I am happy to support any organizations that protect medical freedoms. One organization I’ve worked with is the Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent. They’re great – they provide very specific action alerts, and are both informed and passionate. They helped fight back an HPV vaccine mandate in Allegheny County.

Another such organization I’ve just learned about is the Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Alliance – a group of well-connected citizens working to advance and protect our rights to freedoms and liberty from unwanted intrusion by the pharma/medical cartel.

Here is a description from the organizers:

“PAMFA – Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Alliance formed out of groups of patients, parents, and advocates who had worked on a wide range of patient issues such as vaccine choice and access to medical cannabis and oral chemotherapy medications. We found among all of our goals a common thread – obtaining and maintaining for patients and their families the freedom to choose the types of medications, treatments, and services that they feel is best for them, and facilitating the most unfettered possible access to those treatments. As a grassroots advocacy group, we want to ensure that all Pennsylvania patients get equal access to the treatment they decide is best for them.”

You can support their efforts by purchasing a t-shirt. PAMFA is just starting, so the funds for the shirts are being handled by an individual Paypal Account.  I am told the link will be updated when PAMFA gets their own Paypal account.  To support PAMFA, click on the image below: