SPOTLIGHT: Why Discussions of Vaccine Safety are Necessary and Good

RECENTLY I have seen an increasing trend in various places where informed individuals who are concerned over vaccine safety are chided for being “irresponsible” because we are “doing harm” by causing people to be unduly concerned over side effects from vaccines.

First, we who are concerned are not responsible for vaccine safety. That is Pharma and the CDC’s responsibility. They have abdicated that responsibility with misinformation, willfully denying health care  consumers the right to informed consent. We are expressing our concern over the “evidence” the CDC cites in support of their stated policies.

The CDC website, for example, is woefully black and white on the issue of the link between vaccines and autism/ASD.  Ok, let’s take their word for it.

How then do we explain the Special Master’s Court’s finding that vaccines have led to autism either directly, or indirectly, in some cases? Those conspiracy nuts.

How do we explain the numerous places where the FDA has communicated concerns over autism induced by vaccines, including requiring Pharma to mention such observations in their vaccine safety inserts? Why in the world would the FDA do that? They are doing people harm by saying such things!

How do we explain the hundreds of thousands of observations on late-onset, regressive autism made by parents?  There is no such thing as thousands of ‘anecdotes’.  Science begins with observations.

How do explain why CDC scientist and employee Dr. William Thompson felt the need to inform Brian Hooker, who was about to analyze data forced out the CDC under the Freedom of Information Act, that he knew that Hooker would find associations, and then proceed to describe, blow by blow, how other individuals at the CDC omitted results, and analyzed the data until initially found associations disappeared?

Please, let us place the responsibility where it lies: Pharma and the CDC has misled the American public to such a degree that individuals feel that questions and statements about vaccine adverse events – include the minority of total that occur that are reported in the VAERS – are doing harm?

I have some news: adverse events from vaccines include deaths, permanent loss of normal brain function, overnight demyelination of the CNS after the flu vaccine:

Sacheli A, Bauer R 2014. Influenza vaccine-induced CNS demyelination in a 50-year-old male. Am J Case Rep. 2014 Aug 31;15:368-73. doi: 10.12659/AJCR.891416.

Shoamanesh A, Traboulsee A. 2011. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis following influenza vaccination. Vaccine. 29(46):8182-5. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2011.08.103.

Did I do that damage? Am I even remotely responsible for these two case studies? No. I am also not responsible for why most Americans believe, incorrectly, that there is no way that vaccines can cause autism. That is because the CDC is not telling the entire story.

For autism/ASD, it’s the aluminum, and the mercury, and the process is immunoneuroexcitotoxicity. Because this situation can develop due to vaccination, the CDC had to fudge their studies to show no association. ( I should say that vaccination is not the only cause of microglia becoming stuck in their activated state. And autism/ASD is not the only condition that can result from this immune disorder).

Yes, childhood diseases can cause illness and in rare instances deaths.  And those deaths concern me, and, in my view, they should concern everyone. Such as the 10 who died from pertussis in California a few years ago. What exactly are the rates of of measles, mumps, or chickenpox deaths in the United States?  They are very, very low, in large part due to advances in medical care and to vaccinations.

Autism/ASD is now 1 in 48 – that’s more than 2% in the US.  Can we please have a rational discussion on how to prevent vaccine-induced immunoneuroexcitotoxicity? Could we maybe develop vaccines without aluminum? Could we please tell women who are pregnant that receiving a vaccine induces a strong immune response, including responses to fetal brain proteins? Is it OK if we let them know that these truths are science-based, so they can make up their own mind, without intimidation? Could we please expect that our doctors and nurses would know – in terms of percentages – what the risks are? More importantly, are we allowed to expect them to understand what those risks mean?

Let’s take measles as an example. There were about 0.15 deaths/1000 in 1900.

Take the theoretical worst-case scenario. If everyone in the US was unvaccinated, and lost all natural immunity, and measles swept the nation, that would be 54,000 deaths. That’s a lot. Way too many. But that was 1900. We now know how to control fever. (Never give Acetominophen after vaccination: it depletes glutathione, making microglial activation more likely).

Rates would be much lower. Let’s still be generous, and take 20,000 deaths due to measles. That’s still a lot.

