Why Judging the Vaccine Risk Aware is Cruelty Beyond Measure

WHEN I POSTED my firmly-held understanding of who is responsible for Colton Berrett’s death, I learned about the best of humanity – the loving, caring, people whose hearts go out to Colton’s family, and families like Colton’s.  When I attended and presented at OAMF’s Guillan Barre Syndome event in Columbus, OH, I saw it again – loving health care professionals, vaccine injured, and concerned citizens standing up for informed choice.  Michael Bailey had refused the flu shot, and with his job threatened, he relented (after putting in writing to his place of work his fears of adverse reactions).  Both Colton and Michael Bailey were paralyzed.  Both died.

Unfortunately, I also experienced some of the most disgusting and heartless behavior online.  People denying the the HPV vaccine killed Colton (it most assuredly did).  One online poster callously lecture Michael Bailey’s widow and accused her of “Selective Outrage” and chastised her for (in his mind) not caring enough about people who have died from influenza.

First of all, 71% of patients enrolled in HPV vaccine pre-licensure studied were given “New Medical Records” in which their adverse events were recorded.  Those events were not counted toward adverse events.  That’s criminal, and the researchers and their supervisors all belong in jail for defrauding the FDA, and thereby, the US population.  Colton died because the risks were buried.

Second, this year’s flu shot is only 10% effective – to blame those who choose to not vaccinate for the surge in influenza is ridiculously off-based.  Michael Bailey died because people believe the myth of herd immunity – even for a shot that is only 10% effective – and because the flu vaccine is not safe for some people.  Mrs. Bailey had not even expressed her own opinion about deaths from influenza.  Online trolls speak for their opponents, and by turning vaccine risk informed statements and twisting them into statements not representative of the vaccine risk informed person, create false statements that are more easily attacked.  Those false statements are called Straw Men arguments.  In this case, this particular person crossed the line.

What bothers me the most is that to a person – and I have had the high pleasure of meeting thousands – to a person, each and every outspoken vaccine risk aware individual is












And, if you are one of the Vaccine Risk Aware,  you are


Don’t let the detractors or the hate or lies and accusations slow you down.   Can you imagine blaming people who have lost loved ones to cancer for warning others about carcinogens?  Vaccines do not kill or paralyze everyone.  But smoking does not kill everyone, either.  The Vaccine Risk Aware are being persecuted.  In government control of opposition, it’s called blaming the victim.

If you are 100% against vaccines, you’re anti-vax, I respect your right to your opinion.

If you, like me, want The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34) enforced, to make vaccines safer, and protect those who are increased risk, I respect your opinion.  If you want vaccines for yourself and your children, in spite of the risk, I respect your opinion.


But if you blame the vaccine injured for vaccine risk awareness, you are being cruel.  It may be that you are ignorant, or in denial, or are willfully misrepresenting the truth:

Vaccine makers have bamboozled the public on vaccine safety, and in some cases, on vaccine efficacy, and the CDC is complicit.

Congress knows.  Congress is complicit.

The Vaccine Risk Aware community is impatient, but we know that every round of vaccines given across the country, sadly, grows the Vaccine Risk Aware army that famously puzzled Sanjay Gupta.

Be assured: The public will win.  But people will be killed and injured by vaccines before our victory.

It’s only a matter of time.

So, my Vaccine Risk Aware followers, let us continue – at all costs.  Let us tell each and every person within the reach of our voices.  I don’t have to tell you how to do it.  You are already












and LOVED.

We are all in this together, including those who do not yet know, and those who are in denial.




  1. Obviously this was written because you got flustered at the fact that you may be wrong. It’s okay.

    Here are some facts you can’t refute:

    1) Flu vax has not been shown to be 10% effective in the USA. That’s a propaganda number you took from one strain in AUSTRALIA. The US numbers have not been RELEASED yet. Are you privy to US numbers early?

    In fact the most prevalent strain number is estimated to be 3X what you claimed. And the other 3 strains are likely to be DOUBLE that number. Why resort to untrue statements?

