No, “I have not concluded that vaccines present a substantial risk of SIDS” does NOT mean “vaccines do not cause sudden infant death syndrome”, a blog from some guy on the internet notwithstanding

See Jeffrey Jaxen’s article on Greenmedinfo in which a case of SIDS was found to be caused by vaccines

And then see some vaccine-risk-denialist-blogger-guy-on-the-internet face-plant during an attempt to break logic.  In this case, logic breaks him.



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  1. That poor kid! I did that once, as a smallish child, but landed on grass. Knocked me cold, and really skinned my nose; the x-ray table hurt like hell. Orac is a buddy of Dr. PrOffit. It is a good thing indeed that the vaccine court has finally recognized SIDS (and SUDS, and all the other acronyms they come up with) for what it is.

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