Why Did Italian Polizia Raid Gatti and Montanari’s Residence and Offices and Seize Computers?

LAST YEAR, I INTERVIEWED Dr. Gatti and asked her reasonable questions about the study she and Dr. Montanari published, and then invited both to Pittsburgh, PA to present their findings at IPAK FOCUS 2017.  They are the nicest people.


So why should this grandmotherly/grandfatherly pair of scientists have to suffer having their offices and home raided by Italian Polizia, and their computers seized, when they had to fight to make the information they had public?

It turns out their their equipment had already been seized by a judge.  But for what reason?

They found that vaccines contain metals that are not supposed to be there – and they found that vaccines contain protein aggregrates – almost certainly an effect of copper and aluminum binding to vaccine antigen.

What would the government of Italy hope to accomplish?  Surely they would like to help the world learn about Dr. Gatti and Dr. Montanari’s study?

The Italian government is already aware of issues with vaccines.  Consider this excerpt from a Italian report (translation provided by Google Translate, results provided by L. Larue):

“Page 142: “In this specific case, the case of Caporalmaggiore Francesco was studied in detail Rinaldelli died for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, while in the last period before closing
The Commission’s work has been analyzed by other cases such as Francesco Finessi, Giuseppe Tripoli, Davide Gomiero and Umberto Gambino. For the analysis of some of these, refer to the Commission’s interim report published in July 2017. It should also be stressed that that the case of Daniela Sinibaldi of the company came to the attention of the Commission of Ascoli Piceno, with evidence of severely disabling autoimmune pathology.
However the introduction of the new art. 206-bis, above reported, can effectively
to contribute to the elimination of such adverse reactions, establishing a virtuous path in both administration of the vaccines both in the anamnesis of the subjective health conditions of the military to be submitted to inoculation.

It is therefore advisable to recommend, once again, the punctual application of the new one legislation and the rigorous verification that this happens, also and above all with reference to the military personnel to engage in missions abroad.
9. Conclusions on how to administer the vaccines.
The Commission has investigated the issue of vaccine components, assigned to the
study by the institutive resolution to the art. 1, paragraph 1, lett. d). As regards
the deepening of the methods of administration of the vaccines is observed as follows:
the Commission, in order to ensure effective and effective protection of health (and of the security) of the military engaged in Italy and abroad, as well as to pursue the security of the administration of vaccines, with a view to elimination or at least maximum
reduction of the risk of adverse effects resulting from the use of multiple dose vaccines,
recommends the use of single-dose vaccines, given the concrete possibility that the military, date adulthood, has already been immunized against some antigens contained in vaccines in doses Multiple.

It is also recommended that no more than five vaccines are inoculated in a single solution, this being the threshold beyond which adverse events can occur.

Particular attention is still paid to the prevaccinal history and exams deemed necessary in cases of doubt or any previous immunization.

The Commission notes that, on 14 January 2018, they were received by the Vice-President
Ivan Catalano observations “on the analysis of the components of vaccines authorized for the Mandatory military vaccine prophylaxis, to the analysis of the signum follow-up data and on the data on the neoplastic diseases suffered by the Italian military “. Given the relevance of the themes addressed in these observations, for the purpose of adequate protection of the health of the military, the Commission invites the entire scientific community, of which the ISS is a part, to take it knowledge. The Commission will transmit the aforementioned document to the Institute Superior of Health for an indispensable scientific evaluation of the relative contents. The document containing the aforementioned observations is fully annexed to this report. (see attachment 1)”

“Page 151: “ATTACHMENT 1
components of authorized vaccines for mandatory military vaccination prophylaxis,
analysis of Signum follow-up data and data on neoplastic diseases of
which Italian soldiers suffer


❖ ABSTRACT – Summary of the content of the report – go to the text
❖ Investigation of the components of vaccines given to military personnel,
regardless of the subsequent use of the same personnel – go to
➢ Components: adjuvants, excipients and contaminants – go to text
➢ Required checks on risks related to problems of
immunosuppression, hyperimmunization, autoimmunity and
hypersensitivity – go to the text
➢ Hypersensitivity and allergies – go to the text
➢ Undesirable effects, adverse reactions and contraindications – go to the text
➢ Preliminary conclusions – go to the text
❖ Monitoring of the immune conditions of the observed subjects. Analysis of the
data on the Follow-up of the project called «Study on genotoxic impact
in military units “(SIGNUM) – go to the text
❖ Analysis of data on cases of malignancies and serious diseases that have affected the
Italian personnel also employed in military missions abroad – go to the text
❖ Contro-examination of the study commissioned by the Ministry of Defense on the
multiple vaccinations in young adults – go to the text
❖ CONCLUSIONS – go to the text”

page152: “ABSTRACT (Return to index)
Brief summary of the content of the report

In fulfilling the objective referred to in Article 1, paragraph 1, letter d) of its own
resolution of 30 June 2015 of the Chamber of Deputies23

– analysis of the “members of the vaccines given to the military, regardless of subsequent staffing “-, the Commission has preliminarily acknowledged the absence of any scientific study in literature aimed at assessing the tolerability of the total quantity of the components of the vaccines with reference to adjuvants, preservatives, antigens and allergens, excipients and contaminants, also in relation to the consequences in terms of hypersensitivity and reactions adverse effects already declared by the producers for a single vaccine. Therefore with note No. 327 of 19/10/2016, has applied to AIFA for the technical documentation of the individual vaccines administered to the military.
With a reply to STDG / P / 122005 dated 14/11/2017, AIFA submitted the related dossiers
to vaccines administered in Italy, provided for by vaccination prophylaxis as per D.M. 31 March 2003 of the Ministry of Defense, ie vaccines that are administered to subjects
ADULTS, selected by means of a visit which establishes fitness and good health. There documentation is divided into: data on the quantity of components, evaluations of hypersensitivity to the components and list of adverse reactions.

