Allegheny County Board of Health Flops on Pittsburgh Water Lead Issue

ACBHThe Allegheny County Board of Health addressed the issue of very high levels of lead in Pittsburgh drinking water in what one local legal authority called “an unmitigated public relations disaster”.

In a embarrassing display of contempt for reality, members of the Board called upon local experts on who similarly showed an abject disregard for public safety.

The moment, captured on video by WPXI, was apparently an attempt to assuage the public after a number of news reports brought the issue to light.

What the Board of Health tried to convince the Public:

  • Parents should be more concerned about paint chips and soil
  • The data they have now does not provide a “representative sample” – which means they do not have a random sample across the city of lead levels in children
  • They will be seeking funds to analyze existing data
  • The half-life of lead in the body doesn’t matter

The press conference came on the heels of a scathing audit by County Controller Chelsea Wagner.  The 34-page audit found that the health department failed to appropriately monitor PWSA, who changed the chemical used to control pipe corrosion in April 2014.

Wagner told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “This is a question of priorities and will, and perhaps casting an eye on agencies that have traditionally not come under much scrutiny.” She also said “This is too big a question and concern to continue to be left to localities that lack the wherewithal to truly confront this issue or unaccountable authorities that are content to point fingers elsewhere.”

What the Board of Health did NOT tell the Public:

There will a vote related to lead in drinking water at an upcoming Allegheny County Board of Health meeting.  Votes made by the Board require unrestricted public comment periods.  Parents are expressing outrage in public comments. The email address to request information on the upcoming meeting and to register to make unrestricted public comments is 

There are signs that the ACBH’s next move will be to change the math used to calculate percentages of kids with levels near or exceeding federal levels.  When this is done AFTER the stats already showed excesses, it’s fraud.  The ACBH needs to held accountable IMMEDIATELY before they do more damage to the public health.

Parents – you can protect your child’s brain – and your brain – using some water filters.

ZEROWATER Water Filter removes lead, and also removes 100% of aluminum from your drinking water. Aluminum is a serious neurotoxin.

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Watch the WPXI Video here.

Join the Our Water Campaign to establish a Water Safety Oversight Committee.




Dr. Lyons-Weiler is the CEO and Director of The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge a pure public charity research institute located in Pittsburgh, PA.  He is the author of three books.  His latest book, “The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism“, is based on over 2,000 research studies and is available on Amazon, at your local Barnes and Noble, and at your local indie bookseller.

To interview Dr. Lyons-Weiler, email: jim [at]

7 thoughts on “Allegheny County Board of Health Flops on Pittsburgh Water Lead Issue

  1. You need to look carefully at some of the studies you use for tying schizophrenia into the gene/environment mess. The drugs used to “treat” schizophrenia can cause nerve, brain, and cardiovascular damage. They may be gene toxic as well. But look at the difference between studies done on the brains of schizophrenics that have been “treated” and those that have not been. If you do read that book I have mentioned before you will notice that untreated schizophrenics do not have the brain abnormalities that those that have been treated do.


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    1. Their FB page says “UPDATE! We’re OK. Content is intact. AgeofAutism is safe and sound. Site broke from the content host. and we’re having to create a new link. It’s taking a bit of time. Thanks for your patience. KIM
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