Autoimmune Psychosis: Fingerprints of Aluminum-Induced Autoimmunity?

Autoimmune encephalitis is a condition in which the immune system attacks brain proteins.  It was first described by Dalmau in a patients with teratoma who exhibited high levels of autoantibodies that were reactive to neuronal tissue.  These patients also experienced severe psychotic and neurological manifestations, including anxiety, delusions, mania, short-term memory loss and seizures [1]. Immunomodulation and tumor resection reversed the symptoms.

It is well established that aluminum hydroxide can induce autoimmunity of many forms in animal models.  We recently had a paper on the issue of dose relevance to humans accepted and then not published by the journal Autoimmunological Reviews (first because it was too controversial, and then because we dared to have published a draft copy of the manuscript in the name of Open Science).  Our analysis showed that the per body weight aluminum hydroxide dosing in animal models overlapped the exposure experienced by humans when the animal model incorporated a genetic predisposition; a child at the age of two receiving 5 aluminum-containing vaccines would be receiving doses that overlap those with animals that reliably and consistently develop autoimmunity at those doses due to the combined genetic and environmental effects.

We also know that there is a genetic risk to many forms of psychosis.  Genetic variation at genes the encode for ion channel protein may increase individual risk for psychotic disorders. Specific variants at the L-type calcium channel locus are known to confer individual (specific) risk of psychosis within at least five neuropsychiatric disorders, including but not limited to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder [1].

A growing scientific and popular literature is pointing to autoimmune psychosis a real phenomenon, and to many people, it seems as if the whole world is going mad.  Social tensions on the rise in the US fomented by divisive political rhetoric has some pointing to a “Political Cold War” [2].

Earlier [3,4] and later [1] reviews list specific genes for which autoimmunological evidence is high.  However, these reviews call the condition “autoimmune encephalitis” or “synaptic autoimmune encephalitides”.  It is no longer useful to euphemize the condition, which should be re-labeled “autoimmune psychosis”.    Psychologists have also noted increase risk of psychosis in non-neuronal autoimmune conditions (such as Type 1 diabetes) [5], and some genetic variation at HLA-region genes are known to also be associated with psychiatric disorders.

It’s one thing to say that vaccines are for “the greater good” and point to belief in protection from herd immunity and not count the cost of vaccine injuries that society can recognize.  But it’s another to pump hundreds of millions of children with aluminum hydroxide against a backdrop of scientific knowledge that tells us that there may in fact be population-wide attendant consequences to the mental wellness of people in general, with some portion of the population doomed to psychosis – with no plan to work towards helping those individuals reverse the immunological dysfunction or remove the accumulated aluminum from their brains and bodies.

The lack of long-term whole health outcome studies on adverse events that may be associated with vaccination is reckless endangerment.  There is no impetus on the established allopathic model for practice and research to conduct studies of the combined role of genes and vaccines on chronic health – including mental health.  To me, that’s criminal negligence, and those who misinform the entire population that vaccines are safe for everyone – when in fact we know that they are not safe for some – do so at unknown risk to public safety.  We all live in the same society, share the same schools, shop at the same malls, eat the same restaurants.  Perhaps there are other risks that we should be more concerned about than having our kids miss a few days of school with historically mild illnesses.





“The discovery of disorders that are associated with antibodies to neuronal cell-surface proteins has led to a paradigm shift in our understanding of CNS autoimmunity. These disorders can occur in patients with or without cancer—often children or young adults who develop psychosis, catatonic or autistic features, memory problems, abnormal movements, or seizures that were previously considered idiopathic”


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Anti-brain antibodies are associated with more severe cognitive and behavioral profiles in Italian children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Weibel et al., 1998. Acute Encephalopathy Followed by Permanent Brain Injury or Death Associated With Further Attenuated Measles Vaccines: A Review of Claims Submitted to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Pediatrics 101

NB: Maternal antibrain antibodies are more often present in mothers of autistic children than in mothers of typically developing children (Rossi et al., 2013; see Braunschweig et al., 2012, for a review).


