COVID-19 Testing – An Urgent Open Letter to Governors of The United States

No one wants to be the bad guy who strips the dignity of rugged American individualism away from American citizens via mandated and reported testing for COVID-19. In fact, under current laws, we don’t know if we can even do that. President Trump, however, has indicated that it is up to each governor to decide how each state will start a trip back to a new normal. No one knows how to do this rationally, and with compassion, but it’s your job.

I offer you this bit of humble advice. Just as citizens of your State or Commonwealth can test themselves in the privacy of their own homes for HIV infection, for pregnancy, and for paternity, and their kids for drug use, those same citizens can and should have the ability to test themselves privately in their homes for COVID-19. Let me explain why this counterintuitive idea not only makes sense- but that it is the only rational piece of the puzzle on the table.

First, not everyone needs clinical testing. The idea of constant clinical testing, with every major medical facilty overrun by people – even at remote drive-though testing facilities – is not only ludicrous – it is unnecessary, wasteful and risky to bring people together who might spread SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Medical staff burn through personal protective gear more quickly when people who do not need to be tested show up to be tested.

Second, those who privately test in the safety of their homes who test positive will likely seek medical care – and there, they will be tested– just as a woman who have a positive result of a pregnancy test in her home who seeks clinical care for her pregnancy will receive clinical confirmation of the in-home test, hundreds of millions of negative test results do not tie up clinical facilities

Third, American citizens should be treated as adults. Some of the tests on the market for clinical use – such as Vibrant America’s 7-biomarker test – are extremely accurate and reliable, and are being re-made into tests for in-home use. In-home use, however, is not enough. American citizens should not have to report their results unless they seek clinical care. Why? Because more people will test more frequently if they do not have to report.

Finally, imagine a future in which workplaces offer two 2-week sick periods per year for every full-time employee. That’s a new normal because employees do not – and should not – be required to report their health status to anyone, including their employers. If someone becomes infected with SARS-CoV-2, they should be able to test themselves with a quick finger prick – and get the results in 15 minutes. They can – and will – then decide what the optimal choice for their next two weeks’ activity based on their status. Individuals who are IgM positive should choose to self-isolate. Individuals who are IgG positive should not hesitate to rejoin society – and they might want to volunteer for blood donations for convalescent plasma therapy.

Public health officials are calling for more testing, but they mean clinical testing to assess the situation. Real-time IgG and IgM status can inform individuals on their next rational steps – in as little as ten or fifteen minutes.

If we want to get America back to work, and re-open the economy, citizens should have the right to real-time information on their status – information they can use. Mass consumption will drive the price of such test down to as low as $10 per test.

I have outlined some guidances for those steps that States can consider adopting and encouraging their citizens to follow. Please find them here, at the IPAK webpage

This program is a rights-preserving alternative to mandatory testing and reporting. Many people will resent mandatory testing with reporting and the loss of individuality and sense of autonomy – and for what? There is no need to infringe on the health privacy rights, and in-home private testing is the fastest way to get the largest number of people tested in the shortest period of time. Factories will be needed to construct the hundreds of millions of test kits needed.

A 100% VOLUNTARY reporting program can be established to which people report their results anonymously, online. While incentives are fine (coupons for more tests, for example), there must be no penalty for non-reporting.

Let’s work together with the lines of the laws that exist to protect our individual freedoms and liberties and do something that makes sense.

Because nothing else we’ve heard is based on science, logic or reason. The FDA EUAs of these tests only allow clinical testing. That may or may not change. But the Chief Executive of the US, President Trump, who oversees the HHS and the FDA, has given the nod to states to do as they please. Please include private testing as a welcome tool in our arsenal against COVID-19.

And please let me know if I may be service to you as a group in this endeavor.


James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

CEO, Director & President

The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge.


  1. The first video on this page, with nearly an hour of analytical and immunological info on this “pandemic” from 2 California is quite worthwhile watching:

    They insist that all the data from everywhere now shows this to be no different that an ordinary flu season, and that never before have healthy people been quarantined. It makes zero sense to them, in terms of immunology 101.

  2. I agree with you but surely you see where this is going. Trump says everyone is going to have to get the shot of whatever experimental vaccine comes out, unless you have antibodies. So voluntary testing wont be an option.

    Besides, these tests don’t indicate you are infectious (even PCR can test positive once you have recovered and are no longer infectious), not to mention false positives/negatives of tests not thoroughly validated

    In addition, the vast majority of positives are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. Knowing you are positive has little value from a treatment perspective unless you are sick enough to be admitted

    Since the vaccine manufacturers don’t have any liability just hope you get lucky and have antibodies or escape the side effects. It will probably end up being an annual shot as the virus mutates.

  3. Ventura County California is staffing up with 50 “investigators” with the intent of barging into private homes to effect “snatch and grab” removals according to their judgment. Have not seen any response from the “usual suspect” ie ACLU yet; won’t surprised if there is none. The power-mad governor while in all likelihood rush to endorse this further development of fascistic denial of due process.–california-county-launches-snatchandgrab-covid-spy.html?utm_source=whatfinger

  4. I have a question about the PCR tests, and I figured since you’re savvy about the genetic sequencing of this thing, you might know the answer. Do we have any information about the sensitivity of these tests?

    It’s my understanding that they don’t look for the whole SARS-CoV-2 sequence, just snippets (and not the same snippets from one test to another). How sure are we that the selected snippets are unique to SARS-CoV-2?

    1. The FDA EUA filings (available online at the FDA) have all of the performance statistics.
      My concern is that the SPECIFICITY of the tests are based on theoretical predictions computational analysis of the primer sequences – not empirical data.

      1. Oops, sorry — typo on my part. Thank you for clarifying!

  5. Oh, no; sensitivity really was what I meant. Sheesh. Still, thank you for clarifying.

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