As Goes China, So Goes the World

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD 2/5/2020

OVER THE PAST FIVE DAYS OR SO, over 150,000 people have read articles here at on the 2019-nCoV.

In times of crises, the human mind want to feel that someone is in control. So it’s easier to believe that a rogue virus that may prove to have double-digit mortality in China was in fact the construct of a human being bent on world domination, or a human being bent on maximum profit from the a vaccine for the cold virus.

I’m sure both of those types of people exist. Wanting some sense of control does not influence facts.

And I’m also sure that pShuttle-SN has been used to make vaccines, including a recombined adenovirus. And I’m sure that the SARS Spike protein has been put into recombined viruses in Korea, Japan, US/Australia, Germany and likely in many other countries. I’m sure there are endonuclease sites in some bat coronaviruses close to 2019-nCoV that could be used to insert a variant Spike protein.

I’m sure that the sequences I analyzed had a large gap, I’m certain the study that published the original Wuhan sequence reported an odd sequence they could not match to any other, speculating a recombination event with snakes; I’m certain that another study also found a “middle fragment” that they also could not place. Given that I matched the INS1378 at pShuttle-SN, created in China, used in an adenovirus, the further evidence of the match between the disease progression in mice in pre-clinical trials and that which we see in the Chinese population thus far seems to me to point to prior exposure by millions to SARS spike protein somehow. A vaccine? Sure, why not, there were Phase I trials of just such a vaccine. Phase II/III? Surreptious? Maybe not, maybe so.

How about a human population sensitized to the Spike due to prior exposure, from diet, from subclinical infection, or chronic exposure to the Spike protein via infected meat, while also receiving aluminum-adjvanted vaccines?

If the areas of world that have had past outbreaks of SARS, MERS or other coronaviruses also have double-digit mortality, but areas w/out past exposure to coronaviruses have much lower mortality, I’ll be attributing that disparity to hyperimmunity.

Important message below, but NB: we forget what happened in animal safety trials at our own peril.

Must read (.pdf)

There are other vaccines being studied that do not use the recombinant RSV or adenovirus with SARS spike protein added, such as mRNA vaccines that may silence the viruses’ ability to make proteins in our cells, but again their safety has not yet been fully established. They work like viruses, hijacking our cellular machinery to make more of themselves.

If these artificial viruses encode the Spike protein, they still may set us up for future high mortality due to sensitization.

My message at this time, 2/5/2020, is that no one should hedge any bets on my hypothesis that something is different in China. Give the delay in the progression of the disease, we won’t know mortality statistics for countries other than China for two weeks. We don’t really know the denominator (number of cases), nor do we know the numerators (number deaths, number of critcally ill). But we have some idea that it’s much, much worse than the official statistics.

So, my position today is: As China goes, so goes the rest of the world. Which means, as I argued for with Ebola, we all have a humanitarian calling right now to HELP CHINA, but we also have a selfish reason to want to help China, if anyone needs one.

Sure, we may “need” our supplies. But 200,000 cases is nothing compared 1.1 billion cases. China needs them more.

We all need to assume each and every person we touch, and ourselves, are contagious. Practice say “hello” by bumping elbows. Public places should designate and hourly “sanitary custodian” to wipe down all common shared surfaces with bleach-containing wipes. As in Ebola, don’t raise your hands above your shoulders – keep your hands away from your face. Don’t shake hands, hug or kiss. If you’re sick, wear a mask in public (they won’t help if you’re not infected). Work from home if you can. Every moment spent alone, or with one other with who you are intimate, is less opportunity for 2019-nCoV. Start NOW.

CDC has some recommendations but they are as of this date not aggressive enough on isolation.

We need too send a message of hope to the people of China that they are not alone.

We need to send aid – human helping hands – to help China bring R0 down to zero.

Volunteers to sanitize shared, common surfaces.

People to help comfort, feed and wash the ill and to bury the dead.

Regardless of the source of this virus, we need to help China see the world as a loving place.

And scientists around the world studying Coronaviruses with any unpublished data need to bring those data forward – including any knowledge on the disease progression of this virus.

