IPAK Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

IPAK has sent Mark Zuckerberg a letter on the importance of respecting individuals’ rights to freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution and by the Code of Federal Regulations.


JLW_ZUCKERBERG LETTER 2 2019_withPT letter

To co-sign the letter, visit this Petition site: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/882/680/583/ipak-letter-to-mark-zuckerberg/

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  1. Trying to silence us only shows the people the massive coverup being done by the CDC.

  2. Should the last line of the second to last paragraph say withOUT being properly consented or am I misreading the sentence?

  3. We should all write (a proper letter not just emails which can be deleted at the press of a key) to Mark Zuckerberg. Anyone who suffered vaccine injury and even those who’ve lost Loved Ones to vaccines. We should bombard his office with letters from across this Planet. Maybe then he might just start to realize how serious this problem is. I intend to write myself. But the impact if millions wrote letters would be far more powerful and symbolic.

  4. Trying to silence us only shows the people the massive coverup being done by the CDC.

  5. Today is March 13th, 2019. I am terrified to see Facebook has already started censoring vaccine information. I can no longer click on links, comment, post or even look at my own profile because of the vaccine information it entails. I am devastated by this but I will be visiting your page and many others like it, much more often now. Vaccine information has become a huge part of my life and I am forever grateful for people like you, James, that speak out. Thank you!

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