  1. What of AAHS? I just watched a fascinating 2017 Suzanne Humphries presentation about Al adjuvants. She referenced a December 3, 1984, Fresno Bee article, “Orange Juice Cans Have More Accurate Labels,” which referenced a paper showing that the per-dose levels of of aluminum hydroxide adjuvant in vaccines could vary as much as six-fold. Some vaccinees would then be getting a big wallop of this potent neurotoxin. She also discovered that Merck had been using AAHS in the DTP, which led to so many injuries, lawsuits, and the NVCIA of 1986, while mislabelling it as aluminum hydroxide. She also showed that both adjuvants could not be quantified with any accuracy per dose, but that AAHS has unique properties. It makes me wonder if this is one of the key reasons that Gardasil 9 has killed and injured so many. With double the quantity of AAHS over Gardasil, some of these girls are getting massive doses of this very dangerous compound. It is frightening what you propose about adjuvant-induced psychosis. So much violence now in schools, even among primary-age students, as Anne Daschel has shown us at Age of Autism. Seems to be so many shootings, too. God help us.

  2. This article doesn’t mention school shootings but I’d like to see someone chart different countries with the rate of shootings against how many vaccines are on that countries childhood schedule. It would also need to be adjusted for the rate of gun ownership.

  3. I thought this might interest you: (largely unrelated) 10.1016/j.cell.2019.04.036

    1. Peter: I would suspect that 0 is ideal. We likely don’t have much definitive data on average exposure, since not very many brains have been assessed for Al content. Professor Exley might have some information on this. You could try emailing him.

  4. Gary: you know there’s aluminium in the air? Chris Exley has never studied normal brain aluminium content. One of his early papers quoted a normal reference range that he now defines as pathological.

    1. “One of his early papers quoted a normal reference range that he now defines as pathological.

      The true mark of a scientist is one that will evolve and change as the science changes. Science is not static. When he quoted a normal reference range that is the data he had at the time. As he continued to research that changed. That’s what science is-every evolving.

      “But you have to understand, first of all, that science continues and so studies continue.”

      Dr. Stanley Plotkin-aka Godfather of Vaccines who wrote the “Vaccine Bible”. Number 1 in the Vaccine Universe.
      Statement was made during questioning in a legal deposition:
      LORI MATHESON,f/k/a LORI ANN SCHMITT, Plaintiff,
      vs. MICHAEL SCHMITT, Defendant.

    2. Peter: It would be a bit bit of a surprise to find Al was not present in the air we breathe, since it is ubiquitous in our modern environment. Additionally, it would be a surprise if reference ranges remained static. This would be a red flag that science has been abandoned for dogma.

    3. you know there’s aluminium in the air?

      Inhaled aluminum primarily affect the respirator system which eventually if the situation doesn’t change will affect the lungs. You can kinda correlate it to Black Lung disease that coal miners suffer from because they inhale coal dust despite their protective gear. There are animal studies on inhaled aluminum:

      -Aluminum levels in brain in Alzheimer’s disease.
      -Demonstration of aluminum in amyloid fibers in the cores of senile plaques in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s disease-
      -Alzheimer’s disease: X-ray spectrometric evidence of aluminum accumulation in neurofibrillary tangle-bearing neurons-

      Vaccine Aluminum Adjuvant: Safety Problems Ignored

      Vaccine Papers:

      Your point about inhaled aluminum is silly. As you well know Aluminum is in hundreds of product used daily. The difference is these products, such as foods, dermatology products etc do not have direct access to the blood stream, nervous system and the brain as injectable aluminum does as shown by the video.

    1. Peter: Are you calling this Science? A meta-analysis of meta-analyses? Most amusing!

      1. Peter: An analysis of garbage still leaves one with garbage. The paper you cite is inconsequential silliness. The fact remains that there really is an increasing epidemic of neurological injury among children worldwide. Most of this is iatrogenic. Call it any name you wish, you cannot wish it away, nor can you claim that this is a normal state of human health. It is a horror story for those families affected. A horror story brought to us by the rapacious greed of an industry which has captured most governments.

    2. “to normal levels of aluminium in human brain.”

      What do you think it is? Since you asked the question you must have some insights, some thoughts so what do you think the answer is? Please provide source material.

      1. Love to but can’t Codetalker Exley has never actually used any normal brain aluminium controls in any of his experiments, ever.

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