Students, Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Staff, Bus Drivers All Exposed to Teratogenic Ammonium Chloride Compounds Should Strike and Ban QACs

Quaternary ammonium chloride (QAC) cleaners used in schools to disinfect against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID19, are teratogenic, meaning they can cause birth defects. They are also reproductive toxins, meaning they can reduce human fertility (the ability to become pregnant) and fecundity (the total number of children per parent).

The scientific studies behind these claims are solid, and are reviewed in an article published earlier today (10/12/2020; See “Dr. Lyons-Weiler: If You Intend to Reproduce Do Not Fly – The Chemicals Used to Disinfect Airplanes Decrease Fertility and Are Epigenetically Teratogenic“). One study found that male mice exposed to QACs had both lower sperm concentrations and decreased sperm motility. Female mice exposed to QACs had significantly decreased fertility and disrupted ovulation. The studies also found that it did not matter if the mice had ambient exposure or were fed QACs and that the compounds could be found in their active form in the ambient environment for months following the initial exposure. Exposure via inhalation, skin or ingestion all lead to birth defects and fertility issues.

The studies collectively show that the teratogenic effects of QACs effect the reproductive output of both genders, and last for at least two generations.

It’s not as though the US government didn’t know. One of the studies was a collaboration between scientists at CDC and the US National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety. And it’s not as if the chemical companies do not know; the studies on the teratogenicity and effects of QACs on reproduction have been around since at least 2014. In an obvious sign of regulatory capture, the US FDA nevertheless decided – before COVID19 – to allow QAC-containing products to be released to the market to allow companies time to conduct safety studies (See “Qats and Back-To-School: What You Need to Know (Women’s Voices for the Earth”, below).

Our public schools, nursery schools, and school busses are contaminated weekly- and in some cases daily- with accumulating toxins that will likely have devasting effects on the reproductive health of the next two generations.

The problem of chronic and accumulating exposure in schools is unthinkable. The next logical step is for parents, administrators, staff, bus drivers and students to collectively strike and refuse to enter the buildings and vehicles until two months have gone by following decontamination – and states should all ban the use of QACs to disinfect places where people must live and work. This include wipes – which people likely use without protection – and QAC-containing hand sanitizers, via which people absorb QACs directly through their hands.

A list of non-QACs approved cleaners that kill COVID19 is available here. UV-C light is known to kill COVID19 in 15 minutes; schools should be outfitted with UV-C lights that are timed to switch on for 15 minutes in the middle of night when the schools are empty, an approach that was being tested by JetBlue airline using Honeywell technology (See JetBlue to test UV cleaning to combat coronavirus inside planes).


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