    2) The facts about Colton’s condition that nobody can dispute:

    A) He got the first round of HPV and had no issues and no reactions
    B) He got the second round of HPV and had no issues and no reactions
    C) He got the third round of HPV and had no issues and no reactions
    D) His stiff neck began to show about 2 1/2 weeks (17 days to be exact) after the third dose.

    E) “Transverse myelitis is marked by an extremely fast, fulminant course. It is very surprising for it to arise two weeks after the alleged inciting event.”

    F) After his condition presented his friends and families posted about it on Facebook for a fundraiser. No mention of the HPV or any other vaccine as to the cause of his condition.

    G) It was only much later after his mom was influenced by someone else that she started to blame the vaccine.

    H) There was no attempt to go to vaccine court to get compensated.

    I) If the HPV vaccine caused transverse myelitis, you’d have a LOT of cases. There have been over 300 million doses of HPV vaccine administered. Any frequency of it would be noticeable. It hasn’t been. It has never been linked to the HPV in any study or anywhere.

    J) James or anyone else hasn’t been able to provide any evidence that the HPV vaccine had anything to do with his condition.

    K) His actual death was not directly because of his condition.

    In jumping the gun to once again blame a vaccine for a death without any evidence (and lots of evidence that proves otherwise) James has, in most people’s opinions, exploited this death for his agenda.

    He has even posted two links to buy his book on the blog he wrote about Colton, justifying this because he was also raising money for his funeral.

    3) The person who was the widow of the tragic death that James spoke about was sent to my page without me knowing who they were. They posted right underneath another person who was sent to my page to bully, mock and attack me (right before blocking me so I couldn’t respond.) How was I to know who this person was? James never mentioned this aspect in his defamatory statement above. Context is key James. If I told you my child died of the flu now and called you out for attacking those who died of the flu it wouldn’t be fair, right? Because you didn’t know about my child, right?

    Context is key.

    4) It is true you rarely or never mention anyone who dies from diseases vaccines help protect against. Whether it is the 48 who died in Europe from Measles or the 20 children who have died already in the US this flu season, they are all forgotten and ignored by you. Intentionally. Selective outrage.

    None of these above facts can be disputed or denied. Maybe you should think before hastily running to blog next time.

    Feel free to censor this from your echo chamber. I’ll be posting it anyways.


    1. I won’t censor you. I want reader to see how completely biased you are, desperate to justify your hatred. It’s so pathetic that you have to learn the etiquette of knowing who you are lecturing and correcting… and, by the way, you have nothing but your own cowardice keeping the family from knowing who you are. Mrs. Michael Bailey didn’t hide her identity. Nor would she, nor should she. She should be very proud to be who she is. Michael Bailey, Sr. was a legend. He saved his own siblings from death at the hands of a psycho – their own mother. His kindness and generosity and concern for others lives on in his kids. You obviously have not learned the lesson smacking you right in the face, for even here you whine about the Baileys blocking you. You don’t deserve any further communication with them. You have defiled the internet with your putrid hatred of vaccine injured families enough. You are the living example of why denying vaccine injury is so cruel. Keep posting, let the world see your true colors, your cowardice, your profane hatred. The consensus among those you have offended most is that you and all like you who call others “anti-vax” are not worth our valuable time.

      1. You have censored at least two of my comments but I digress.

        You refuse to answer my 4 points above, specifically on the Colton exploitation and how you have no evidence his condition had anything to do with a vaccine (yet rushed to post a blog about it.)

        Instead you continue to attack, bully, harass and name call vile insults. I won’t dignify them by responding. I won’t stoop to that level of immaturity and hate. I want people to see what anger and being called out on your misinformation does to you.

        Let me repeat this in plain english so you can understand. I had NO IDEA who she was. She never identified herself. How was I supposed to know she was his wife? Her name didn’t tell me. Her comment was right underneath a pathetic cowardly attack comment by someone else (who then cowardly blocked me so I couldn’t respond.)

        So once again you have nothing but lies to fall back on. You sent a grieving widow to my page knowing I wouldn’t know who she was to “trap” me to attack her so you could screenshot it to your echo chamber.

        It backfired and now you’re trying to rewrite history.

        Please respond to my points above.