The examination showed that:
● the cumulative amount of the various components of the vaccines exceeds the allowed limit for the marketing authorization for the individual vaccine;
● the hypersensitivity indicated in the registration dossiers and technical attachments to the vaccines also only individually considered confirm the need for pre-vaccinal analyzes;
● the adverse reactions indicated in the registration dossiers and technical attachments to the vaccines even if individually considered, they confirm the need for an evaluation of the personalized risks on vaccine prophylaxis and the need for monitoring
long-term periodic on each individual vaccinated.

Without prejudice to the above, the Commission once again confirms the conclusions already highlighted by the SIGNUM Project, as well as by the work of Prof. Nobile on the Folgore Brigade – that is the need not to simultaneously administer more than 5 monovalent vaccines single dose on the military.
Also on the basis of the data received by AIFA above, and a fortiori, contests the
statements by the Minister of Health contained in the communication to the President of the Commission, note prot. 6628-P-15/12/17, which express themselves critically on validity of the results of SIGNUM. In fact, these statements are based on general assessments and on statistical data that do not take into account the cumulative administration of 



Page 153: “components of the vaccines and the immunization status of the vaccine. Furthermore, they do not take into account the progress of the investigation carried out by this Commission in the military and non-military fields consider the documented scientific work as a reference literature in the work of the Parliamentary Commission.
The Commission has started its investigation of adverse reactions to vaccinations
following the finding of a large number of cases with autoimmune diseases or neoplastic, in a part of the military population not subjected to different risk factors from those vaccinated.

In this specific case, the case of Caporalmaggiore Francesco was studied in detail Rinaldelli died for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, while in the last period before closing

The Commission’s work has been analyzed by other cases such as Francesco Finessi, Giuseppe Tripoli, Davide Gomiero and Umberto Gambino. For the analysis of some of these, refer to the Commission’s interim report published in July 2017. It should also be stressed that the case of Daniela Sinibaldi and the company came to the attention of the Commission female of Ascoli Piceno, suffering from severely disabling autoimmune diseases, which they open a chapter in their own right.
In the light of the findings, the Commission finds the need to use vaccines more purified, so that the limit of components in cumulative quantities re-enters within the permitted limit for the individual component of each vaccine, in terms of studies prodromici to the individual AICs have recognized them as not dangerous for the health.
Secondly, the Commission insists on the need to reduce the risk due to administration procedure, providing that they are entrusted to the healthcare facility and that the military who do not pass the tests are excluded at the time of enrollment pre-vaccination. These tests must detect any alterations in the immune system and the
hypersensitivity. It also suggests that the results of the exams are inserted into the card
anamnestic of the military as an element of unsuitability to the enrollment or of suitability to the continuation of the service or particular tasks.
The Commission considers the study entitled ‘Lack of evidence for post-vaccine onset of
autoimmune / lymphoproliferative disorders, during a nine-month follow-up in multiply
vaccinated Italian military personnel “, published in August 2017 by, among other things,
of some members of military health, and financed by the Italian Ministry of Defense with
project grant application n. D85D10000250001, as written in the situation of conflict of interests, devoid of any scientific basis in the method and outcomes contradictory. He notes that, in spite of the entitlement that leads to erroneous conclusions, the same authors declare the study not conclusive. Moreover, the study was carried out with
exclusion from the cohort of those soldiers with immunosuppression problems, in this way confirming the danger of vaccination to these categories of subjects.
There are doubts about the correct use of public funding for this study and for these
The Commission is sending the present report to the Public Prosecutor’s Office
territorially competent.”

Page 154:” The Commission has acquired the data on the follow-up to the SIGNUM project.

From an initial examination it emerged that the collection of information for follow-up purposes was performed using ineffective markers to assess the occurrence of diseases
lymphoproliferative. the Commission also found that in the data matrix made to arrive there are large gaps, which make a statistical evaluation impossible, with consequent doubts on the feasibility of the study assignment of such data attributed by the Committee of Military Health Research at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, financed with the sum of €40,700.00, as communicated with note prot. 819 / COMM.URANIO of 10/10/2017.

Subsequently, during the course of the preliminary investigation, the Commission had to take note that the Ministry of Defense is in possession of further data, useful for integrating the framework seriously deficient, compared to those made available to the Commission, as was the result of the minutes of the first meeting of the study group on the follow-up data24

Censorship, therefore, said behavior and orders to complete the sending and reserves the right to do report to the competent judicial authorities in case of persistent omission.

In the light of the evidence collected, the Commission confirms that there is an association statistically significant between neoplastic and lymphoproliferative diseases, and other pathologies (eg autoimmune ones), and vaccine administration according to vaccination prophylaxis military. The Commission considers that it can not rule out the link of the case.”

It would appear that a confirmation of risks and dangers in vaccines is intolerable to the corporate fascist Italian government, who accepted over one billion dollars from Pharma before mandating vaccines for all – under threat of fine.

Here is the famous Gatti and Montanari publication – before it disappears (again) from the publisher’s website: IJVV-04-00072


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