Behold! The “The Dark Ages of Immunization Medicine” are NOW, George Takei and John Oliver

darkagesIN THE PRACTICE OF MODERN MEDICINE, and the conduct of modern biomedical research, to utter any expression that even approaches questions of the safety of vaccines is to commit heresy.

Individual practicioners are losing their jobs; important research is going undone.  Individual press outlets exist under the threat of loss of advertising funding if they publish objective news reports on studies that relate vaccines to risk of neurodevelopmental disorders.  Autism is clearly medical, and has a biological basis (the human brain is, after all, a biological organ).

The phenomenological models of autism have nevertheless given sway to more mechanistic studies; even genetic studies are good as they point to specific impact pathways.  These studies leave room for 50% environmental influences, and yet no study has been conducted to find the genetic variation that exists that contributes to the risk of adverse events from vaccines.

To conduct those studies is taboo, because the conclusions would be blasphemous.  The orthodox view, echoed across media outlets in a disturbing autonomic unison, is that “Vaccines are Safe, Vaccines are Effective”.

If there is heresy, it’s because the orthodoxy is being rightfully challenged.  There is abundant evidence that blind faith in the absolute safety of vaccines is not warranted – and yet issuances of statements from regulatory agencies, media outlets, and vaccine pundits continue to be made, in spite the fact that >$3.5 billion have been paid out due to vaccine injury since the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which came into being with the The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986. That act was created after vaccine manufacturers threatened to stop manufacturing vaccines. The government has broken every promise to the vaccine risk aware activists at the time, who now say they never would have accepted the Act if they had known where it would lead.  They trusted the US government. Instead of advocacy, they have provide adversary.  Instead of facilitating justice, they have obstructed justice. Instead of relieving the burden on families, the Vaccine Court imposes major burdens on families – in some cases fighting it out for nearly two decades. In one case, the plaintiff has sued to allow CDC Whistleblower William Thompson to come forward to testify.

The year that NCVIA passed (1986) was eighteen years before CDC employees Frank Destefano, Coleen Boyle, and Julie Gerberding decided to silence Dr. Thompson on the findings of increased risk of autism due to on-time MMR vaccination, compared to delayed vaccination (2002-2004). It was also eighteen years before the IOM blithely decided to ignore studies and cases relevant to the question of vaccine-induced autism because they didn’t have “a free weekend to plod through them” (2004).  I consider that comment, found in minutes of the IOM meetings to consider the vaccine/autism link, to be evidence of abdication of the IOM to the task of considering science on the question of vaccines and autism, and was one to two major inspiration for me to read 2,000 studies on autism and write “The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism“, which was published Nov, 2016.  The second major inspiration was Rr. Adm. Schuchat’s testimony to Congress in which she said that “no credible science” existed that supported a connection between vaccines and autism.  That’s a slap in the face to hundreds if not thousands of extramural researchers.  You can read those comments in “You Know Nothing About Autism, John Snow”). The first printing of “Causes”, by the way, sold out in two months’ time.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like public policy that effects the health of every American citizen to be based on science.  Not weak correlation science that is so heavily manipulated to make the association disappear that it is no longer recognizable as science.  Not science that has been cherry-picked, ignoring studies that do show correlation, and that do show plausibility.

In fact, I am convinced that because CDC’s vaccine safety science was so poorly done that vaccine safety science does not exist in the United States.  Further, it is my professional opinion that the CDC is no longer a relevant actor in the question of vaccine safety because they, like the IOM, abdicated their responsibilities by working to ensure that no association could be found.

Many people are wondering what has become of the Vaccine Safety Science Commission that President Trump asked Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to chair.  Every day that goes by, more children are subjected to large amounts of aluminum, including infants in the NICU.  That’s why I issued a challenge to the scientific and medical communities to produce studies that show that vaccination of premature infants is safe.  They did not produce the studies because they can’t: no such science has been conducted.  That’s why I called for a ban on vaccination in the NICUs around the country.  Naturally this fell on deaf ears.  So we’ll be taking the science right into the NICUs around the country, and into the Schools of Medicine.  Robert F. Kennedy also called out a challenge – backed by $100,000 cash – to produce a single study that shows that the use of Thimerosal in vaccines is safe.

So far, no one has been able to claim the prize.

