Emily Willingham’s Final, Pathetic Lash at Dr. Wakefield Makes Forbes Magazine Look Completely Foolish as Science Confirms GI/ASD Link

“One Andrew J. Wakefield” is how Emily Willingham of Forbes magazine refers to Dr. Wakefield (he still holds his medical degree).

In a very weak stretch to grasp one to the last possible straw of tarnish… without really saying anything at all.. Emily Willingham attempts… and fails… to give Dr. Wakefield one more lash at the post to remind anyone who might DARE cite the retracted Lancet article in which he, and his co-authors (1) proposed that GI issues and autism might be somehow related, and (2) propose that autism might be related to vaccination in some people, while, at the same time, citing (and almost criticizing, yikes!) a new study that has validated the GI inflammation associated-with-autism observations in Dr. Wakefield’s PILOT STUDY.

Dr. Wakefield is no longer your, nor anyone else’s whipping boy, Emily.  The jig is up.

Chronic GI inflammation is caused by the same factors that cause chronic brain inflammation: we know metals in vaccine causes ER stress, which… read carefully now… which IN SOME PEOPLE combines with ER stress from proteins (which we also know) that are hard to fold due to mutations that increase their disorder.  We know this because studies have demonstrated all of the missing pieces of the puzzle.

The problem with the science denialists who still want to threaten objective medical professionals who have seen vaccine-induced regressive autism in their own patients?  Science has marched on.  Enteric microglia become chronically activated, just like brain microglia. Cytokines are up-regulated, as predicted by the ER Hyperstress model, which combines ER stress from hard-to-fold mutations and from vaccine metals.  The ER Hyperstress model also explains the multiple chemical sensitivities often observed in people with an autism diagnosis.  The metals also cause direct mitochondrial damage.

Dr. Wakefield’s name has been smeared for one and only one reason: to frighten professionals from speaking out, for fear of being “Wakefielded”.  Think vaccines might cause autism?  That makes you “Anti-vax!”  (No, it doesn’t, anymore then recognizing that faulty brakes make you “anti-car”).  Admit any vaccine risk?  “You’re anti-vax!”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Science has confirmed the recent GI findings of Dr. Wakefield’s study, and so I am calling for Dr. Wakefield’s study to be un-redacted from Lancet.  Both the Lancet and Brian Deer owe Dr. Wakefield a rather sincere apology.  Both look rather stupid right now.

As I wrote on LinkedIn, the term “anti-vax” has completely lost its power now that millions of Americans have become Vaccine Risk Aware.  The realities are shared openly, but an increasingly number of parents, clergy, and biomedical professions.  Vaccine injuries including neurodevelopmental disorders are affecting national security.  People from all walks of life – including military moms and dads – are experiencing major life-altering changes in the neurodevelopment of their children that requires one parent to not work, leading to financial stress, contributing to divorce…

Publication outlets like Forbes magazine simply look foolish publishing tripe like Emily Willingham’s last attempt to hit Dr. Wakefield one last time.

For more studies demonstrating that GI issues in autism are more than co-morbid, read science.  Not magazines created to promote business.



  1. Twenty years of replication of Wakefield, et al. Not a single black swan. But, in that time, countless millions of our tax dollars doled out by NIH for scientific work of no value.

  2. Once again, I thank you for sharing truthful information about what is going on with our children via vaccine metals and other problematic ingredients. I cannot easily describe the difficulties faced by families due to the tyrannical decisions to force vaccination at all costs with seemingly zero options to decrease the assault. Forgive me if I often question if it is actually true that, on some level, this is a deliberate attempt to destroy us. I have experienced divorce, psychiatric problems and incredibly odd symptoms all apparently influenced by environmental toxicities including vaccines, metals and problematic foods. At some point it dawned on me how unnatural it is to have to read ingredients on every single purchased item, evaluate every single medical procedure and eliminate pharmaceuticals (which should be “safe and effective”!). The best advice I could give anyone sincerely interested in the health of Americans is to LEAVE US ALONE. We are better off being ignored than “helped” with the FDA revolving door approved garbage that is killing us, rendering us infertile and making our lives miserable. In my home we purchase meat from a local farmer pasturing his animals, we have joined a CSA for produce and I use medical and dental providers using “alternative” approaches. The only conclusion I’ve reached about our current “system” is that to survive, we must get out.

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