The Toxins We Avoid and That Concern Us the Most

In a very (VERY) unscientific, informal survey conducted among those who follow my Facebook page, I asked two questions, in separate posts

Question #1.

“Other than toxins in vaccines and glyphosate and lead and fluoride, which corporate toxins do you avoid the most? #CorporateToxins”

After five hours, the replies numbered 217, and the results were very interesting.


In spite of specifically excluding toxins in vaccines, and glyphosate (an herbicide), a signals reflecting those concerns seem to push through the collective psyche.

Artificial dyes, “fragrances”, aluminum, and artificial sweeteners ranked highest followed by GMO’s, flame retardants (pthalates), detergents, and the list goes on (See Figure 1, above).

The second question followed:

“Five hours ago, I asked an open-ended question: “Other than toxins in vaccines, glyphosate, and lead and fluoride, which corporate toxins do you avoid the most?” In 217 mentions, the toxins you are most concerned about are listed below. NEW QUESTION: Of the toxins listed below, WHICH >>THREE<< CONCERN YOU THE VERY MOST?”

The question was met with a large number of “why only three?”.  Fair question: to quantify the toxins that people avoid the most is different from the toxins that concern us the most.  I wanted to characterize the respondent’s priorities in the following terms: of the toxins people typically avoid, which concern you the most?

In the 356 mentions of toxins that rank highest, the following result is telling:

Of the top four, mercury and aluminum came through as highest concerns – alongside herbicides and GMOs.

So, in spite of instructions to leave vaccines and glyphosate out of their concerns, the respondents are clearly very focused on the toxins found in vaccines even if they come from other sources.

I’ll have thoughts to share on this later.

James Lyons-Weiler

Allison Park, PA


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