StatNews Censorship: More Fake Academia?

Yesterday, a reader (Laura LaRue) commented on a thread at this article written by the now infamously misleading Dr. Paul Offit who tried (but failed) to “correct” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s on points he made in an interview published by StatNews.

I am posting her comment here so that it may be shared widely to counter StatNews’ Censorship.

Laura LaRue

SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 AT 10:01 AM

This hatchet piece is proof positive that we need a new commission. When medical professionals are trying to convince consumers that injecting thimerosal into the lymphatic system is safe, it is time to clean house.

Burbacher’s monkey studies not only showed that ethyl mercury was NOT being excreted by the body, it showed that it goes directly to the brain where is gets metabolized into highly toxic INORGANIC MERCURY and is lodged there, creating inflammation and brain damage. Burbacher showed that inorganic mercury stays in the brain for years. READ THE STUDY.

And, vaccines containing polysorbate 80 (an excipient used to homogenize the liquid), breach the blood brain barrier and the intestinal wall! Consider that. Vaccine excipients are being escorted into children’s brains via polysorbate 80, an emulsifier, an ingredient used in pesticides to enable better surface traction and absorption on the sprayed plants. These “unavoidably unsafe” products being sold to consumers as a life saving immunization drugs are actually an extremely effective neurotoxin delivery system.

It’s beyond reckless that these vaccine (neurotoxin delivery systems), are being prescribed to children, many of whom are genetically predisposed to mitochondrial disorders, in multi combo doses which have never been safety tested. Isn’t that staggering! And if your child gets injured by one, after they are vaccinated into brain damage they are labeled “autistic” to cover up the fact that the vaccines initiated it. The moment they started prescribing the multi combo dose vaccines on the overblown CDC schedule, we needed a new commission.

The day the vaccine programs became more important than the child, we needed a NEW COMMISSION. The second the reckless, greedy vaccine proponents claimed vaccine injuries are rare, we needed a new commission. Vaccine proponents are constantly establishing the fact that they cannot be entrusted with the public’s health. CAUTION: Vaccine enthusiasts who claim vaccines are low risk are either lying or ignorant. Even the CDC admitted that VAERS only reports 2-10% of vaccine injuries.”

I suggest that my readers re-post the comment in every thread, every forum.  Kennedy informed me about the Burbacher study in his book, “Let the Science Speak”, and his, and Laura LaRue’s read of the science is correct.

Thimerosal does not clear faster from the body.  It goes into the brain faster, at a rate great enough to make it appear to clear from the body faster if one only studies serum levels.  Earlier studies did not bother to measure tissue fates, leading to the false conclusion that ethyl mercury was less toxic than methyl mercury (both are still toxic, regardless).

Here is the Burbacher et al. study:

Comparison of Blood and Brain Mercury Levels in Infant Monkeys Exposed to Methylmercury or Vaccines Containing Thimerosal 

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  1. And now of course we have the aluminium adjuvants which are wreaking havoc with neuro-immunology. See work by Shaw and Puri just out. The HPV vaccine adverse events are the manifestation of what is wrong with belief in a safety system based on thin air.

  2. James, you wouldn’t moderate and accept my comments on genetic testing for vaccine risks. I posted two and you ignored them. Your cries of “censorship” fall on deaf ears. You have the right to decline moderation but are the last person to complain about it. You probably won’t accept this one either. Happy posting!

    1. Maybe it’s because your comments on genetic testing were absurd and embarrassing. You know, like the allegations you made about Wakefield supposedly photoshopping an image of himself and Donald Trump.

      1. My comments and concerns on genetic testing were valid and well reasoned. As for this alledged Trump/Wakefield meeting, the present day results, or lack thereof, speak for themselves. Maybe he could try and get a POTUS retweet…. oh wait, that was ME!

  3. Offitt acknowledged in a phone conversation with RFK, Jr., that he, too, was aware of the Burbacher study. Yet he continues to disregard it and peddle lies.

    I read Laura Larue’s comment on the Stat article yesterday, before it was censored. The willingness of media to censor truth is as big a threat to our inalienable right to liberty as is the push by the drug companies to mandate vaccines.

  4. Reply to gcsgooding: Joe, you’re always going around and disparaging the most beloved & effective activists in the movement to end medical science fraud (& ban harmful vaccination drugs). Where ever somebody is making a difference, you materialize to drop your special brand of FUD. Please go away and stop disrupting the movement you pretend to support. Please stop making baseless accusations, creating drama and working against our finest heroes in this war against unavoidably unsafe medical practices.

    At this very moment another child is being given the MMR vaccine, which the CDC senior scientist has said causes brain damage in children, and that little boys of color are especially susceptible to being injured by! The CDC is steeped in fraud and has been accused by their own scientist of suppressing the data which would ban the MMR! Go tell people about that! Go do something constructive and helpful, and stop targeting and harassing hard working individuals like Dr Lyons-Weiler, a scientist who is sticking his neck out to stop the historic medical science fraud which is maiming and killing our most vulnerable children.

