PITTSBURGH, PA.  Local residents are wondering who to contact to report a sudden emergence of awareness in the risks of vaccination after a proposal emerged to the Allegheny Board of Health to consider writing a proposal to make HPV vaccination of 11- and 12-year olds mandatory for all who want to attend public school.

People who suffer from this condition, called “Vaccine Risk Awareness”, or VRA, report various symptoms including thinking for themselves, taking responsibility for their own health care decisions, and for those of their children, and various neurological symptoms such as having a brain capable of understanding that

  • >95% of all HPV infections are cleared w/in 2 years with no signs of cancers, or precursors to cancer;
  • current HPV vaccines only work on <10% of the HPV types circulating, of which there are around 100, and thus, contrary to claims by doctors and Merck, the vaccine cannot eradicate HPV infections;
  • the CDC’s own data show no net change in overall HPV infection due to the use of HPV vaccines in the US:
  • no study has ever been done that demonstrates that incomplete immunization via HPV vaccine lead to a reduction in cancer rates due to HPV;
  • throat cancer is reducing in the US at a rate of 2-3% due to a reduction in smoking (American Cancer Society);
  • the science shows that 1 dose is as effective as 3 doses at clearing the HPV virus types targeted by the vaccines;
  • HPV is not spread in the school setting, and if it is, someone is in big trouble;
  • HPV vaccines have been found to have 2X the rate of serious adverse events compared to other vaccines;
  • HPV vaccines have never been tested for carcinogenicity, however Merck’s data provided to the FDA show that women infected with HPV who receive the vaccines have twice the rate of the precursor conditions to cancer after vaccination;
  • babies who have breastfed from mothers who have recently been vaccinated against HPV have died, which is double the rate of mothers who were injected with aluminum adjuvant only;
  • thousands of young women have been killed or maimed by HPV vaccine;
  • the serious adverse events can include blindness, paralysis, premature ovarian failure, and death;
  • HPV vaccine injuries can not only destroy a girls’ life, but can do damage to her relationship with her parents, and can contribute to the destruction of  families;
  • there is in fact a drug called RANPIRNASE from Tamir Biotech that clears the HPV virus from infected patients and so in all likelihood the vaccine is pointless.

Sufferers of VRA sometimes blurt out “NO VACCINATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”, which is possibly a side effect of awareness that the Allegheny Board of Health is an appointed, not an elected, body. They also take up odd habits such as reading about two pending Bills in PA to strip Pennsyvlanians of their rights to refuse a medical procedure if they object to the procedure due to philosophical reasons.  Some even exhibit signs of knowing that “PHILOSOPHICAL” means “Of or about the LOVE or KNOWLEDGE”.  In other words, because they know better.

A similar condition, call Education Rights Awareness, or ERA, sometime co-occurs with VRA.  This condition causes people to realize that there is a Federal law that guarantees each citizen of the United States of America the right to a free and public education, and that vaccine mandates impinge upon those rights.

In severe cases of VRA, sufferers wander to the Allegheny County Courthouse and share actual science with the Board Members, or share stories of Gardisil(TM)-induced injuries.

So far, no study has shown any possible cure for Vaccine Risk Awareness, however scientists are looking into the possibility of other, safer means of immunization.

July 13, 2016


hpv mandate comic

Do you have a son or daughter who was injured by the HPV vaccine?  If so, please feel free to share your story in the comments.

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  1. What science? I don’t see a single link to any peer reviewed studies…
    All I see are a bunch of anti scientific scare mongering tactics,

  2. Youre not just right, charming and good looking, you´re hilarious GRACIAAS

  3. I’m so elated that people are smart and Know that HPV vaccines are totally unnecessary, cause a lot of damage. I’m sure these pharmawhores of doctors are quite upset realizing people are not stupid

  4. Dr Lyons-Weiler, can you comment on why you are concerned that HPV vaccines do not cover 100% of strains when Gardasil 9 covers the 9 strains that cause 81% of cancers?

    1. Currently, Gardisil 9 targets 9 types, which current are thought to be responsible for the majority (81%) of HPV-related cancers. When they are cleared our, rarer types will replace the 9 targeted (as shown by all but one of the studies to date that looked into type replacement; see https://jameslyonsweiler.com/2016/06/29/high-risk-hpv-type-replacement-follows-hpv-vaccination/) When the rare types come into prevalence, the factors that caused them to be rare, including their oncogenicity, will become apparent, and they will then be responsible for the majority of HPV-related cancers. However, they may be more deadly than the common ones, as expected (they are rare for a reason). The usual thinking goes like this “Types 16 and 18 are the most dangerous, since they cause about 70 percent of cancers”… when in reality, they are most likely to be less dangerous than the rare types, which are likely rare due to their HIGHER pathogenecity. For more information on the inverse relationship between the lethality of the viral type and its frequency in a population, see EBOLA ITS THE MUTATION NOT THE RATE my article on Ebola https://jameslyonsweiler.com/2015/05/17/ebola-evolving-its-not-the-rate-of-evolution-its-the-substitutions/

  5. You rock!
    My boy will never get this crap injected. And any other vaxx
    One made mistakes in the past. Until I got VRA 😉

  6. What is the source for bulletpoint 10 ( breastfed babies of HPV vaccinated moms mortality)?

    Thank you for all you are doing.

    1. Dr. D.Harper asked Merk why they don’t inject HVP to babies. She was being sarcastic. Merk official responded: “because by the time of teen years, the vaccine effect will be gone”
      So, based on this, a 20ish young adult will not know that his/her 3 shots had 10years ago, were in vain.
      I’m pretty much sure that at the Bascom Lecture, nobody mentioned all the people that have been injured by Gardasil so far.

  7. If you are for vaccines…. you are a traitor to nature and are knowingly or unknowingly contributing to the elites eugenics plans for depopulation of the masses

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