True or False? How Much Do You Know about Vaccine Risk?

  1. True or False: The TdaP vaccine prevents pertussis infection. A: FALSE
  2. True or False: The majority of vaccine adverse reactions which occur are reported. A: FALSE
  3. True or False: 40 healthy screened girls died in Gardasil clinical trials. A: TRUE.
  4. True or False: Vaccines are required for school attendance in the United States? A: FALSE. Exemptions are available in all States.
  5. True or False: The National Vaccine Injury Compensation has paid out over $3.7 billion dollars to the vaccine injured and their families’ (proven cases only). A: TRUE.
  6. True or False: FLULAVAL was tested against Hep A vaccine, not against placebo. A: TRUE.
  7. True or False: Merck used Aluminum (a known neurotoxin) as a placebo in Gardasil clinical trials. A: True!
  8. True or False: The Salk Polio vaccine was scrapped after it became evident it contained live polio virus. A:TRUE
  9. True or False: The American Academy of Pediatrics advocates for legislation in states to do away with nonmedical exemptions. A: TRUE
  10. True or False: Vaccines are rigoursly tested for safety prior to release on the market. A: FALSE
  11. True or False: The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 mandated that vaccines be made safer. A: TRUE
  12. True or False: The US Supreme Court ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”. A: TRUE
  13. True or False: You can’t sue your doctor, or a vaccine manufacturer, for vaccine injuries. A: TRUE
  14. True or False: If you’re injured by a vaccine, you have to sue the US Govt for compensation. A: TRUE
  15. True or False: Vaccine injury risk rates are 1:1,000,000. A: WE DON’T KNOW THE ACTUAL RATES.
  16. True or False: HPV Vaccines were thoroughly tested with saline placebo. A: FALSE. Most studies used aluminum hydroxide Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate, a potent neurotoxin.
  17. True or False: CDC Vaccine Information Sheets contain all the information on vaccine risk. A: FALSE
  18. True or False: Pediatric practices don’t make money from vaccines. A: FALSE, in a big way.
  19. True or False: Anyone who speaks about vaccine risk is “anti-vax”. A: FALSE
  20. True or False: You get more aluminum from food than from vaccines. A: FALSE, 0-6 years, considering body weight.
  21. True or False: Ethyl mercury (in thimerosal) is cleared from the body faster than methyl mercury: FALSE
  22. True or False: Aluminum is a neurotoxin. A: TRUE
  23. True or False: Aluminum is a nutrient. A: FALSE. Dr. Offit made that up.
  24. True or False: Vaccines can cause febrile seizures. A: TRUE.
  25. True or False: Vaccines can cause autoimmunity. A: TRUE.
  26. True or False: Vaccines can cause food allergies: A: TRUE.
  27. True or False: VAERS is a reliable and accurate source of rates of vaccine injury. A: FALSE >1% of injuries are reported.
  28. True or False: Vaccines given in pregnancy are tested for miscarriage rates before being used. A: FALSE.
  29. True or False: Merck is currently being sued for allegedly tampering with mumps vaccine data. A: TRUE.  Rabbit Antibodies
  30. True or False: The committee that adds vaccines to the schedule clear of financial conflicts of interest. A: FALSE. COIs are ALLOWED.
  31. True or False: Aluminum in vaccines does not cross the blood-brain barrier. A: FALSE. See Chris Exley’s research.
  32. True or False: Unvaccinated Kids Have less Pneumonia, Ear Infections, Allergies and Neurodevelopmental Disorders : TRUE #mawsonstudy
  33. True or False: CDC had, before 2003, and still has data supporting the link b/t vax + neurodevelopmental disorders, secretively kept from the public. TRUE #cdctruth
  34. True or False: HPV Vaccine reduces the prevalance of HPV Infection A: FALSE. Only vaccine-targeted types are reduced. #vaxwithme
  35. True or False: Doctors do no vaccinate patient from subgroups excluded from vaccine studies because safety known for them. A: FALSE.
  36. True or False – Dr Wakefield’s retracted paper claimed MMR vaccine causes autism. A: FALSE They PROPOSED the idea+said more data was needed.
  37. True or False: The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 mandated that groups susceptible to injury be identified. A: TRUE.
  38. True or False: The safety of using more than one vaccine per day has been tested, and found to be safe. A: FALSE, see
  39. True or False: CDC and Pharma met in an illegal meeting in Simpsonwood, GA to hide risks of developmental disorders from vaccines. A: TRUE.
  40. True or False: CDC omitted key results from linking MMR to autism from a 2004 study. A: TRUE (watch Vaxxed)
  41. True of False: No One Knows What Causes Autism. A: FALSE
  42. True of False: No Study Has Ever Found an Association Between Vaccines and Autism. A: FALSE
  43. True or False: All vaccines have been tested for asssociation w/autism: A: FALSE
  44. True or False: Aluminum hydroxide is used to routinely cause autoimmune disorders in animal models. A: TRUE
  45. True or False: Aluminum hydroxide is used to routinely cause food allergies in animal models. A: TRUE
  46. True or False: Aluminum hydroxide is used to routinely cause allergic rhinitis in animal models. A: TRUE
  47. True or False: No one knows how to reduce the risk of vaccine injury.  A: FALSE
  48. True or False: Pediatricians are well-trained in vaccine risk. A: FALSE
  49. True or False: CDC has publicized advice on how to make the public believe that childhood infections are more dangerous than they are. A: TRUE
  50. True or False: CDC has repeatedly and consistently worked to minimize the public’s perception of vaccine risk: A: TRUE
  51. ACIP, the committee that makes recommendations on vaccines in the pediatric schedule, is free from conflicts of interest. A: FALSE

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  1. I believe this article has changed my life. I am going back to my doctor and telling them to suck the vacines right out of my blood.

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