READERS know that I did not choose specifically to become vaccine-risk aware. It all began with a simple assignment – to add a chapter on vaccines to my book “Cures vs. Profits”.

Here is a list of the most popular articles from the >100 published to date.

  1. My Journey from Ignorance
  2. Sanjay Gupta: Where Does Your Vaccine Risk Aware Army Come From?
  4. An Open Letter to Megan Babb, MD
  5. Paging Dr. Offit! Your Aluminum Neurotoxicity Reading Assignments Are Ready
  6. High-Risk HPV Type Replacement Follows HPV Vaccination
  7. Biological Mechanisms of Vaccine Injury
  8. Dr. Lyons-Weiler Invites Boston Herald to Retract Editorial as Hate Speech
  9. Micro- and Nanocontamination in Vaccines: the Gatti Interview
  10. Fake Science: When is Medical “Science Not Science?”
  11. Protect Baby’s Brain from Aluminum Neurotoxicity – It’s Not Just the Vaccines
  12. Aluminum, Alzheimer’s and Autism
  13. Human Studies that Indicate Autism/Vaccine Link
  14. “You Know Nothing About Autism, John Snow”
  15. Behold! “The Dark Ages of Immunization Medicine” are NOW George Takei and John Oliver
  16. Bertrand Russell on the Importance of Facts: Offit vs. Kennedy
  19. When is “Genetic Autism Not Genetic?”
  20. How to Nip HPV Vaccine Mandates in the Bud: Lessons from Pennsylvania
  21. The Tyranny of Pseudoscience
  22. The Pharma Bulls are Loose, and it’s the End of Democracy in America
  23. Zika vs. Aluminum: Double Standards on Levels of Evidence and Media Liability
  24. In the Name of Rose, The Very Shallow, Scientifically Unsound One-Sided Rhetoric on Vaccine Safety Must End
  25. The World is Warned: Stage Being Set for Globalization of Fascist Totalitarian Pharmatopianism
  26. How the CDC has Promoted Ignorance about Vaccine Safety
  27. The Slaughtering of our Constitutional Rights
  28. Science and Policy on Vaccine Safety Science:’Absence of Evidence’ Abused as ‘Evidence of Absence’: Part 1
  29. Morality, Ethics and Vaccine Policies
  30. Last Week in Vaccinated America
  31. Neuroprotection in Strokes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Autism
  32. Latest Book: Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism (Skyhorse)
  33. Rational Discourse on Flaws in Vaccine Safety Studies Elicit Irrational Responses from @PLOS @PLOSBlog
  34. Is Mandatory HPV Vaccination a Good Idea for Allegheny County?
  35. Molecular Mimicry: The Unseen Risk in Vaccines
  36. Does Vaccine Risk Have a Geographic Component? The Case for Vaccine Safety Screening
  37. Top 10 Things You Must Know About the Autism/Vaccination Question

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