      2. You assume too much. I never sent Danette Bailey to any page. In fact, we were not connected via FB until I read her post. You have learned a valuable lesson, but you will ignore it. The vaccine injured are real people, and you spout hate for them in every direction. You do not deserve for me to point that out to you. Your gibberish is certainly not worthy of a reply from me.

      3. FYI a 6 year old in Florida just died of rabies because his parents refused the vaccine. His name was Ryker Roque. I look forward to your blog about who “killed” him.

        Remember to spell your name right.

    2. real truther –full of lies and misinformation—and them blocks people from his pitiful page when he can’t back up anything he says. Hey reat truther–still waiting for you to show that one peer reviewed scientific study on the current
      and cumulative vaccine schedule proving it’s been studied, tested and is safe. PLEASE don’t again post back to your own blog! Honestly –you bore us all with your total nonsense! Stick to your own page where you can talk to yourself and stroke yourself till the sheep come home. More TRUTHS coming out every single day! real truther isn’t one of them—lol!

      1. Just like I predicted! When I prove you are selling mistruths on your blog & exploiting others in a precise easy-to-understand list form for all to see you make up some excuse as to why you won’t respond. In this case you label it “gibberish” to get out of having to apologize. Can’t you at least be original with your dodges?

        I DID learn a valuable lesson. When false prophets lie to preserve a fading agenda and are called out, they will do anything not to accept they were caught.

        When they attempt to use a grieving widow to make someone else look bad and it backfires, they get upset.

        I am proud that I responded without attacking, without hate and with clear facts, even though I had no idea of who she was. This is because I was brought up by a strong mother who taught me morality, manners and grace. What is your excuse?

        The facts remain that you cannot dispute. These facts are not “gibberish.”

        1. Flu vax effectiveness percentages in the US have not been released yet but are estimated to be 30% for the dominant strain. You wrote 10% in your blog which is incorrect and unverified.

        2. You claimed Colton was vaccine injured days after his HPV shot when it fact it was 2 1/2 weeks after his third dose.

        3. Transverse myelitis has been shown not to be related to the HPV vaccine and you have offered zero evidence his condition had anything to do with any vaccine. Nor can you find a single other case that is similar to compare. When I posted a full scientific analysis of this on this blog complete with citations you censored the post.

        4. Sadly he took his own life, something you never mention, to appear like his death was directly caused by a vaccine.

        You can be dishonest with your readers because you can tell them Santa Clause is real and they’d believe you.

        But for those on the fence and the majority of the free world who fights alongside myself for truth, justice and science…for love over hate…they will always know when you’re not being honest.

        Thank you for that lesson.


    3. Dear “The Real Truther” (what a misnomer),
      Here is a fact that YOU can’t dispute or deny. While it is federal law (since 1986) to report only certain very serious adverse events to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) – the ones that are official contraindications to further doses of that vaccine – there is absolutely NO consequence to those medical professionals who do not report as required by federal law. No fine, no professional consequence, no legal consequence – NOTHING.
      Here is another fact. On the other hand, medical professionals who do not report certain infectious diseases (such as pertussis) can be fined or sent to jail in many states.
      Again, the above two facts can’t be disputed or denied. Now here is where the opinion comes in:
      Why the hypocrisy? Why can doctors be fined and/or go to jail for not reporting certain infectious diseases (pertussis is just one of many)? Because the powers that be feel this is important information to protect the public. They’ve made it a priority.
      On the other hand, protecting the public from serious adverse events, and gathering data to try to determine the true rate of serious adverse events that result in neurological or other types of injuries are clearly NOT a priority. That is irresponsible, and frankly downright criminal when that same data is used to claim that serious adverse events are so rare they don’t know how often they occur. OF COURSE you don’t know how often something occurs when you don’t collect the data.
      My son nearly died from an adverse event to the pertussis vaccine. He started having seizures within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine, and eventually collapsed and stopped breathing. He spent four days in the pediatric ICU.
      Now here is the kicker: the neurologist said it was “highly unlikely” it was the vaccine. The pediatrician said it was a “coincidence”. The biggest epidemic we have in this country is “coincidences” after vaccination.
      I didn’t know about VAERS at the time. I didn’t know it was the law for them to report his serious adverse event that was an official and recognized contraindication. Apparently they didn’t know either, or didn’t care since there aren’t any consequences for not reporting. I didn’t know about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and I didn’t find out I could have filed a claim until years after the statute of limitations (2 years after injury, 3 years after death).
      That Colton’s mother didn’t know it was related to the HPV vaccine at the time when the event first happened is completely understandable, and it happens every single day in this country. I didn’t know at first either, because I believed the medical professionals when they said it was “highly unlikely” and a “coincidence”. After all, they were the experts, right?
      Well, NO, as it turns out. There has been a connection to the types of seizures my son had and the pertussis vaccine for decades now. Which is why it’s an official contraindication to further doses of pertussis vaccine. But it took me quite awhile to learn this, as at the time I couldn’t imagine questioning the judgment of the medical professionals. And that is typical.
      As far as the blogger not talking about those who have died from the illnesses we vaccinate for, why should he? We are inundated with stories at every turn – at the doctor’s office and through mainstream media – of the importance of vaccinating and how people die if we don’t. But almost no one talks about all the people who are neurologically injured or die from the vaccines themselves. Perhaps because pharmaceutical companies have their financial hooks everywhere, from the medical professional organizations they donate to, the CDC Foundation they give money to and work jointly with, the mainstream media who gets their money through ad revenue, our legislators who are the recipients of hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, etc, etc, etc. Those of us who try to stand up against this mafia are the minority. We are being persecuted for trying to bring up our concerns about serious adverse events and the bad science/ bad data collection that is rampant when it comes to vaccine injury. We only have time to talk about what needs to change.

