Setting Science Free via popular rationalism

IPAK, The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, conducts research in the public interested without profit motive.

We had this piece commissioned to represent the progress made via the publication of the studies by ourselves and others against the tidal wave of oppression and bias; the launch of two new peer-reviewed journals that are not corrupted by Pharma influences (one of them by IPAK), and the advances in Popular Rationalism – the ongoing movement in which the general population is rising up in support of objective Science.

Popular Rationalism is the school of thought that holds that policies, medical practices and laws should be based on empirical reality, not constructivist ideas that are meant to replace reality.

There will be more on this later.

The work. Completed 9/5/2021 for Dr. James Lyons-Weiler and IPAK.

Science Breaking Free (Popular Rationalism)

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