Why I Use the Term “Fascism” – and Why I Am Unafraid To Do So

WHEN GOVERNMENT AND CORPORATIONS WORK TOGETHER to advance and perpetuate their power and wealth at the cost of the average citizen’s well-being, we have a few terms that we can use. Some use “corporatism”, but, in a capitalist society, being pro-corporation has a positive sheen. It’s intermingled with being “pro-American”.

The corporatism that has a stranglehold on our regulatory bodies has occured via a process call “regulatory capture”, which means nothing less that a take-over of certain arms of the executive branch of government. Regulatory agency directors are appointed, not elected, and thus pro-corporate policies can take hold and stay in place as long as the officials in the agency remain in place. That’s why CDC can get away with scientific fraud, with not doing the right science, or even with not doing more of the wrong science. They are guarding the bodies – and this will eventually be their legacy: criminals acting at the behest of corrupt and greedy corporations hiding behing the guise of protecting public health, when, in reality, they are protecting contracts for aging and increasingly ineffective vaccines.

One step that is taken by fascist dictators is to dissolve the separatation of powers. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (aka “Vaccine Court”) is administered by the HHS. They are an arm of the executive branch that expresses HHS (executive) policy. This is wrong. There is a move afoot to increase the use of “Special Masters”in many areas of law that impact liability – and when corporations write the rules, they remove themselves as defendants, make the government the defendant, and the corporatist government arm that is the defendant (as HHS is in every vaccine injury case), the defendant oversees the “judges”. That turns my stomach.

Every American citizen whose grandfather- or grandmother- fought European fascism in World War II should bristle and act upon how corporations have all but consumed US regulatory agencies. Those who stand to profit from this neofascism actually applaud regulatory capture. But in a US in which corporations can make unlimited donations to political candidates, including via dark-money organizations and SUPER PACS, either we work to change the rules, or will submit to a new form of government of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation.

It’s all too easy to throw the term “fascism” across party lines, as if undue corporate influences that better the position of candidates in one party is more evil than the same level of undue corporate influences that better the positions of candidates in another party. As fascists keep the people separarated and confused along “party lines” defined by token divisive variations on social norms, partisans tend to fall into the trap of demonizing their fellow citizens across party lines without being able to see the puppet strings of those who want to keep the populus separated, numb and uninformed to the chronic pilfering of our wealth, and our health.

I honestly wonder if modern fascists realize they are fascists?

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD


Allison Park, PA

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      1. The Corporate Whores aren’t the ones getting the power & control-it’s the corporations. The Whores are just getting paid for doing their bidding but because Corporations can stop paying them at a moments notice-they really don’t have any power or control. Corporations own these people now. Even if they wanted to come clean on vaccines they can’t. They are the Devils own, now and forever.

      2. hence corporate fascism, though the minions do have some benefits.

  1. And fathers, too. But the ideology of the Nazis actually won, and is sweeping the Western world. They do not think they are fascists. They are not paid to think. and they don’t. Like every other president since JFK, Trump has betrayed his voters. Some good, positive moves domestically, but in foreign affairs, a re-run of Dubya, with much higher stakes this time. It may reach a point within the next decade or two that so many children are vaccine injured, are unable to lead normal lives, have families. and make a contribution to their communities and nation that the U.S. will cease to be a world power, to be a beacon to the world; it will fall apart. At present only 29% of the 18-24 age group is qualified to serve in the military. This is scary. Before that happens I expect to see mass demonstrations in the street. Only public outrage will stop this mass poisoning of nearly the entire infant population. Fasten your seat belts, folks; it will get ugly. Just as I have no trust left in the executive and legislative branches of government, I have none left in the judicial branch. Only trial by jury gives the hope for actual justice. With the NCVIA, there is no hope at all.

    1. sorry but, yawn. the ”nazis” got many of their ideas from the usa, and the britemp did it before. it’s a loop rather than the ”nazis” inventing this.

  2. Ideas the corporatism have existed for centuries, going back to mercantilism and the congregationalism of early New England. This description from EB is a good take on classical fascist corporatism, which is a political ideology that doesn’t necessarily include core Nazi ideas of Volksgemeinschaft or Führerprinzip (lookup these words if you don’t know them). What we have now in the US is neo-corporatism, aka interest group corporatism, that amounts to a sub silentio corruption of public interest through the capture of regulatory agencies. The medical industry has gone further, however, to the point of using government police powers force children into into the role of indentured test subjects.

    “The fascist economic theory corporatism called for organizing each of the major sectors of industry, agriculture, the professions, and the arts into state- or management-controlled trade unions and employer associations, or “corporations,” each of which would negotiate labour contracts and working conditions and represent the general interests of their professions in a larger assembly of corporations, or “corporatist parliament.” Corporatist institutions would replace all independent organizations of workers and employers, and the corporatist parliament would replace, or at least exist alongside, traditional representative and legislative bodies. In theory, the corporatist model represented a “third way” between capitalism and communism, allowing for the harmonious cooperation of workers and employers for the good of the nation as a whole. In practice, fascist corporatism was used to destroy labour movements and suppress political dissent. In 1936, for example, the economic program of the French Social Party included shorter working hours and vacations with pay for “loyal” workers but not for “disloyal” ones, and benefits were to be assigned by employers, not the government. The Nazi “Strength Through Joy” program, which provided subsidies for vacations and other leisure activities for workers, operated on similar principles.

    Extensive corporatist legislation was passed in Italy beginning in the late 1920s, creating several government-controlled unions and outlawing strikes. The Salazar regime in Portugal, using the Italian legislation as its model, outlawed the Trade Union Federation and all leftist unions, made corporatist unions compulsory for workers, and declared strikes illegal—all of which contributed to a decline in real wages. Croatian, Russian, Argentine, Brazilian, and Chilean fascism also proposed corporatist solutions to labour-management strife.

  3. I’m very interested in your opinion on the ebola vaccine. Could you expound? Maybe a whole blog post?

    1. I write an entire book on Ebola. Ig treatments should be developed and the VLP vaccines should exclude unsafe epitopes and have sufficient antigen to not require aluminum. Microneedle patches could be easily distributed and applied by patients to their family members.

  4. This is on point and illustrates the idea that left projecting upon their enemies is not just rhetoric but fact.

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