Here is the link to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION to force MERCK to stop airing the manipulative commercial.  Please sign and forward!




  1. I saw the commercial and actually gasped. How did this get through the vetting process or is there even a vetting process for drugs?

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    The sole purpose of this commercial is social engineering. Guilting parents and coercing teens to choose this when offered without parental consent. NOT OKAY!

  3. Stop airing ads for deadly vaccines……not deadly? I want to see the proper testing that was done.

  4. Get this lying & deceiving ad off t.v. That vaccine has already been pulled off the market in most countries. How dare you hurt children like this. Maybe parents should sue the stations advertising these poisons since the pharmaceutical companies can’t be!

  5. No HPV VACCINE commercial. It’s a bold fat lie to make people think that this vaccine prevents cervical cancer; if anything, it can cause cancer, paralysis, headaches, seizures, menopause as early as age 15, sterility

  6. Stop this deceptive HPV Vaccine commercial that panders to the emotions of parents from Merck Pharmacruticals. This is one of the most dangerous vaccines that has been banned by numerous countries, including Japan, India, Spain and others. The side effects include paralysis, severe uncontrolled generalized pain, headaches, seizures, early Menopause in teen uage girls and DEATH.

  7. This is ad is a needs to be taken down immediatly! My daughter was injured in 2008.and still suffers today! Shame on Mervk for these crimes against humanity!!!

  8. This commercial should be taken off the air. I cringe everytime it comes on. It is outrageous!! Guilting parents is no way to help with anything!!

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