Do I think we should get rid of the measles vaccine? No way.

But we now are looking at a future where 6,000,000 Americans will have vaccine-induced autism/ASD.

Which is worse? Can we have that discussion?

No, we cannot even do any type of analysis of whether the 6,000,000 cases of autism/ASD are “worth” the lives lost, and other costs due to the spread of the disease due to lack of vaccination by an informed public. That reality has been squelched.

But we don’t have to. How about we keep the measles vaccine, and all other vaccines, inform the public on the truth of the risks, and get to work developing newer, safer vaccines that do not include aluminum, or mercury, and that do not evoke a chronic stimulation of microglia.  We could use Virus-Like Particles (VLPs).  We could required single-dose packaging. Who wants microglia eating neuronal precursor cells (baby brain cells) and over-pruning dendrites?

We could also develop risk biomarkers to tell us which kids are most likely to develop autism from vaccines.

Oh, wait, that’s right. We can’t. Because everyone knows that vaccines do not cause autism.

Everyone, that is, except, of course, the FDA, the Special Master’s Court, and the hundreds of thousand of people who saw their children regress first-hand.

Vaccines are not handed down from God. They are man-made. We do not have to accept the risks of side effects and adverse events. We can expect better. The CDC ignores 20 years of research, funding by the NSF and the NIH (tax dollars) and cites their own studies, which they fudged, most of which the National Academy of Science/Institutes of medicine rejected in 2012 as being unsound science.

I think it is reasonable things for us to expect to discuss these topics without being afraid of being ridiculed, or shamed.  I think people should cut a wide swath before they chide others for being ridiculous for being concerned, because in their view, the benefit to society from vaccines is so great, and the risk of any adverse event so small. I doubt they have even looked at the statistics.

So, I ask them: how many cases of vaccine-induced autism/ASD from vaccines are too many?

Their reply? “There is no link between autism and vaccines“.

They are so misinformed, no rational discussion is even possible.

Vaccines can, indeed cause autism. The risk are cumulative, over a lifetime, not over the mere two weeks that doctors are told consider an adverse event. I will debate anyone, anywhere on this topic, as long as they read “Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC“, and “Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak”  first. I’ve read Paul Offit’s book. This article was my response.

Instead of rational discourse, we see banal, grade-school like behavior. Bullying. Insults. And, in the case of genetics, blaming the victim.

Instead of a reasoned consideration of the fact, we learn of (some) doctors refusing to treat people who are no up-to-date on their vaccines. What ever happened to the Hippocratic oath?

Instead, we hear of family members getting angry with those who have decided to exercise their right of choice.

Objectivity is key in any consideration of public health policy. As long at the CDC continue to mislead the American public to think that vaccines are perfectly safe, the discussion must continue. The more they continue their disinformation campaign, the less the necessary research gets done.

We need to identify biomarkers of autism risk from vaccines.  We can’t expect such studies. Why? Vaccines do not cause autism, so why fund such studies?

We need to do clinical studies on treatments that will tone down aluminum-induced chronic microglial cell over-activation. Such studies will not be funded. Why bother? Aluminum, according to some, is not even a serious neurotoxin. 

We need newer, safer vaccines. Why? Aluminum is a neurotoxin. .

And we need to cancel CDC’s vaccine safety research contract. Why? Because they have, and continue to mislead the public, because they omitted results and fudged the results in numerous studies. They have done more than abdicate their responsibility to inform and protect us. They have prevented all of the safety research that should have been going on over the last 15 years. We need to wrench the responsibility of vaccine safety research away from them, and we need to do it NOW, before they fudge any more studies. What else are they lying to us about?

To me, the CDC and Pharma are grossly negligent. Picking up on Mary Holland’s analogy, who in her December 11 2015 article in The Jurist  likened the issue of discussing vaccine safety to someone yelling “Gunfire!” in a crowded movie theater… don’t blame me. Blame the gunman. He’s the one pulling the trigger.

December 15, 2015

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  2. I do not think that one person in our community is not aware of your integrity and dedication to unadulterated science.One day the opportunity will arise when the science is settled gang debate you.Oh the “L” they will obtain vs your “W”. You are appreciated .

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