Gardisil Injection Cover-Up: Child Kidnapped By The Government After “Accidental” Injection w/HPV Vaccine


Anita Vasquez is a mom, this time in Texas, who has had her child, a girl, taken by the state because the mom is exercising her right to refuse vaccination.  Anita and her baby live in Victoria, Texas. According to Anita, a nurse, her girls’s health declined after a doctor “accidentally” injected her w/Gardisil 9, an HPV vaccine – unable to breastfeed, lower limb weakness… and doctors have not only turned a blind eye – they had CPS take the baby!

The doctor who injected her daughter w/Gardisil did so without looking at a single label on the vaccines.  The full history of events are described at Medical Kidnap.

The purpose of this article is to ask EACH AND EVERY MOM to take the time to read the account and then call

Senator Lois Kolkhor, US Senate (512) 463-0118


Texas Rep Geanie W Morrison (512) 463-0456

and ask them

(1) to exert pressure on the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to release the child to Anita Vasquez IMMEDIATELY and TO PERSONALLY HELP Anita find capable medical care to mitigate the damage from the exposure to HPV vaccine.

(2) demand that Doctor Veronica Guel-Valdivia, who administered the shot, be relieved of duty immediately – and each doctor who has participated in the medical malpractice of failing to document investigated for participation in a cover-up of the decline in her daughter

‘s health.  The doctor was given 8 hours of remedial education and fined $500!!! That is not justice.

Also, please “Like” and “Share” this FB page, dedicated to the release of the girl

Finally, there is a GoFundMe to help the mom in her fight to get her daughter back.  Please donate – anything, $1, $5, $10 – and share the GoFundMe page widely!


You can also contact the Governor of Texas – he needs to hear from thousands on this issue


  1. Please return child to biologic parents. Medical kidnapping has to be stopped. Children shouldn’t be taken from their parents when the parents have done nothing wrong.

  2. This is insane this child belongs with her mother. The only plausible reason to steal this child is to cover up what’s been done to this child by the hospital and the doctor. This is criminal.

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