CDC’s New Unmasking Recommendations Based on Biased Studies

A CNN Report explains the studies behind the CDC’s unmasking recommendations. The bad news is – well, it’s all bad news.

The first bad news is that CDC’s recommendations are not based on studies of the effects of unmasking. At all.

CDC’s initial policy on yes-masking was that 20 layers of cloth were equivalent to the an N95 mask. Then it was changed to 16 layers for a few days. Then a single, paper-thin mask would suffice.

CDC based their latest change on their recommendations re: no-masking on three studies. They did this knowing that the available studies on vaccine efficacy grossly overestimated the efficacy of the vaccines, and that so-called “breakthrough” infections can occur, placing people at risk of true asymptomatic transmission.

Under CDC’s paradigm of “masks prevent COVID19 spread”, this move places people at risk of transmitting the virus unwittingly, even if they are vaccinated, placing people at risk of serious illness and death.

The three studies in question each excluded persons who had had prior SARS-CoV-2 infection, and some reported efficacy ignoring cases that developed COVID19 after the first dose – just like the initial Moderna study that reported 95% efficacy. I had published a revised estimate of Moderna’s vaccine efficacy of around 75%.

Here’s the evidence, directly taken from the studies cited by CDC:

Study 1.

Study 2.

Study 3.

Why This Matters

This means that the samples studied are not representative of the full population. Worse, at the lowered level of real-world efficacy, transmission from those who are vaccinated but who are not immune will not be trivial. Under CDC’s paradigm of COVID19, we should therefore expect a surge in COVID19 cases.

The official position of CDC is that they are hoping that by unleashing hordes of unvaccinated Americans into the public without masks that more people will vaccinate to be able to enjoy being out in public without a mask. This is their stated position.

But what happens when the surge and news deaths occur primarily in the vaccinated? Those who are not vaccinating are taking numerous supplements, including Vitamins D3, A, C, zinc, selenium, Quercetin, and others to help their innate and adaptive immune systems fight off the virus. What happens if pathogen priming sets is, and the vaccinated start spreading the virus, and get more ill than they would have if they had not been vaccinated? Does CDC really think the public won’t notice?

The Public is Not Stupid: The “Carrots” Are Inverse Penalties and Coercion

In reality, people who are vaccinated are feeling that they have been sold a bill of goods. They want to go back to normal. Masking is not normal; so CDC felt pressure to deliver a carrot. Social distancing in public is not normal. Not hugging is not normal. The vaccinated believed that they would be able to return to normal, and being able to remove their masks is a symbol of normalcy. They believe they are immune; they have not yet asked “but for how long”?

In reality, there’s even more to it. Only 36% of the population has had both doses of the COVID19 vaccine and those who have not received the vaccine do not want it. That means that at most 25% of the population has vaccine-based immunity. Maybe 15% of Americans have natural immunity due to infection. Due to low vaccine uptake and at lower efficacy, under CDC’s paradigm, we should expect a surge in COVID19 cases as the vaccinated who are not immune spread the virus. The blame, of course, will fall first to people who are not vaccinated but who do not mask, and then, of course, to the unvaccinated in general. And that’s the plan. The goal is to pit the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, leading to social unrest, and to give public health servants an apparent, but false, bully pulpit to rail against the unvaccinated.

If only 36% of Americans have received both doses, and the efficacy is based on both doses and people who have not had COVID19 exposure, we need some sense-making here. Keep in mind that there are millions of “half-vaxxers” who won’t take the second shot. What do they do? Wear half a mask? Should they be denied access to public facilities and businesses?

And will businesses become de facto agents of the government who wants to segregate society and create second-class citizens out of those who cannot or will not vaccinate, knowing they only have access to 36% of their customer base?

People, let’s not enjoin in the madness of creation of a second class citizenry. Have compassion; realize that those who don’t vaccinate often have very good reasons, even if those reasons are denied by the current version of public health in the US.

I predict that this policy move, like every other in the past, will blow up in the face of the current version of public health for one simple reason: it is not founded on solid science.

Let’s not forget that allopathy is still not providing available treatments to COVID19. Let’s hope that that SaNOtize’s highly effective Nitric Oxide nasal spray and similar products, which are available over the counter, and available online, become standard of care. It will lead to an end to the dying and prevent the seeds of social unrest sown by CDC from germinating and taking root.

James Lyons-Weiler

Allison Park, PA

Disclosure: I have no financial interest in supplements or nasal sprays.


  1. Thanks, Dr. Lyons-Weiler. This has become a horror show. An entire world as lab rats.

  2. I’m a big fan of yours which is why I’ve chosen to be a financial supporter. I am surprised that you didn’t mention Ivermectin as an effective treatment. Why is that?

    1. I don’t know anyone routinely keeping themselves safe w/Ivermectin (my point was prophylaxis).
      That said, I agree w/Dr. Kory (and have interviewed him on Unbreaking Science) on Ivermectin!

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