      1. Where’s the scary evidence you promised the world, that would prove Wakefield photoshopped his picture with Donald Trump? If anybody’s cuckoo, it’s you.

        You know you censored comments on your Raven Rag, you raving hypocrite. So stop targeting and harassing Dr. Lyons-Weiler, he’s a busy man.

      2. Laura, are you still hearing voices from the end of your bed? You know, the ones you talked about in a radio interview? Get some meds girl.

      3. CAUTION: the lying Cointelpro Joe is back to harass! Jeepers Joe, I’m flattered you took time to fit me into your busy trolling schedule. So when you’re not doxxing the friends you backstabbed on Twitter, you’re stalking Dr. Lyons-Weiler eh? Children are being brain damaged for life by the MMR vaccine, whilst the CDC suppresses Dr. Thompson’s original MMR study findings, and you’re busy bullying Dr. Lyon-Weiler on his own blog. You could be helping to unite our community, but instead you’re forever spreading FUD, and trying to divide the community. Your priorities are clear. So is your agenda. Go tell your commrades Dorit, Eve and Caplan that too many people are on to your grift, you’ve been outed. P.S. You’re lying about listening to my interview because those that have know there were no “voices”. But then facts never stop lying Joe from spreading misinformation!

      4. Laura, you’re a sick, perverted person. I can see why some actual trolls called you “Looney Laura”. I asked Jim a single question, for a response, and that was it. You’re trolling on his blog. But continue on, and you may want to get treatment for whatever mental illness has beset you.

      5. Cointelpro Joe, your filthy accusations about myself & Dr. Lyons-Weiler don’t help your case. Onlookers should also note that there is a reason Cointelpro Joe knows what pharma trolls allegedly call me. I have no knowledge of being called by that grade school term, but I’ve no doubt that’s what you perps call me in the pharma troll’s employee lounge.

        Also, your “single question” wasn’t a single question. It was a calculated move to attempt to discredit Dr. Lyons-Weiler. You accused him of something you yourself do to readers of your amateur-hour blog; censoring comments. So no, you do not get to harass Dr. Lyons-Weiler. It was a punk move by a dubious individual with an exceedingly sketchy legacy of causing trouble in the community.

      6. You know what’s looney Joe? The fact that you troll the community to cast aspersions on medical professionals who dare to stick their necks out and warn parents about the medical science fraud that vaccination drugs are steeped in. Children of color are being slaughtered by the MMR vaccine and Dr. Lyons-Weiler has written extensively about it. He’s busy educating people on how the MMR can initiate brain injuries. And instead of applauding his work, and being helpful you come to his blog to insult him and discredit him by making petty, baseless accusations about him, to exalt your own twisted ego.

        Shame. On. You.

      7. Joe, when people go here, as you have, your credibility falls to naught. I won’t parent you. Abusive language speaks volumes to it originator. In public debate, “Go fuck yourself” translates into “You win, I have nothing left.”

      8. I can see why you lost your verified badge on Twitter for harassment. Now taking to a blog to go communicate behind a block.

      9. I asked Jim a question, he responded, and lo and behold, you show up. It was quiet until the stupid arrived…

  5. “Until I showed up”? Lol. You didn’t think I’d read Dr. Lyons-Weiler’s blog entry? He made reference to me in it. He tweeted it to me when he published it. Nice try Cointelpro Joe. Go sell asinine somewhere else.

    P.S. you have it backwards, your meddlesome ego materializes to disrupt discourse time and time again.

    P.P.S. “It was quiet until…” You wish I’d be quiet so you could insert your FUD & fool people. Your attention seeking disruptions have been documented, if you’re not controlled opposition why do you undermine the community and target and harass the hardest working individuals in our community?

    1. I could care less if you’re quiet or not. And I get you don’t like people asking questions. But you can count on one thing, I’ll tell the truth. You’re the one asking someone to go away. That’s not me. Anyone reading this can plainly see that.

  6. Cointelpro Joe, is that why I lost my badge? Lol! I’m enjoying your revisionist history tale. There are a troop of people who know why twitter removed my badge, and you know why too. But here you go again attempting to discredit people in the community. I RT’d a video of a pharma front lady, lock me up! You know, the gal who went on TV to call you a stalker! Shall I post the videos of her naming you as her stalker?

    Nice try CJ! Go yank somebody else’s pigtails. Don’t you have enemies to censor on your “blog”. You know, the blog you had everybody in the community help you build and collect content for? The blog you used to backstab everyone who ever considered you a friend and defender of the vaccine injured community? Friends don’t act the way you have acted. They do not doxx their friends and spread vile rumors about them the way you do. But pharma moles would. Maybe you’ll ask Dorit Reiss and cronies come help you bash me some more? If you were a real man you’d get to work helping the community in an honest way instead of lurking about and harassing people. Shame on you!

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