Desperation Over Pertussis Vaccine Failure is Driving Pharma to Use Scary Propaganda

IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN the commercial in which GlaxoSmithKline has ripped a page out of 1930’s Nazi Germany, you won’t believe your eyes.  In this commercial, and in associated propaganda posters, grandparents are demonized and turned into wolves – leering at their own grandchildren.


Here, non-vaccinated grandparents are depicted as animals, less than human, and as a dire threat to a helpless infant. With the insinuation that grandparents could be responsible for any case of infantile pertussis infection, the message pitches family member against family member. Joseph Goebbels (Nazi propaganda Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945) would be proud that their tactic of de-humanizing part of the population is alive and well in 2017.

1How accurate is the message is that grandparents can spread whooping cough (pertussis) to their new infant?

Yes, pertussis infection is contagious. What GSK has left out, however, is the fact that individuals who vaccinated can be turned into silent carriers, based on two reasons.

(1)   The vaccine itself, not low vaccination rates, can lead to persistent asymptomatic pertussis infection.

(2) As a result of (1), the TDaP/DTaP vaccination program has failed.  That’s not my opinion.  That is scientific consensus:


In the commercial, we see that the grandmother has symptoms (a slight cough or sniffle).  This is meant to imply that an infection is the threat.  In reality, asymptomatic wild-type pertussis carriers are the threat, and they are created by exposure of the immune system to the failed vaccine.

The realization that TDaP/DTaP has failed has led to experimental use of TDaP (with no safety or efficacy data: Source: CDC) during pregnancy.  It is “hoped” that it will prove effective and safe.  Studies after the introduction of TDaP during pregnancy are biased: they removed (excluded) women who were at risk of complications.  These women are not screened out of the clinical vaccination program, however, and this represents a consistent failure of translational research on vaccines.  The FDA stands by while vaccines never tested on a given population are applied, and they are thereby complicit and responsible for the fetal deaths and other serious adverse events, such as autism, that can result from maternal immune activation during pregnancy.

New York Times Calls for Citizens to Break Federal Law

Today, The NYT ran a piece asking the question “Can I Spread the Word About an Unvaccinated Child?” and the author counsels the public to go ahead, spread the word about unvaccinated children.  Each person, and their children, are entitled to medical privacy under the The HIPAA Privacy Rule, which establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical information.

Meanwhile, in 2017 Germany, Kindergartens must report their parents to the State if they have opted out of vaccination (Source: Reuters):


The Nazi propaganda protocols are well in place.  Turn your enemy (the informed, non-vaccinating public) into animals, and then turn people against each other. The next step is the argue that those who do not vaccinate do not have the same rights as those who do vaccinate.  Luckily, 48/50 states in the US allow non-medical exemptions for children whose parents are informed of the actual risks associated with vaccines.

Here are some additional reminders of disgusting Nazi propaganda posters depicting members of the Jewish faith into sub-humans.  Remember, the TdaP/DTaP not only fails to protect individuals from infection – it can create silent carriers.  The logical outcome of continued use of TDaP in any population is a pertussis epidemic. Here a a Scientific American story on the problem:


With symptoms, infected family members could know they should stay away from baby, and they could seek treatment.  Pertussis infection is curable via antibiotics.

With the vaccine, family members could unknowingly spread pertussis to their newborns.

We don’t need propaganda.  We need CDC and ACIP to adult, and pull TdaP/DTaP from the schedule.  Better yet, GSK should pull it themselves.  If CDC/ACIP or GSK won’t, we need the FDA to ban the vaccine, forcing the development of safer, more effective means of controlling pertussis.

In the meantime, babies are at risk of pertussis infection from the vaccinated, silent carriers, and CDC/ACIP, FDA, and GSK – NOT grandparents – are responsible for the associated morbidity and mortality.

-James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

Sept 26, 2017, Pittsburgh, PA



  1. Thank you for this. I have the WHO vaccine-preventable disease page bookmarked for a research project. In 1981 there were 1,248 cases of pertussis in the U.S. The number rose gradually and steadily until 2003, when they exceeded 10,000. In 2004 there was a dramatic increase to 25,287, and the numbers have exceeded 10,000 every year since, with the peak of 48,277 in 2012. As for neonatal tetanus, 7 cases in 34 years; diptheria, 54 cases in 34 years.

  2. Addendum: General tetanus an average of about 42 per year in the U.S., but gradually declining over the period 1981-2015. According to the MMWR most general tetanus cases are in the 50+ age group.

  3. Would that ad not be deceptive advertising? After all, the data does not support the unvaccinated as dangerous, but only the infected and vaccinated.
    As far as I understood the vaccine if effective at all, only protects the person who gets it, so the ad does not really apply to the description of the product being sold.

  4. Just wanted to say that it is KINDERGARTENS not kindergartners who have to report to the state. So the schools are supposed to help the state harass people, which is a bit better than 5 and 6 year olds being told to report their parents. But only a bit.

  5. Although the NYT piece was disgusting on many levels, to clarify — the HIPAA rule does not apply to individuals, so is not in effect in the circumstance described in the NYT article. That information is confirmed in the HIPAA link you provided. A doctor or insurance company could not spread that information, but if you share your medical information with another individual in conversation, there is no law against them sharing that information.

    1. Thnnks for your comment. Glad you see it’s appalling that NYT is trying to pit neighbor against neighbor. In many cases, the school has revealed to other students which students are not (fully or even partially) vaccinated. Also kids talk. So if a neighbor’s kid reveals their status to their friend, and it spreads, and a parent learns of it, a parent who was never the intended recipient of the revelation, well that’s problematic on a very real level. It’s none of anyone’s business but the parent whether their child has received a medical procedure. Schools can know due to FIRPA, but they should never release the information. In so many ways, government and corporations act to divide the people. Engendering mistrust among people is one tactic.

  6. You call the propaganda Nazi in nature, but I cannot help point to communist Russia and communist China and no doubt North Korea, where this kind of propaganda and the idea that dissenters are the “enemy of the state” – a concept which pits neighbour against neighbour and child against parent – are the usual MO. The idea of the totalitarian state, denial of parental authority over their children and denial of personal privacy are fundamental Marxist principles. Totaliarian societies have much in common, but I see the goings on across all areas of western society spanning the globe are distinctly Marxist. Thank you and God bless.

    1. I would add that a denial of the dignity of each human being is also fundamentally Marxist.

  7. Additionally, I would question the use of the words, “scientific consensus”. If something is true then a consensus is irrelevant, as indeed, many times the “consensus” has been wrong and indeed IS wrong – Semmelweis comes time mind and just about any of the concerns regarding vaccine safety.

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