So now, we rely on the vestiges of societal pressures to conform in the likes of John Oliver, and George Takei to lecture us about the urgency of vaccination – neither of whom, to my knowledge, have any particular expertise on immunology, toxicology, epidemiology.  I have no beef with John Oliver, nor George Takei.  I hold both of these entertainers in highest esteem.  Both celebrity spokespersons  who assume the task of shaming individuals who happen to be aware of the realities of vaccine risk appear to be a reflection of the vast ignorance about the actual events that led to the CDC’s policy that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” Without knowledge of these events, because the media won’t cover them, well, are they to blame?  They are arguing from a position of ignorance, just like I did in my book on Ebola.  They deserve our compassion, not our scorn.

I bet if John Oliver and George Takei knew that Dr. Thompson was suspended for taking his concerns over pressures to NOT report to the IOM that they did find association between vaccines and autism, and for sending a letter to his boss regarding the 2004 DeStefano et al study that read:

“I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism”;

And if they knew that Thompson’s boss at the time was Julie Gerberding, who later left the CDC and became President of Merck’s Vaccine Division (makers of MMR); if they knew that DeStefano later admitted to Sharyl Attkisson that the results were removed because they (CDC) did not “believe” them – thus, DeStefano et al. (2004) is not science.  The study was found flawed by IOM, the lead author admitted they spuriously omitted key results… the study should be retracted. The Institute for P

So, I’m asking you, John and George, to take a very close look yourself.   These issues are a matter of public record – the files are available here.  You can watch Rep. William Posey enter them into the Congressional Record.  Get a copy of the documentary “VaXxed”.  Invite Del Bigtree, former producer of “The Doctors”, Polley Tommey and Dr. Wakefield to a private screening.   Call and talk to Dr. Brian Hooker.

Then, John and George, if you have time, and the will to be informed, please give me call.  I can explain four specific mechanisms by which vaccines cause autism in some people.  It will take about one-half hour.







  1. There is certainly no shortage of ignorance in this world, but it is hard to sink lower into depravity than to bully the parents of vaccine-injured children. I had never heard of John Oliver before, but George Takei should be deeply ashamed of himself if he is doing it, too.

  2. 1) There is a part missing at “the study should be retracted. The Institute for P

    So, I’m asking you, John and George, to take a very close look yourself. These issues are a matter of public record –”

    This happens a bit in your writings. Please proofread more carefully. Even your book has similar moments IIRC.

    2) What laws prevent forced medication? You talked about this in the book but I would like to see a list with references as this will grow ever more important. Be sure to include ANY local, federal, AND treaty based (specially if the U.S. has signed and accepted the treaty) international laws. What happened with the California suit?

    3) You forget the Thomas Verstaeten email “It just won’t go away”. What study was that referring to?

    4) If you haven’t, please make a list of all the instances that show prevalence of fraud within the mandatory vaccine communty. They always rub Wakefeild in our face, who may or may not have been a fraud as I know nothing of him but that he is a pariah. But it would be nice to see a list of fraud with references…. Verstaeten, Thompson, mecury is a cognitive enhancer and all the drug company ties to the researchers in that study and all other important pro vaccine (fraud) studies… Merck’s scientists suing it over spiking human blood test samples with rabbit antibodies to decieve us into thinking the MMR works… etc…

    5) Could you, when you get the chance, not only read Brain Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry by Peter Breggin, but also write a book expanding upon it? Please put all references in the book as though it is a text book. It is kinda PITA to get them down online. Most of the medical “science” done nowadays is either fraud, or ignored. Vaccine are just another way they screw us for profit.

  3. Also, are there any studies that compare vaccinated to unvaccinated? The Thompson study was early vaccinated vs later vaccinate. Would that not skew the results toward being more favorable?

    Also, I read claims that there are other studies that found no links. Are they small enough in number to make a list of them and their flaws (such as scientists funded by pharmaceutical companies or who later got sweet “speaking” gigs aka bribes… etc…)

    I am still only on page 70 of the book (I need a quiet to read and haven’t har things arranged to get that… and some other issues)… but lists are quick and easy and sprear info fast I think.

  4. I like John Oliver, but I have no idea why he would think an ignorant skit on vaccines was funny. It’s clear there will be no vaccine debate on mainstream media when every other commercial is for another marginally effective, likely dangerous pharmaceutical. They’re the only thing propping up network/cable news. We’re doomed if we’re relying on pharmaceutical solutions, with doctors never asking the question of root cause. Good thing our healthcare system is solid and well funded, eh? Lets make statin meds compulsory for everyone over 40! That’ll fix us good.

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