  2. Maybe instead of attacking others all the time when you are threatened you can join me to do good in the world!

    Let’s have a wager. If you win I’ll donate $1,000 to IPAK. If I win you donate $100 to UNICEF. You get 10 to 1 odds!

    The wager is simple. When the US flu vax numbers come in if you were right and it was 10% you win. If I am right and it’s higher then I win.

    We can do a second wager where if you supply proof that Colton’s condition came from the HPV vaccine I lose. If you can’t you lose.

    Would you be open to any of these wagers?

    1. You are a disgusting pig and a coward. I don’t play games w/peoples’ medical conditions, nor their deaths. Your insensitivity and hatred of vaccine injured and their families knows no bounds. Go disgrace yourself elsewhere. If you donated any money to IPAK under any condition, we would grant it to an organization focused on helping people w/sociopathic tendencies.

      1. So you are name-calling like a 3rd grader because I proved you wrong and you won’t even accept a friendly wager for CHARITY over flu vaccination percentages that you lied about? Wow. You hate charity now?

        Remember you had to CHANGE your blog post because I already caught one piece of misinformation before (when you claimed his symptoms started days after the vaccine instead of 17 days later.)

        In some ways, I wrote your last blog.

        The coward is officially not me. Nobody outside your echo chamber would believe that (seriously find me ONE person outside your echo chamber who would.) A coward is someone who runs, blocks, censors and refuses to apologize when he was caught making mistakes. A coward is someone who lies.

        Name one thing I said above in my 4 points about your misinformation that is incorrect. If you cannot, don’t, or censor this response in any way we know who the real coward is.

        I’m starting to worry about your health and well being James.


    2. hey real truther–I am still awaiting notification from Unicef that you made a several thousand dollar donation in my name—perhaps you forgot? perhaps you just throw out the same old shit on every stupid post you make! Put up or shut up—perhaps you don’t tell the “real truth” at all!

  3. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, tells WTOP there could be trouble.

    “What happened is, in the development of the vaccine, as we grow it in eggs, the virus itself mutated a bit, so that there was almost an accidental mismatch purely on the basis of the virus trying to adapt itself to growing in eggs, which is the way you make the vaccine,” Fauci said.

    “That’s what happened in Australia and it is likely that that’s what we’re going to see here.”

      1. To the “truther” claiming that there no studies about demyelinating events following HPV-Vaccine, but I can’t reply to his comment, directly, so this is why i reply to you, closest to his comment.

