Is NYU’s Art Caplan Lying? Childen Have the Right to Be Free From Vaccine Injury

Not every child who receives a vaccine experiences vaccine injury.

But some do.

Kids have a right to be healthy.

Vaccine can harm some kids.

Because not all children are protected from harm, they are entitled to equal protection under the law.

Vaccine mandates without exemptions will find and injure every child who will be injured.

Vaccine mandates with expemptions allow those who want to vaccinate their child and accept the risk to do so, while respecting the right to informed consent – also provided for
by law.

A few vocal but woefully incorrect voices have started calling for  revocation of the rights to exemptions. These include, notably, Art Caplan, a medical ethicist at NYU.


He wants the government to intercede in a family matter on the decision of choice for a medical procedure – even when there is no immediate risk – no imminenent threat.

And he is morally and ethically wrong.

In fact, there is reason to believe he is lying about this entire matter.

In 2017, he stated that because “we” (I presume he meant the small cadre of highly vocal anti-choice vaccine risk denialists presenting at the meeting) … because “we” are at “war” with anti-vaxxers (correction: the vaccine risk aware), it’s ok to mislead them.

So, what part of Caplan’s video argument here is misleading?

The public trust is based on respect. Anyone who argues for 100% vaccination coverage shows no respect for the mathematical fact that some will be injured-and killed.

Caplan mentions what he calls a “Canard” – the link between vaccines and autism.

Art thinks that the absence of a link between vaccines and and autism is the same as an absence of a link between Coca-Cola and autism:

“You can’t prove that Coca-Cola doesn’t cause autism, either… You’re in a debate [chuckle] and, you know, you gotta fight unfair.”

Art, there are not thousands and thousands of parents saying that their child regressed after drinking Coca-Cola.  And you likely know why the correlation studies cited by CDC and AAP do not show a causal connection between vaccines and autism, or, at least you should.

Here, in case you don’t, I did a systematic review:

Lyons-Weiler, J. [pre-print]. Systematic Review of Historical Epidemiologic Studies Influencing Public Health Policies on Vaccination [pdf, 2018] [supplementary material] (Review)

Art now claims that we know that vaccines do not cause autism because we are now getting to the point where we can diagnose autism before infants get vaccines.


When would that be, Art?

Infants receive vaccines on Day 1 of Life – with 250 mcg of aluminum in the Hepatitis B.
Fetuses receive unknown amounts of aluminum and unknown amount of mercury when mother accept the TDaP vaccine during pregancy – every pregnancy, every time against all medical sense – and when pregnant mothers accept influenza vaccines that contain thimerosal – which is 50% ethyl mercury by weight.  And CDC stupidly advised that flu shots should be preferentially given to pregnant women.  Why?  Was that to make autism appear “genetic”?

So, Art, exactly when is “before they are vaccinated”? And no, Art, the DSM-V manual clearly requires that children be beyond the age of 2 for a diagnosis of autism. I suppose you think it’s ok just to make stuff up to try to win your “war”?

For what, 100% vaccine coverage?

100% vaccine coverage = 100% vaccine injury. Think about that.  You’ve declared war on the families who have take the hit for “the common good”.

I’ve made it clear that above 85% vaccination coverage, the vaccinated asymptomatic infected outnumber the symptomatic unvaccinated infected, who stay home.

The vaccine zealots can’t see that writing on the wall. 100% vaccine coverage = 100% vaccine injury because such a program will find, and maim or injure, every susceptible child.  It’s just math.

I agree with Caplan that kids have a right to be healthy.

But I also say that the law of the land right now in 49 out of 50 states is the way that it is because our predecessors saw vaccine injury, and they know that parents won’t vaccinate again after encephalopathy, seizures or death of a child in their family following vaccination.

Kids DO have a right to be healthy, and that includes those who would be injured by vaccines.

Art, get a clue: Childen Have the Right to Be Free From Vaccine Injury.

Where are the memorials to those individuals who are vaccine injured or killed?  No where, thanks to vaccine risk denialism and vaccine injury denialism.

Was Caplan also misleading the public when he recently compared the vaccine risk aware to pipe bombers?  In an email, when called out on it, Caplan told me he meant what he said.

Here’s what some of the parents of children with vaccine injury have said about Art Caplan:

“Art Caplan is a disgrace.”

I think a true medical ethicist would insist that Dr. William Thompson be allowed to tell what he knows to Congress and that the CDC permit his testimony in civil proceedings.
I think that a true medical ethicist would insist that the department of justice bring Poul Thorsen back to the US to face justice.
I think that a true medical ethicist would demand that the complete Zimmerman testimony be turned over to the petitioner attorney’s in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings.
A true medical ethicist would oppose obstruction of justice and would speak out against it. Not sit on his hands and endlessly repeat pharmaceutical industry propaganda about how dangerous people who want vaccine safety are.
A true medical ethicist would insist that those petitioning for compensation and justice be afforded due process, fundamental fairness and not have their civil rights violated.
A true medical ethicist would call for the end of discrimination against the vaccine injured, even the vaccine injured with an autism diagnosis.
A true medical ethicist would raise alarms over the autism epidemic, acknowledge that environmental factors must be driving it and vociferously advocate for independent research and support for affected children and families.
A true medical ethicist would denounce Pharma for its’ role in killing more Americans with opioids in each of the past two years than were lost in the entire Vietnam War.
Where is Arthur Kaplan on that issue?
A true medical ethicist wouldn’t cavort with Paul Offit, a man who’s vote on the ACIP established a market for a vaccine he invented and who was cited by Congress for conflicts of interest in doing so. A man who shouted obscenities at the parents of children with autism.
A true medical ethicist would applaud the courage and integrity of researchers engaged in authentic scientific inquiry.
However, an industry spokesman would not.
Kaplan has dishonored his profession, his university and himself. He should act in the manner that his job title suggests.

We need to move beyond these lying, misleading zealots. We need to reveal their financial conflicts of interest.

In fact, I am of the opinion that NYU needs new leadership in medical ethics.

To send a complaint to NYU, send an email “To Whom It May Concern” requesting Art Caplan’s financial disclosures with respect to vaccines, vaccine manufacturers, and Not-For-Profits funded by vaccine manufacturers to

Tell the Provost YOUR family’s vaccine injury truth, and request the info on Caplan.

Let’s see what NYU thinks about Caplan declaring war on families whose kids took one for the team and his push to injure more kids needlessly.  I will publish an apology from Caplan to the families of the children and young adults injured and killed by vaccines.  He has my email address.

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

November 1, 2018

Allison Park, PA 15101


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  1. Thank you for this. I have sent my request to the provost. How is it possible for an ethicist to utterly lack a moral and ethical compass? Greenback dollars, and a tenured university position.

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