My Challenge to the Medical Community

I HAVE BEEN RECEIVING unsolicited, disturbing reports from people around the country asking me if I am aware that Neonatal Intensive Care Units have begun vaccinating pre-term, underweight infants.

Given that the safety levels of aluminum are not well established (the “limits” used in vaccines are based on efficacy, not safety), this is a likely nightmare scenario.

I therefore challenge the medical community to produce the study, or studies, that form(s) the scientific basis for this vaccination public health policy shift.


Submissions made before April 30th will be considered.  I will read the studies with an objective eye. If no such studies can be produced, I will invite every organization involved in public health concerns to join The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge in a call for a National Ban on the use of vaccines on low birthweight and pre-term infants.




  1. My son was born at 31 weeks given hepb on day 24 before he left the hospital. He screamed for 2 days and immediately showed symptoms – was in 1st percentile developmentally. He continued to get his shots until age two when Dx with autism, developmental delay, sensory integration disorder, speech delay, etc. etc. In the vaccine studies they excluded preemies and low birthweight babies because they showed the highest incidence of vaccine reactions & damage including autism, seizures, neurological etc.

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    Show the safety science on which preemie vaccination was based or quit using vulnerable infants and families as guinea pigs. That is all.

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