        • (2009) CNS demyelination and quadrivalent HPV vaccination http://doi.org/10.1177/1352458508096868
        • (2010) Demyelinating disease and polyvalent human papilloma virus vaccination http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/jnnp.2010.214924
        • (2011) [Demyelinating disease and vaccination of the human papillomavirus]. https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21425100
        • (2014) The spectrum of post-vaccination inflammatory CNS demyelinating syndromes https://doi.org/10.1016/j.autrev.2013.10.003

      2. From your own link James “In conclusion, the probable benefits of mass vaccination with HPV seem to outweigh the potential risks”

        And from a mass study on this:

        “Following nearly 64 million vaccine doses, only 7 cases of TM and 8 cases of ADEM were vaccinated during the primary exposure window 5-28 days prior to onset. For TM, there was no statistically significant increased risk of immunization. ”

        Again, I ask for one case that has been PROVEN to come from the vaccine. Just one. Please cite it.

        Also, please explain how there have been over 300 million doses of HPV vaccine administered but no frequency of this condition. Any frequency of it would be noticeable. It hasn’t been. Why?

        Until you recognize that all you have is a theory you WANT to be true and no actual scientific evidence to back it up, you will never be truly free.

      3. Whoa. You CAN read. Move goal posts much? Asked and answered. You’re going to be blocked due to your hatred of the vaccine injured. Vaccine injury denialism is cruel. I hope no one in your family is ever injured, the psychological burden you will have will be unbearable. Get some help, seriously. Whole population studies are irrelevant when there is genetic risk.

      4. “There have been numerous studies that found
        – no link between the HPV vaccine and any disorders
        – no increase in said disorders
        – no plausible mechanism to link the HPV vaccine to those disorders
        – no difference in health between HPV-vaccinated and HPV-vaccinated children

        What researchers did find, was that mainstream media coverage of antivaccine stories is immediately followed by a surge in reported adverse events and stories on social media. As can be expected, these reports and stories then gradually become less frequent again. After a year or so without media attention, the number of adverse events approaches that of other vaccinations, showing that it is simply mass hysteria, not based on any real events. When correcting for media coverage, the HPV vaccine even appears to have less reported side effects compared to other childhood vaccines.
        This is clearly visible in the VAERS database equivalents in several countries. I recall that one particular documentary was aired in several countries, but several months apart. And yes, every time in each of those countries, adverse event reports spiked right after the broadcast, to fall off again in the months thereafter.

        Yes, of course numerous children come down with something or other shortly after being vaccinated; it would be very surprising if this didn’t happen. Here’s why: If annually 0.1% of children (so 1 in 1000) of a particular age develops some bad disorder, and you vaccinate one million children that age, this means that a thousand of those children will get that disorder, and that literally dozens of those children will have received their vaccination shortly before — all without there being any causal connection whatsoever. The problem is of course that those children and/or their parents feel quite certain that there is a connection; this is quite human. And that is why we have things such as science and statistics.”

      5. Again, and again, and again – whole population association studies are useless when there is a genetic risk. OF COURSE not everyone experiences demyelination from HPV. Stop addressing the wrong question. SOME DO. You have ZERO evidence that the individual cases were NOT caused by the vaccine. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to become paralyzed due to vaccine w/out it happening after vaccination – the correlation is necessary. But not sufficient. The appropriate studies would look at the GENETIC MINORITY (which you hate via your denialism) and determine biomarkers of risk. Your arguments are stale, old, and statistical analysis of studies that are not appropriately designed to answer the question are a waste of time. Injured vs. Uninjured, genetics and biomarkers. OF COURSE these whole-population studies fail to detect the association. Do you know the sample size necessary to detect a 1 or 2% increase in an event that is already only 1 or 2%? By far, most the studies have been underpowered and could not have found a positive association due to small sample size. Then there is data fudging – adjusting for the kitchen sink until associations that are detected go away. The era of whole-population retrospective correlational vaccine safety studies is DEAD, we’ve moving on.

        You’re preaching science to the scientist.

      6. Same old tired arguments to “keep hope alive” for your followers. I get it, you don’t like any study that doesn’t agree with your agenda. Any study that doesn’t agree is either “flawed” “fudged” “fraud” or “not the proper studies.”

        7 cases of TM following 64 million doses and you still think there is an association?