This virus’ Spike protein appears to be most similar to that from an isolate from the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. Its next closes cousin appears to be from an isolate from the Institute of Military Medicine, Nanjing Command, China.

What does that tell us? Not much except these two labs have viruses that are the most similar to 2019-nCoV with respect to their Spike proteins. The Institute of Virology published a sequence in January 2020 from a fecal sample isolated from bat feces in July 2013. Are they propagating the virus in human cell lines? Mice? Rats? We cannot settle “common lab origin” vs. “common ancestor in the wild”. Both samples would have an common ancestor in the wild, would they not?

There is a lot of diversity in the Spike protein across all coronaviruses, much more than is seen in the other genes in the genome.

What does that tell us? Nothing for or against the hypothesis of genetically modified coronavirus. These areas would evolve most quickly in a setting where interpspecies transfers are common: they evolve to be able to enter cells in a new species, and evolve the ability to infect different types of tissues based on the receptors on the surfaces of those cells.

These facts do, however, point to the two most important laboratories on the face of the earth right now: Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Institute of Military Medicine Nanjing Command, China. If they have ANY animal studies on the disease progression of their specific isolates most similar to 2019-nCoV, they should bring those data forward. Any information an antiviral drugs, interference RNA treatments, or the relative efficacy of any treatment at all, they should bring them forward.

As should any laboratory in the world has experimented with recombined viruse with S-proteins related to 2019-nCoV.

If the Chinese believe their population is highly sensitized, they should say so, because the rest of the world will be more likely to send much-needed supplies. As I said, this could be due to chronic exposure to bat coronaviruses in a population with long-term peristant adjuvants in their bodies, such as aluminum. Or it could be due to past vaccine experiments. It really does not matter at this point except we need to know what we can expect as 2019-nCoV in the rest of the world.

Yes, China, there are endonuclease sites in some bat coronaviruses that could be used to insert a variant of SARS spike protein, I checked.

But here’s the rub – while everyone’s focused on “recombination in the wild” or “recombination in the lab” – what about “recombination is humans”?

A human origin scenario for 2019-nCoV would go like this:

A laboratory worker working with propagated isolated culture of a bat coronavirus accidentally becomes infected while also have, or a loved one has a SARS infection. Or two laboratory worker cross-infect each other accidentally.

The callous will say I’m accusing Chinese research of sloppy protocol. There’s not time right now for that.

Because we had better act as if as goes China, so goes the world.

And we had better remember the outcome of animal studies that used recombined viruses with SARS spike proteins – immunity, but at the cost of high mortality upon secondard infection.

Listen to my plea for action to help the Chinese and to Gary Null and I discuss how to avoid the Coronavirus on the Gary Null Show. I make the case for a recombined origin, perhap using pShuttle-SN. I don’t want to overstate that case – listen til the end.


  1. How can anyone help when there is no transparency?
    How can anyone help when there is so much corruption?
    How can anyone help when there is so much distrust?

    I’m sorry but you’re asking for the impossible. It’s drawbridge time. China wants to solve it’s own problems and save face there is nothing anyone else can do.

    1. There are answers in the heads of scientists in China that we all may need. If you don’t have the heart to overcome the barriers your mentioned, you should want transparency and aid to China for the selfish purposes I outlined. These are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brother… loving human beings in China… .the human pain and suffering going on should be more than enough for the world to want to help.

      1. I’ll just ask you a series of questions: Do you believe the CCP numbers? Do you believe the death rate is 2%? Do you believe China will change gears and accept help (which they have rebuffed in the past few days) while at the same time making pronouncements that it’s completely under control?

        I’m not thinking with by heart. My cortex is engaged, not my limbic system. I’m asking if the West even has agency in what you’re proposing. If it doesn’t, we need a plan B like it or not.

        Look at the US: 11 confirmed cases. If the CCP had acted over six weeks ago when they first knew about the virus they could have handled the situation with the resources of Wuhan alone. They let it fester and now it’s out of their control. If the US cases continue to climb at the same rate as China, I’ll say you’ll have a point, but someone will have to threaten China with nukes or sanctions to get the CCP to see reason.

