IPAK FOCUS 2017: Why Is Everyone Coming to Pittsburgh, June 15-17, 2017?

VACCINE SAFETY SCIENCE AND SCIENCE INTEGRITY is a topic that many feel is old news… after all, the science is settled, we are told, vaccines are safe and effective… so why would hundreds of health professionals and parents come to Conference focused on precisely those topics?

Maybe it’s because they want to attend the VACCINE COURSE on Day 1.  This is a bootcamp experience to share with 30 registrants the good, the bad, and the ugly about vaccines.  Participants can expect a large dose of reality – not hype for, or against – just the facts.  There’s a brochure on the conference website.

Or maybe it’s because the Plenary Speakers on Day 2 are going to bring a wealth of information and insight on topics such as HPV Vaccines, Vaccine Law, Microcontaminants in Vaccines, Informed Consent and Patient Rights, Pediatric Dosing of Aluminum from Vaccines.

Or it could the fantastic Break-Out Sessions on Vaccine Safety Science and Science Integrity, HPV Vaccines, Vaccine Law and Post-Vaccine Injury Therapies, with information-packed presentations from speakers from all over the US (Abstracts available online).

And if those are not reason enough, it could be that on Day 3, we are invited medical and public health professional to breakfast, followed by an expert panel session we have dubbed “#TheConversation”, in which parents will be able to ask medical and public health professionals questions about vaccines.  In part 2 of #TheConversation, a panel of expert parents will take the stage, and answer questions from the medical and public health community.  This should be interesting!

Or perhaps it’s because every registrant to the conference will receive $100 worth of FREE books published by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.?

Finally, it could just be that Pittsburgh is a great place to be in June.  See the Conference Website for details on all of this, and find out how to register:



See you in June!


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