        At least you admit you don’t have any evidence or legitimate study that shows Colton’s condition came from a vaccine, even as you claim I don’t have any that shows it wasn’t. If you admit you can’t prove his condition came from a vaccine, why the rush to assume it did?

        I’ll be honest. If his condition was proven to come from a vaccine I’d be the first to admit it. Would you do the opposite?

      7. Colton’s dead. The evidence of cross-reactive antibodies needed to demonstrate causality for his particular case is gone w/him. So you’ll have to come up with another plausible explanation. Based on the evidence at hand, there is sufficient indication of vaccine-induced demyelination. Many, many people don’t suspect vaccines until later – most certainly because they are bombarded with propaganda stating that vaccines are perfectly safe, MDs claiming in public there are no adverse events, ever from HPV – http://www.capitalgazette.com/opinion/columns/ac-ce-column-mazer-20180112-story.html None of your arguments exonerate the vaccine. Hundreds of reports of paralysis following HPV are not accompanied by hundreds of reports of mysterious spontaneous paralysis NOT preceded by vaccines. I’ve analyzed the pre- and post-licensure “science” on HPV vaccine safety and it’s bunk. So has Slate. https://slate.com/health-and-science/2017/12/flaws-in-the-clinical-trials-for-gardasil-made-it-harder-to-properly-assess-safety.html As for “taking a breath”, no, I won’t stop, or slow down, ever. We’re at least 20 years behind in vaccine science, and the entire enterprise could be upended unless we reformulate it as safety first. Fake science won’t cut it anymore.

      8. Once again, I have to refer you to a scientist who is actually about to publish a paper on this subject (I assume you aren’t.) I have posted his thoughts before but you have yet to allow them to be posted.

        Third times a charm?

        Look for a published paper on this topic by Chris von Csefalvay soon.

        “It’s curious that this involves transverse myelitis, specifically LETM. It is relatively – and regrettably – frequent that many otherwise quite well-recovered LETM patients pass away suddenly, usually in their sleep, with no prodromic signs. Generally, this happens in high LETM, and it is often hypothesised that autonomic dysreflexia may be the cause. An example is described in this paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5251226/ (Alsukhni et al., 2017).

        Based on the statement by Colton’s mother in a Vaxxed video, Colton first developed symptoms two weeks after the vaccination. Transverse myelitis is marked by an extremely fast, fulminant course. It is very surprising for it to arise two weeks after the alleged inciting event. We know a lot about TM from EAE, an experimental/research procedure in which autoimmune encephalitis/myelitis is induced by coupling a myelin protein, such as MOG, with a strong adjuvant – usually Complete Freund’s Adjuvant, sometimes even with the addition of pertussis toxin. Complete Freund’s Adjuvant is an extremely strong adjuvant, so strong that in fact it is often replaced with squalene or AlOH because it is so unpleasant to the animal itself (it’s never used in humans). It makes no logical sense for the HPV vaccine, which does not penetrate the blood/brain barrier, even in the presence of the AlOH adjuvant (like MOG, it’s too big – in EAE, pertussis toxin is used to allow penetration). It makes no sense for the original inflammatory insult and the onset of TM to take so long. And, finally, demyelinating events in HPV are incredibly rare:
        – Scheller et al. (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2088853) found no appreciable difference in Denmark.
        – Sutton et al. (2009) (http://www.vacunacionlibre.org/…/2015/10/en-article28.pdf) argue that the only significant association was the one with MS, but explained it by the fact that the virus-like particles play an immunostimulatory role – roughly speaking, they’re arguing that it might at best accelerate an already begun demyelinating process.
        – Slade et al. (2009) (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/184421) found a frequency of 1:2,500,000 for TM, and note that rates were “not greater than the background rates compared with other vaccines”.
        – Chao et al. (2012) looked at autoimmune conditions over almost 200,000 women in two managed care organisations in California who received the quadrivalent HPV vaccine, and found “no autoimmune safety signal”.

