Zika vs. Aluminum: Double Standards on Levels of Evidence and Media Liability

Millions of Dollars spent, Massive Media Coverage for Zika and Microcephaly – Based on One Autospy Report. Aluminum Found in Five Autistic Brains (N=5)… Media Crickets.

WHEN THE CDC announced that Zika virus had been found in 1 (ONE) brain of an aborted fetus from Brazil back in 2016, they heralded that 1 (ONE) data point as “The Srongest Evidence Yet”.  Here’s the BBC News’s webpage from 10 Feb 2016:



And here is the Washington Post’s coverage:


And look at the page from USA Today:


All of that for ONE autopsy result.

The study published last week by Dr. Chris Exley found high levels of aluminum in 5/5 kids with autism.


CDC has ONE autopsy report.  Dr. Exley has FIVE.

Some have criticized the Exley study for not having “controls”.  I’m sorry?  There is not supposed to be ANY aluminum in children’s brains.  Tested against the null hypothesis, yes, there is significantly more than zero.

CDC’s fetus with Zika virus came from a population in which Zika virus infection was high.  Most cases of Zika virus infection during pregnancy did not lead to microcephaly.  And microcephaly was highest in the northeastern part of Brazil, in poor women from the slums… who were being experimented on with whole-cell pertussis.

Yes, you read that right.  WHOLE cell pertussis.

Well, it’s one thing to say the media is biased.  After all, Exley’s study provides the strongest evidence to date that aluminum from vaccines is involved as a cause of autism.  In fact, the study leaves no room for doubt, if we apply the same standard of the level of evidence used to support the idea that Congress had to pony up $1.1 Billion dollars for a vaccine against Zika.

But there is AMPLE room for doubt that Zika drove the microcephaly increase in Brazil.

Here is a timeline of microcephaly in Brazil:


Note that the microcephaly increased actually started in July 2012, a year after the advent of the national Stork program, a prenatal care program that includes vaccination during pregnancy.  And note that July 2012 is BEFORE Zika landed on the continent of S. America in July 2014.  In December 2014, Brazil’s mandatory Tdap vaccination program started.  But vaccination during pregnancy had already begun. The CDC’s autopsied fetus study was published in early 2016 – that’s the CDC’s best evidence to date.

So it turns out that Zika infection rates are seasonal in Brazil.  So we’d expect another surge in microcephaly with the annual increase in Zika infections, right?


No, not at all. Why?

Zika does not cause microcephaly.  The American taxpayer has been duped. And sprayed with pesticides to “protect” against Zika – in NYC even before any reported cases of Zika – with pesticides that are known to cause autism.

So when can we start asking: Is the media bias in the US now a causal factor in the autism epidemic?  How can the media be held accountable?

What Can You Do?

You can write to the reporters on each of these stories and ask them to report on Dr. Exley’s study as providing “proof” that aluminum causes autism – be sure to send them the link to this blog.

Here are the email addresses:
Lena H. Sun (lena.sun@washpost.com)

Liz Szabo – nevermind, she is a senior medical reporter at Kaiser Health News in Washington.  You can tweet her @LizSzabo.

Comment here on PBS’s lack of coverage: http://www.pbs.org/publiceditor/feedback/

You can also PRINT a copy of the aluminum study and mail it to a pediatrician, an ob/gyn, a legislator…

If bona fide, objective reporters write to me, I’ll share a manuscript that was not published by PLOS One because they found it too “confusing”.  The manuscript simply listed all of the reported possible causes of microcephaly and examined the available evidence at that time.

Read more about Dr. Exley’s study:

Discovery of “Shockingly High” Levels of Aluminum in Brains of Individuals with Autism Suggests Link with Aluminum-Containing Vaccines 

New study: Massive Aluminum levels in Autism brains, is this the smoking gun for vaccines? 

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