Take Back Your TV – Help End Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in the United States

MOST AMERICANS do not know that there are only two countries in the world where direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising is allowed. Those two countries are the United States, and New Zealand.

During research for my upcoming book, “Cures vs. Profits: Successes in Translational Research” (World Scientific), I ran into the issue of DTC in a rather big way. In writing the chapter on Vaccines, I discovered the CDC Whistleblower, the cover-up by the CDC, and unimaginably infuriating facts such as a National Academy of Science/Institute of Medicine Report that rejected 17/22 scientific studies showing no link between autism and vaccines as fundamentally flawed.

I’m a scientist, and scientists learn by observing things.

I observed the abject refusal of nearly every media outlet – from newspapers to television companies – to even touch the story of Dr. William Thompson’s confessions and revelations regarding scientific fraud on vaccine safety research (see Thompson’s letter via his lawyer’s site in which he confirms his claims..

I observed Rep. William Posey’s pitch for Congressional hearings on the matter of scientific fraud conducted at the CDC – and observed the entire legislative branch fall silent on the issue.

How could the media, and our elected officials, be so complacent so as to become complicit in the perpetuation of the myth of no evidence of links between autism and vaccines?

Let me introduce you to some of the players acting behind the scenes. they go by the names of Jefferson. And Franklin.  In fact, here is a photo of one of them (Courtesy Wikipedia).


DTC marketing is the #1 source of advertising revenue to these media outlets.

Astonishing Development

On November 17, 2015, history was made. The American Medical Association called for a ban on DTC marketing in the United States. 

I know, right?  Unbelievable.

I do not wish to debase the entire community of medical doctors: only a subset of them are corrupt.

But many of my colleagues and I fear that this amazing development won’t go anywhere substantial.

So I’m taking off my CEO hat, and my author hat, and putting on my American Citizen hat and I am asking you to act now to tell your Congressional Representatives that you’ve had enough of hearing about drugs on television.

We need to ban the practice, like the rest of world has, and make it illegal for Pharma to put ideas into consumer’s heads. They use this access to manufacture demand, to make less optimal treatments seem more appealing. They misinform the public and often do not meet the legal requirements of disclosures and limits on claims.

Money from Pharma Corrupts and Silences Politicians

Think about it. A senior investigator at the CDC came out and reported that he, and colleagues, conducted scientific fraud as a matter of routine. Worse, that fraud has led to an expansion of the vaccine schedule in term of numbers of vaccines, and in time: 0-2 year olds are now routinely vaccinated. There is much, much more to this (see CDC Whistleblower, published by Skyhorse).

And yet no one except Posey is willing to take a stand and demand hearings.

This is outrageous.

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