The Government of Italy on the Safety of Combining Vaccines in Solution and in One Visit

THE VACCINE-CRAZED government of Italy who took >$1US Billion Pharma dollars bribe to build up their healthcare infrastructure and then within a year had legislation pending to create vaccine mandates punishable by fines has knowledge that the use of five or more vaccines in one office is likely unsafe.

In consideration of the health of their military, a Commission within the government of Italy has inquired into numerous factors, including vaccinations, and their findings has impressed them sufficiently to state that no more than five vaccines should be given at one time.

Here is the document (courtesy Jacob Puliyel). 2018feb7_Commissione_Uranio_Impoverito_RELAZIONE_FINALE_inglese(1)

This has obvious implications for the CDC schedule, via which as many as nine vaccinations could occur to a child in one office visit.

“Recommendations are made that no more than five vaccines be inoculated in a single solution this being the threshold beyond which adverse events may occur.

Special attention is still given to the prevaccinal history and to the medical examinations necessary in doubtful cases or to any previous immunization.”

The language here is from an official English translation.  While the investigation does not appear to distinguish between the multi-valent uses of vaccines vs. the simultaneous administration. if the Italian government does not want their military to be injured by too many at once, why should any parent agree to multiple vaccinations at one time.

Again I refer readers to the ONLY study available of the use of multiple vaccines at once compared to spacing them out that focused on combined mortality and combined morbidity: Combining Childhood Vaccines in One Visit is Not Safe.

Those who ignore these findings are placing children at increased risk of injury.

Gatti and Montanari are under fire by this same government for daring to publish their findings of contaminants in vaccines.  Does the Italian government want a weak population, but strong military?  What type of Fascist future is in store?  To be fair, the commission calls for all health care providers to pay heed to their findings.

But these are fair questions.  The next step for Drs. Gatti and Montanari is arrest, or expatriation.  For what? The truth?  Performing objective science?  Others have replicated their most recent results.  You cannot hide the truth.  You can make the lives of those who tell the truth uncomfortable, or unbearable, but that does not change the truth.

The stakes are very high. There are hundreds of billions of dollars at stake over vaccination.  Even without contaminants, combined or not, vaccines are not safe for indiscriminate use.

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