The World is Warned: Stage Being Set for Globalization of Fascist Totalitarian Pharmatopianism

IF YOU TAKE CNN SERIOUSLY, the next flu pandemic will kill 20 million people. That’s the “statistic” that Sanjay Gupta pulled out of thin air on the risk of the next flu pandemic, which, he says “experts” tell him is overdue.

Fear is a real motivator to conform to a social norm. We are saturated with messages that “Vaccines Save Lives” and “Vaccines are Safe” and “Get Your Flu Vaccine”.

And while a pandemic of flu poses real risk of mortality, especially to the young and to the elderly, the current paradigm of artificial immunization via vaccines, as they are currently formulated, must not be allowed to be the only paradigm going forward.

After telling readers that a “a highly lethal flu pandemic… will affect every human alive today” and that it will be  “something that humankind has never seen before… a pathogen that can spread easily from person to defenseless person, our immune systems never primed to launch any sort of defense” and telling us that vaccines are “our only hope”, Sanjay then shares the most bone-chilling part of this essay:

“Most important, our production capabilities have increased tremendously around the world. In 2006, according to the World Health Organization, we had the ability to make only 350 million doses of flu vaccine, but now, in theory, we could make 5.4 billion doses of flu vaccine if we harnessed and aligned manufacturing facilities all over the world.”

Thimerosal, aluminum hydroxide, polysorbate-80, sorbitol, monosodium glutamate, egg proteins, yeast proteins, human cell-lines, bovine products… our only hope?
Antigens that match human proteins perfectly, inducing autoimmune disorders… our only hope?
Since 1986, the US has paid its injured citizens $3.4 billion.  Can the world afford the costs of vaccine injury compensation? And the cost of injured citizens, lost productivity, and downstream health issues caused by vaccines?
Can’t we do better?
Ethically speaking, the export of vaccines as they are currently formulated on such a massively global scale is eco-medical hegemony.  A global monopoly on artificial immunization with vaccines will no doubt then be accompanied by threats to take those vaccines away unless governments indemnify the vaccine manufacturers – and the medical community – against the liability and accountability for vaccine injuries.
We need innovation, and open markets drive innovation. Safer, more effective means of inducing immunity are needed. The next generation of immunization technology is needed that will present safer antigens in sufficiently high doses to the right targets in the immune system such that lasting immunity is made available.  Cross-strain immunity and safety should be the platforms upon which artificial means of immunization compete.
But for heaven’s sake, don’t call them vaccines.  Then there will be no incentive to correct whatever flaws are discovered in them in the future, and we’ve already seen where that brilliant plan leads us.


  1. “That’s the “statistic” that Sanjay Gupta pulled out of thin air ” I wold venture to say that “statistic” was pulled out of somewhere else. What a dip$hit

  2. “5.4 billion doses of flu vaccine if we harnessed and aligned manufacturing facilities all over the world”

    That in itself would cause an epidemic/pandemic, just as it did with the “Spanish (misnamed) Flu”, 100 years ago. This is bogus news and tremendously misleading, as the vaccine is what would be culpable in causing world wide problems. History does repeat itself.

  3. interesting lecture on autophagy by Dr Steven Phillips, YouTube, autophagy, cure? or curse?

  4. I’ve been watching a lot of cable news lately (for the daily failings of the new administration) and the volume of advertising for new pharmaceutical products of all sorts is overwhelming. It gives me little hope that reasonable discourse could ever occur in mainstream media. Where will reason come from and how will it reach the masses? Sanjay Gupta… please. Such a tool.

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