The Beginning of the End of Corporate Fascism in America

WHEN HISTORIANS REVIEW THE EARLY 21st Century, the will note that a seismic shift occurred in which the People of the United State of America stood up, all at once it seemed, in August 2018, and began tearing apart a decades-old system of corruption. “Corporate fascism” is a difficult concept for some to wrap their heads around, given the classic definitions of Fascism specifically being (courtesy Merriam-Webster:)

a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

Corporate fascism is best defined, courtesy yours truly, as

an economic and political movement that exalts profit and the corporation above the people of any nation and that typically uses corruption, regulatory capture, entanglements, incentives and intimidation of elected officials and officers in regulatory agencies combined with restriction of basic human rights of freedom of speech, knowledge of risk, informed consent, and freedom of choice to drive a pro-corporate propaganda to deceive a population or populations into having confidence in harmful or unnecessary products, devices, or services with no regard for the effects of their products on human health.

The man they will write about is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

It was Kennedy, they will write, who, along with legendary pro-informed choice advocate Del Bigtree who revealed the stunning truth that counter to a 1986 mandate from Congress, not a single report on progress toward making vaccines safer and identifying susceptible subgroups has been sent, as required by law, to Congress by The US Department of Health and Human Services.

It was Kennedy, they will write, who, less than a week later, won a landmark lawsuit against Monsanto (Bayer), in which a jury found that EPA colluded with Monsanto to hide the fact that an ingredient (Glyphosate) in the widely used pesticide, RoundUp, was a carcinogen.

If the rest of 2018 continues this way, they will no doubt say that it was Kennedy, who, with a team of parents, scientists, freed the world of the practice of injecting mercury into pregnant women and infants (and anyone else).


When Mr. Kennedy sent our group this photo, the faces beamed “this is HISTORY in the making” to me – watershed moments in the dissembling of the practice of the use of Tobacco science to keep harmful products on the market for as long as possible; a ban on corporate donors to politicians if they have been caught defrauding the public in the previous five years; and end to the revolving door between regulatory agencies and corporations.

Because, while historians will certainly remember Kennedy, they will also remember the hundreds of thousands of mothers who stayed in the fight, kept learning, kept informing, until the tools of ridicule and shame and derision were rendered moot and the many layers of control were cast off.

Historians will use the phrase “Regulatory Recapture” when the qualifications for being appointed to office in Regulatory Agencies include no association with corporations for which the agency might render a decision. They will describe the end of Corporate Fascism as involving an emergence of a new preferred candidate – one that refuses donations from Corporations – one with a child injured or killed by their products. The moms (and dads) who have mastered the truth of the sorry state of vaccine safety science…the one who know who William Thompson is…

Historians should also remember that it was Brian Hooker who helped free to truth from captivity, and mild-mannered, soft-spoken dad who only wanted the government to make good on their required actions of transparency.

Show us the data, Brian Hooker said. For TEN YEARS. They will remember William Posey entering what Brian found into the Congressional Record.

They will also mention the documentary Vaxxed, which swept the nation the year before, in spite of a near 100% media black-out, and engaged parents into activism against vaccine risk.

And they certainly must remember Dr. Stephanie Seneff, who popularized the realities about risks of Glyphosate.

And, finally, if you do YOUR part, they will write how millions of parents and citizen demanded #CESSATION of the use of Glyphosate in schools, on city properties, in parks…. that 2018 was the year citizen rose up and threw a toxin off the planet with laws banning its use and manufacture.

Perhaps they will note a downswing in autism diagnoses, since, after all, autism is an acquired cellular detoxification deficiency syndrome.

Yes, 2018 is a banner year for the People, and bad year for Corporate Fascists.

And if you are on the team fighting for #InformedConsent and #MedicalFreedom, you are part of the recent and coming victories. Your name will be remembered, I’ll help see to that. Two people to watch for #BigGoodNews soon are #BernadettePajer #JoshMazer, both affiliated with IPAK.

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  1. James. Great read, I so agree. Long live RFK! The winds are changing. I will print out your article and stick it on my fridge to read every morning. Better than coffee!! Kind regards, Anke

    Anke Zimmermann, ND, FCAH 6550 Throup Road Sooke, BC, V9Z 0W6 778-352-0806

  2. Thanks for this uplifting post. We, and people around the world, are not going to take it any more. Our criminal government must be held to account.

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    Probably some shredding parties going on in corporations across the globe…. you can run, you can shred, but WE KNOW and the WORLD WILL KNOW the corruption which places profits over people.

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