        It’s the Chinese mentality which has caused this, not the virus. The kiss-up, kick-down, obey-while-the-boss-is-looking, pass-the-blame, make-the-boss-look-good, preserve-my-job bureaucratic mandarin mentality. Ask anyone who has worked there for more than a year.

        This problem is cultural and blaming the West for being sinophobic or lacking heart isn’t going to do shit, sorry. China will survive the death rate (which happens at the end of every dynasty) and the rest of the world will survive China. The only difference being the word will learn a lesson and China will not.

        FWIW I’m 1/4 asian and probably have ACE2 receptors up the wazoo. Believe it or not, yes, I am in self-preservation mode. I just know China better than you.

      2. Hiya, Ball,
        I have no framework to believe or to not believe the rates of deaths reported on the Johns Hopkins’ University
        website, which come from WHO, which comes from China.

        I am unable to say anything other that we do not know the full denominator due to the characteristics of the disease –
        long latency, high transmissibility, long duration of progression – and that we don’t know the numerators, either –
        the true number of dead, nor the true number of critically ill.

        You’ve misread my article if you think I’m saying solve this from the heart. The motivations are two-fold: limbic and cardiac,
        they are not mutually exclusive.

      3. PS: If you want secrets from Chinese doctors the way you do this is the Chinese way: pay for them. After all, how did China get their industrial secrets to begin with? Invent them? No, they told Chinese nationals to steal them and paid in cash. Just steal them back. You have to bypass the government. The government’s #1 job is self preservation, and letting foreigners rifle through their secrets IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

  2. I dont think the goal should be bringing R0 down to zero. Let it spread with the objective of allowing the human immune system to provide us with natural herd immunity like we once had with measles (conditioned on everyone getting infected once when they were young enough to overcome it without complications-infants were protected through maternal antibodies). Mortality rates for measles were once high, better nutrition solved that.

    As it is now these restrictive measures are causing people to ignore other health issues, due to overtaxed resources of the HC system that are spent testing what for most people is just a bad cold, not to mention fear of being quarantined with other sick people.

    As for Chinas sensitization problem, if thats what it , I wonder if the previous SARS outbreak may be responsible. That may have been far more widespread than reported in China with many cases with mild symptoms. People are now 17 years older, and China has an aging population subject to serious air pollution to boot that may complicate things.

    China also doubled up on flu vaccinations this year and one study of DoD personnel reported on flu shot recipients being more prone to coronavirus infections.

    Whatever it is, finding an explanation for why the virus seems so pathogenic is important, perhaps there is a way to minimize this (cleaner air, less aluminum adjuvants, etc). Wuhan also running 5G, so look into that as well.

    The days of the drawbridge to protect are over. I don’t know if people realize our dependency on China for API’s for drugs and vaccines. The US makes no antibiotics domestically for example, and though India produces a lot of our generics they depend on China for API’s as well.

    Anyways, keep up the good work. I agree we should not single out China as a country or Chinese as a race, viruses respect no borders or races. A host is a host, the virus adopts given time. Our immune system adopts as well. Its a never ending battle as both evolve. Most of our DNA is made from old viruses. Viruses train and develop our immune system. Friend or foe? Maybe both.

    1. Nothing is bolted down. We need not be dependent on China. If China is an unreliable source of critical goods, they soon won’t be.

  3. Hello, does anybody know which vaccines, precisely, China used on it’s population when it implemented it’s Mandatory Adult Vaccination Law which commenced on December 2019? It would be ironic indeed, if this was what brought SARS-Cov-2 to global attention. Perhaps inadvertent contamination of vaccines used with Coronavirus? After all Coronavirus is ubiquitous and may have gotten into the manufacturing process by accident – and then there would be the inevitable re-exposure. A situation that might cause worldwide panic.

    I have no idea which vaccines China used when implementing this law. Whom do we ask? And would they tell us, if they thought we suspected vaccines may have accidentally been part of the problem? No country would deliberately do something this damaging to themselves, I’m sure – not without a really big excuse, anyhow. But now there’s a worldwide lockdown… all bets are off.

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