaccines played a part in this . I was born in 73 i saw far less incidents of this in my generation . Has any one done any studies in this ? Thanks

      1. Here is something you may find interesting:
        Rapid Identification of Measles Virus Vaccine Genotype by Real-Time PCR

        “During measles outbreaks, it is important to be able to rapidly distinguish between measles cases and vaccine reactions to avoid unnecessary outbreak response measures such as case isolation and contact investigations,” the study authors write. “We have developed a real-time reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) method specific for genotype A measles virus (MeV) (MeVA RT-quantitative PCR [RT-qPCR]) that can identify measles vaccine strains rapidly, with high throughput, and without the need for sequencing to determine the genotype.”

        Almost 38% of measles cases were found to be “vaccine reactions” caused by measles vaccines.

        During the measles outbreak in California in 2015, a large number of suspected cases occurred in recent vaccinees (3). Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences (R. J. McNall, unpublished data).

        I’m not a scientist and admittedly some of this is over my head but is this report saying that some of the people infected in the Disney measles outbreak were vaccinated? As many as 38%?

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