        Having had an encounter with TM before, I am personally deeply sorry for Colton and his family. At the same time, I can’t find much data that in any sense supports the claim that his illness was caused by the HPV vaccine. Personally, I’m also a little dubious as to the ethics of Vaxxed using this young man, who has clearly been through an extremely traumatic and life-changing experience that has deprived him of his very identity as, basically, a prop, with the parents’ agreement. There are repeated assertions that Colton wanted to make the statements that he did, but this is an ethically complex situation. Colton is in a profound sense dependent on his parents, so he might be susceptible to manipulation and coercion to say the message his mother and/or the Vaxxed activitsts want him to say. Whether this was indeed the case or not, the ethics of burdening a young man in his complex situation with the burden of activism and a very complex message that he himself might not have the qualifications to comprehensively understand (despite his subjective situation, being a bird does not make one an ornithologist and being an alleged vaccine victim does not make one fit to judge often complex scientific evidence proving vaccines are safe). Life is short, fragile and infinitely precious.”

      9. I look forward to reading your peer-reviewed published papers. Hopefully you will read Chris’ upcoming paper as well.

        In the meantime let’s all take a breathe and acknowledge there is no definitive evidence or proof Colton’s condition had anything to do with a vaccine as of now. There is a lot of evidence otherwise, however. I’m all for more research from an unbiased source but you have to be ready to accept the findings as will I.

      10. In science we can’t find “proof” but we can find emergent truth through peer-reviewed studies. Emergent truth shows us that this vaccine is not linked to his condition and . You believe otherwise but have no evidence to back up your beliefs/claims.

        It seems to me you want there to always be doubt so you can continue to propagate your beliefs.

        You’ve done a lot of dismissing evidence I have brought yet have brought none of your own. That is because, as of now, there is none that fully supports your claim.

        And when you have no evidence it doesn’t seem responsible to declare something to be “fact” as well as blame others for being guilty of “murder” for being complicit. Does it?

        What happens if you’re wrong?

      11. Your loose use of terminology tells me you don’t know much about science. You know a guy who’s about to submit a study. We in science approach the truth asymptotically… “emergent truth” is not a concept that is consistent with the philosophies of science that I’ve studied, nor is it a concept that I would care to explore further. Either way, science does NOT show that Colton’s death is not due to the vaccine. You believe it is not, but you have no evidence to back up your beliefs and claims. Nothing you have posted exonerates the vaccine in Colton’s death. I don’t perpetuate doubt, I employ rational skepticism. Your pseudoskeptical is paper-thin. Merck hid evidence of harm from HPV vaccine. I know I’m not wrong.

      12. “I know I’m not wrong.” Do you realize how that sounds? This coming from someone who claims he knows more science than me? That’s literally the opposite of what science is. Unlike your IPAK studies where you are going in believing something negative about vaccines (i.e. “I know I’m not wrong”) and then you’ll “prove” exactly what you believe, science is about TESTING theories where individuals do NOT KNOW they are wrong…or right.

        The CDC literally had a recent study that was negative about the flu vaccine and pregnant women. They published it because that’s what they discovered. Can you imagine if IPAK ever published a study that was positive about vaccines? That. Will. Never. Happen. So how can you be taken seriously if we already know the results of every study you do? Is that science?

        Finding emergent truth through peer-reviewed studies is literally the entire basis of science. I’m stunned you don’t know this. But, at the same time, not surprised.

        Like I’ve previously proved science does clearly show there is no evidence that his condition came from a vaccine. Certainly there’s no evidence that proves it did. You BELIEVE because you WANT TO BELIEVE. You’ve never met a vaccine injury story you disbelieved because it suits your narrative. You ran with the story without knowing for sure either way because…it helps your cause.

        And that’s fine. But that’s not science. That will never be science. In 20 years we can look back at this thread and maybe then you’ll understand.

        On this fact, I know I’m not wrong.

  4. Thank you for this. The trolls who attack those who speak for the innocent are employees of PR (propaganda) firms under contract with the CDC using our tax money. The lowest rung of hell for them.

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    The lack of humanity toward those who have suffered is the thing that drives me crazy and drives me to stand up and share what I have learned. Individuals with good information will make the right decision. Governments and industries that hide information and subvert capitalism and democracy with mandates which benefit the shareholders and politicians at the expense of the people should never happen in free society.

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