A Few Key Points About GSK’s Priorix Vaccine

Merck’s MMR vaccine has been against the ropes for some time, with critics cautioning against possible contribution of the vaccine to autism, whistleblowers alleging Merck spiked rabbit antibodies into samples to defraud the FDA, and studies showing waning vaccine efficacy and lack of boosting power. GSK’s Priorix is about to be adopted for use in the US, and there are a few points to keep in mind, using information from the scientific literature and a Canadian PRODUCT MONOGRAPH:

Priorix targets a different type of measles than the MMR. GSK’s vaccine targets the Schwarz strain, while the MMR targets the Edmonston-Zagreb measles strain. A study in Bangladesh in 1987 showed that vaccination against the Schwarz strain led to half the seroconversion rate (35%) as the E-Z strain (62%).


The side effects can be serious.

From the Canadian Monograph:

“Page 21 of 23
In subjects who have received immune globulins or a blood transfusion, vaccination should be delayed for at least three

If a tuberculin test (skin test to check for tuberculosis) is to be performed, it should be done either before, at the same time as, or 4 to 6 weeks after vaccination with PRIORIX, otherwise the result of the tuberculin test may not be correct.

Your doctor may decide to give PRIORIX at the same time as other vaccines. A different injection site will be used for each vaccine.”

[JLW: Your doctor may decide? This ia presumptive consent, not informed consent.]

In case of drug overdose, contact a health care practitioner, hospital emergency department or regional Poison Control Centre (Oh, Canada!) immediately, even if there are no symptoms.

The vaccine must be administered by a health professional.

A single 0.5 mL dose of the reconstituted vaccine is recommended.

Usual dose:

PRIORIX will be injected under the skin or into a muscle either in the upper arm or in the outer thigh.

PRIORIX should not be administered intravascularly (into a blood vessel).
Different injectable vaccines should always be administered at different injection sites.”

It is not likely to be “either MMR or PRIORIX”. It will likely to offered in addition to, and doctors will be performing new experiments on patients with untested combined use in an untested schedule.

“PRIORIX may be given as a booster dose in subjects who have previously been vaccinated with another measles, mumps and rubella combined vaccine.”

ACIP has never taken a vaccine type off the schedule, no matter how old the vaccine formula is. They have changed recommendations for one age group for the HPV vaccine, dropping the third dose for teens and younger adults.  According to the American Cancer Society, the reason is parent/teen conflict – not HPV vaccine injury:

From the ACS website:

Debbie Saslow, PhD, senior director, HPV Related and Women’s Cancers at the American Cancer Society, said the new recommendation will make it easier for people to get protection from HPV. “It’s a burden on parents to get teenagers to the provider’s office. The new recommendations not only cut down on repeated trips, but also spread out the recommended interval. This adds the flexibility that allows the second shot to be given at a time when the child will already be at the provider’s office for something else – an annual checkup, a sports physical, or even something like a strep test.”

That’s a load of baloney to represent this is parent/teen strife.  Many of the teens won’t go back because the second dose made them intolerably ill.  It’s family/doctor strife that’s the problem – the doctors will not attribute vaccine injuries to vaccines. Nope, never vaccine injury.  Can’t say that in the US.

If Priorix and Merck’s MMR are both given to patients each according to their own schedule, it would double the number of measles, mumps and rubella live attenuated virus vaccines exposures.   CDC says that a second MMR vaccine, usually given at 4 years of age, “can be given early”, as long as it is has been 28 days since the last MMR.

I wonder if, therefore doses of a measles, mumps and rubella vaccine are in the works for children and teens without evidence of immunity?

Given that this study shows 24% efficacy of the MMR against mumps 20 years after vaccination, lifetime immunity is clearly not available via vaccination.

Merck also has the MMRV vaccine, which, in addition to measles, mumps and rubella contains the varicella-zoster virus, which causes chickenpox and shingles.



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  1. Thanks. Quackery will never end. It is too lucrative, and, now that industry has captured most governments, mandatory. Lovely world we live in. I have yet to see any scientific evidence that vaccination in a population improves the health outcomes of that population, for any population. I haven’t seen it because it doesn’t exist. Clear evidence that the contrary is true is abundant. It is ignored, suppressed, and attacked. It is not only vaccines. Statin drugs, the all-time top revenue-generator for industry, are also quackery, and the data for the trials are likewise completely hidden. Medicine has given us much that is good, and life-extending, and doctors very often are healers, but the allopathic model is seriously flawed, and its monopoly power dangerous to the public.

  2. So true, going to the doc should be considered a hazardous activity, or it should have a disclaimer. No kidding.

  3. Do you happen to know WHY the vaccine can interfere with a TB test?

  4. Also, this looks “cleaner” than the Merck MMR — if the ingredient lists are complete. But they seem ODDLY clean. Are there REALLY no metal adjuvants in this?

    1. There are “trace amounts” of thimerosal in the MMR despite everyone saying a metal adjuvant can’t be used with live virus vaccine. According to Boyd Haley, vaccines are basically washed through thimerosal to remove as many impurities as possible but because of the proteins in the vaccine the metals can’t be removed:

      “During an investigation into the mercury issue, HAPI learned that thimerosal, a 50% mercury compound, is still being used to produce most vaccines and that the manufacturers are simply “filtering it out” of the final product. However, according to Boyd Haley, PhD, Chemistry Department Chair, University of Kentucky, mercury binds to the antigenic protein in the vaccine and cannot be completely, 100% filtered out. http://www.whale.to/vaccine/trace_mercury.html

      Two things that are mind blowing about vaccines if you’ve read Janine Roberts Books “Fear of the Invisible” and “The Vaccine Papers”. 1: is the actual formulation of the Measles vaccine.
      -How ‘Measles Virus’ is isolated for a Vaccine. http://www.whale.to/vaccine/measles_virus.html
      ‘Fear of the Invisible’
      How scared should you be of Viruses and Vaccines…

      This information was online until she went on a radio show and told the audience how the virus for the Measles vaccine is developed and when the WHO got wind of it they pulled it off all the websites it could find that posted it and replaced it with a new version. Fortunately Roberts had maintained a copy of the original and it’s in her book. 2: In Fear of the Invisible” she gives a pretty graphic description of how vaccines are made. When you read it-it’s understandable why they are using mercury to purify them as much as they can. Do we really know if Thimerosal has been removed from vaccines on the childhood schedule because it was not mandated pharma do so, it was voluntary and has anyone really checked?

      Another thing to ponder on: Is there a Measles Virus?
      Anti-Vaxxer Biologist Stefan Lanka Bets Over $100K Measles Isn’t A Virus; He Wins In German Federal Supreme Court-https://anonhq.com/anti-vaxxer-biologist-stefan-lanka-bets-100k-measles-isnt-virus-wins base-.german-federal-supreme-court/

      Lanka has always lamented that there is no Measles virus, not that there isn’t Measles-just not a virus. It’s an interesting perspective if you read how the CDC/pharma isolates a measles virus for the vaccine and what else actually goes into the vaccine from Roberts writings, it’s one of those things that make you go hmm!

  5. Titus2Homemaker: Thanks. I copied that link from the Excipient list itself, not reading the clear statement that it was an FDA page rather than a CDC page, which is now defunct. I printed the document I have in 2017. If and when Priorix is licensed, it will be updated to include it.

  6. codetalker: Thanks. Janine Roberts’ two books on the vaccine topic are a must-read for anyone who wishes to become educated in vaccinology. Frightening they are.

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