Watch out for erroneous and misleading graphs on the prevalence of autism.

Here is a CORRECT graphic made by Ginger Taylor:



That is all.

Suggested by A. Fujito: “The autism rate in 2013 was announced as 1 in 68–and the children in that particular group were born in 2001, their data was collected in 2009, but not analyzed until 2013. Data are always collected on EIGHT-YEAR-OLDS, and for some reason that has never been explained to the public, it takes the CDC 4 YEARS to analyze the data and announce the autism rate for that birth cohort.”



  1. Well, they may have phased it out…but all the little kids we see on the Andy Cutler boards are still loaded with mercury. They are still getting it from somewhere.

    1. They may have phased it out of childhood vaccines but the multi-dose flu vaccine vials still contain mercury. Would most parents know to ask for the single dose or the nasal spray?
      Wouldn’t it be more expensive and therefore not available as a choice to those on Medicaid?
      With 42% of the population receiving their flu vaccine, my guess is many if not most, are still being exposed to mercury.

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